How to: Relieve Constipation (Quickly and Naturally)

How to: Relieve Constipation (Quickly and Naturally)

How to relieve constipation quickly and naturally. Constipation is a common problem and is usually
caused by poor nutrition and imbalances within the body. Carrying lots of waste can cause toxins to
leak into your body, which weakens your immune system, makes you gain unhealthy weight, and
makes the body prone to infections and disease. If you haven’t used the toilet for more than
2 days, then it is likely you are constipated and may begin to experience bloating, pain,
discomfort and gas. In today’s video we will share with you six
methods which you can follow to get rid of constipation fast. 1. Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into 1 litre
of mineral water. This citrus will stimulate the digestive system,
and the water will hydrate your body. This helps the faecal matter to slide through
the intestines easier. 2. Add apple cider vinegar into your diet. You can add this to a healthy smoothies, juices,
salads or glasses of water. The pectin within this healthy vinegar helps
to improve your digestion. The live enzymes within also help to break
down your food, as well as the magnesium helping to promote regular bowel movements. 3. Eat raw extra virgin olive oil. You can take 1 tablespoon of this in the morning. This lubricates the bowels and intestines,
allowing stools to pass easier. 4. 1 cup of black coffee works to trigger a bowel
movement due to the caffeine within. This should only be drank once in a while,
as too much caffeine can have the opposite effect. 5. Eating raw veg etables and fruits with every
meal will promote normal digestion and prevent constipation in the future. Broccoli, apricots, plums, pears, berries,
apples and cruciferous vegetables are highly recommended. 6. Performing some simple exercise such as star
jumps or a light jog will help to speed up the metabolism and aid digestion. Often you will find after only 10 minutes
of exercise, you may need to use the toilet. If you suffer with constipation long term,
then you may wish to introduce probiotic supplements and digestive enzymes into your diet. These help your food to break down naturally,
giving your body a healthy, yet natural boost. Please see our other video entitled dates
and plums to empty your bowels fast. This shows you how to make a natural laxative
at home. Thank you very much for listening, a like
is always appreciated and remember to subscribe for more healthy videos. I wish you great health, wealth and happiness

27 Replies to “How to: Relieve Constipation (Quickly and Naturally)”

  1. Thank you Ryan Taylor for the advice using natural foods to remedy constipation. In addition, I also have increased my daily intake of water (purified) as it helps also not to get dehydrated.

  2. What do you recommend me to do my stool is really hard and I couldn’t poop it, do you think this would help or is it to late to effect my stool??

  3. Tks so much this has helped me and i went to the doctors and they like did tons of tests on me and now i am halfway cured tks

  4. Helpful video. My father in law had constipation from last 4 years. Now he is taking vara churna from planet Ayurveda and it shows effective results.


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