How To Treat Vaginal Yeast Infection At Home | Natural Remedy

How To Treat Vaginal Yeast Infection At Home | Natural Remedy

Yeast infections are about as common as creeping on your ex’s instagram page. This topic is repeatedly googled as most of us are ashamed to admit we’ve been visited by the yeaster bunny, and this one ain’t bringing no marzipan eggs. So let’s lay out the big ‘Y’ bare on the table because there’s a lot we need to discuss. Yeast Infections are caused by the overgrowth of Candida Albicans, which sounds like a wizarding name from Harry Potter, only it isn’t half as magical, because it refers to the overgrowth of a fungus living in our vagina which results in irritation, inflammation, itchiness, and also painful discharge. You can develop the yeasties from uncontrolled diabetes, hormonal imbalances, sex, and even a reaction to certain antibiotics. While there are a gazillion over-the-counter solutions people are turning to trusty ol’ coconut oil! Coconut oil has been used for centuries and studies show that it’s antibacterial nature is what kills the fungi. Get em’ boy! To treat it, get pure organic coconut oil and look for the 100% surety mark. The real stuff won’t smell too coconutty. Wash and dry the affected area thoroughly, apply an oil soaked cotton ball to the infected region and leave on for 20 minutes! That’s a good amount of time to kill so make sure you grab a magazine, or hey! just resort to instagram, you’ve still got that ex to stalk! If you aren’t a 100% sure that what you’ve got is a yeast infection, are already on medication for it, or getting it too frequently, we do not recommend glazing your privates like a takeaway doughnut, so do this under the right circumstances! So if you’re friends ask you why you’re walking funny, bravely tell them who’s come a-knocking because chances are, their remedies are even better than the one we have here! Until next time, stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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  1. So so helpful for all girls
    Because this problem decrease our confidence
    Gonna try this if needed
    Love this
    Love glamrs 😘😍😅😄👍👌

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  3. I had an episode last year… Even coconut oil wasnt much of a help… Made triphala decoction and while it was still warm, washed my privates with it… leave it..After few minutes, wash with warm rock salt water.. Did this thrice a day… By third day, it was away

  4. And please tell how to treat dark inner thighs and and dark area aroubd vagina and on buttocks and this video is so helpful thanks

  5. I was gng through vaginal infection from 6 months , I consulted so many reputed doctors but nothing helped. Eventually a gynac who also runs a maternity home from years suggested me to use Nizral cream every night n wash off the area in morning. It literally cured within 15 days

  6. Hi
    I got my GTT test done reports were absolutely normal. But this problem is still there and that's irritating . That itching and discharge . Please help.

  7. Darn I guess I got the wrong stuff. Otherwise this is organic organically-grown no preservatives although it says refined expeller-pressed. I don't know what that means. It also says, it's vegan. That's all. It doesn't show that label, 100% pure, label that you were referring to, darn.
    The one I have says, it's good as a skin moisturizer, lip balm or hair treatment.
    I have no idea how to use it as a hair treatment. Just apply as is? The one I have comes in a jar. Well it can be good for a hair treatment. LOL anyway darn. Gotta look for the one you're referring to.

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  9. i just don't know it's been 2 and half months that i had urine urgency water was dribbling from my urethra or vagina, bladder pressure i thought it was a uti i went to the doctor got the urine results there were no signs of bacteria in it but she gave me medicine(antibiotics) then in that time during the medication i didn't have the idea what to eat so i ate everything like junk n stuff so it got verse actually with the first time medication it was getting better but due to my crazy diet it got worse i went to the doctor this time i had proteins and pus in my urine test results she said you have to control your diet now i did and then went back to get myself checked and then my urine results shows nothing everything was okay but i insisted that i don't feel good i still feel pressure and frequent urination she said okay you can eat the same medication for a week but i ate only for a day or two because i don't like to eat medicines then after someday my symptoms were not getting better i went to the hospital and doctor told me to get her my blood CBC, urine test and KUB ( ultrasound) everything in the results was fine then she said you should check a gynecologists or a urologoist but gyne is preferable then i went to the gyne told her that i feel pain in my vagina there is a dischage frequent urination she gave me antibiotics and a painkiller but nothing worked out for me and now i think it's a yeast vaginal infection ( symptoms include vaginal discharge ( whitish milky sometimes chunky) and water with white spots( which i think is coming from urethra) and pain in vulva, pelvic pain i don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I also have health anxieties which always scare me that i have some serious heath issue. Help me with this. and also now i feel pain during urination

  10. My private part been itching and burning for a week now and I never have yeast infection could be it or I don’t know what to do. any suggestions?!

  11. I've been dealing with this problem since ages😖😣it's very disturbing, itching, smells awful and I have to scratch till it bleeds 😭and it hurts so bad, I'm very shy to share this problem with my love ones coz it's not a common topic to talk about 😖

  12. Great Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard about – Patlarny Proper Cure Principle (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a good one of a kind product for Curing your Yeast Infection without the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my old buddy Taylor got astronomical success with it.

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