How to keep chicken liver on a hook

How to keep chicken liver on a hook

Hi, this is Eldon of Great Cove Adventure Films
Today I’m going to show you a simple way to
keep chicken liver on your hook. As you probably already know, chicken liver is
an effective bait for both bullhead and small-to-medium-size channel catfish but the problem is that chicken liver isn’t very
firm, and it falls off the hook a lot. The problem is made worse by the fact
that you a lot of times fish for catfish during the night and you cast out and you think you have
bait on your hook and you really don’t. The method I’m going to explain to you or
demonstrate to you is very simple. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require any tying or preparation before you go to your
fishing spot. If you like this tip, please take
the time to press the like button so more people see it or better yet, share it with a friend. What you need is some elastic thread that you
can get at most sewing supply stores It’s very thin, it’s stretchy and it’s
pretty weak – it is actually easy to break by just pulling on it. Get yourself a roll of that thread, and I’ll
demonstrate you how you can keep your bait on the book every time using this thread. All right, first you bait the hook with chicken
liver the way you normally would. Once you do that, take the elastic thread – hold
it with your thumb and then just wrap it around the bait 8 or
10 times. When you’re all done, just give it a yank to break it and you’ll find this not only keeps the liver on
your hook when you cast it, but it also makes it harder for the
fish to take the bait without getting hooked.

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  1. I do something very similar… when tie on my hook, I leave about 8 inches of fishing line hanging out after my knot. When I bait up with chicken liver, just wrap the access fishing line around it. Holds it on pretty good and it wont be lost if fish nibble off your bait.

  2. I haven't looked for it there – the nearest Michael's store is some distance away. Sorry I don't have a good answer for you.

  3. The elastic thread works better. You'll find that even if a fish eats your bait, that the thread is still there. Plus its only like 87cents for elastic thread. It lasts a long time… Even if you got nuts with it. Then while you wrap the liver. You can wrap the hook, to keep the bait from sitting on the point of the hook.
    It truly works so good. I was baffled how a piece of thread, holds together even when submerged.

  4. great video have you tried baitsaverhooks nothing needed but the hook and anykind of bait it works great i started useing them ayear ago. let me know what you think.oh the only place i have found them is on the web at baitsaverhooks

  5. a lot of anglers use pantyhose. Since I haven't tried it, I cannot say for sure which method works the best. It seems like that method would take longer or require advance preparation, but again, I don't know because I haven't tried. If it catches fish, that's all the matters!

  6. Now that's one I hadn't heard before – good tip! I'll bet that also makes for a slower release of the scent, which can be advantages if the bite is slow.

  7. I actually did as well, just once. I was fishing about an hour before light and was reeling in my line to check my bait and a 13.5 inch smallmouth grabbed my chicken liver. A pleasant surprise!

  8. All you have to do is use salt.. it firms it up and as long as you hook it good and cut yourself a piece of liver with some cartridge on it your good..

  9. It's also hard to get the smell off your hands afterwards. It's like I'm wearing wife repellent or something! 🙂

  10. If you add cattail fluff to the flour and liver. It'll stay on a single hook really well. Even in faster rivers like the Youghiogheny. Great channel BTW.

  11. That's the only reason I use it for Catfish, and catfish are the same in everyplace so catching catfish in Florida or Ct it makes no difference

  12. I've caught more catfish with chicken liver by far than any other bait. However, I have found the larger channel catfish (more than 5 pounds) seem to like cut bait or live bait (bluegill, rock bass, etc) better. If I don't know what size fish are lurking, I bait one of my lighter rods with chicken liver, and bait my heavy tackle with cut or live bait. In some of the smaller rivers that I fish, I use only chicken liver because the catfish aren't very big.

  13. well the plce where i go is the connecticut river and last year i had a catfish of 17 pounds that's why i like big bait..but thankz for the information…

  14. I've heard of people using it for gar, but I don't know how successful it is. I've not fished for gar more than once or twice, and I've never caught one.

  15. Yes, you can. I don't like it quite as good as the elastic stuff, but it does the job. Just get thread that is pretty thin, so you don't have to work too hard breaking it and getting it off your hook after the fact.

  16. Another than chicken liver what the 2nd option? I'm into to catfish but I'm hunting for old grandpa catfish!

  17. I just freeze them. I buy a bucket of chicken livers beforehand, separate the lobes (to salvage them), then I put them in Ziploc bags. I fill the bags about half way and let all the air out. When I put them in the freezer, I flatten them so the livers are side-by-side inside the bag. So when you open the bag, you can just break them off with ease. Hook it through once and cast it out as far as you want, it'll stay on.

  18. I use a 4/0 circle hook when fishing for catfish with chicken liver. If I am fishing for catfish with live bait (bluegill, etc), I will use an 8/0 circle, as live bait has a tendency to draw larger fish than chicken liver.

  19. I have reason to believe that 90% of politicians in Washington have no knowledge of this method for keeping chicken liver on the hook.

  20. For channel cats, I'd go with shrimp or a cut-up blue gill. For flatheads, go with a live bluegill, rock bass, or even a bullhead (see the video in my channel where I catch a flat on a bullhead). There are also commercially prepared baits you can buy, but I don't know how they work. I've always been too much of a tight wad to give them a try.

  21. Awesome tip dude, thanks! I already use that thread for tying egg sacks for trout, but we use chicken livers for catching ling up here in Montana and I'm about to start setting banklines for catfish for the first time soon so this is good to know!

  22. hey freddy what part of ohio you from you got yourself another buckeye fella right here…. and yes i do agree with you if you soft cast the hook it will stay on but if you jerk the pole like you swinging at a fast ball…. the bait will come off….

  23. hey i got a little trick too, my grandpa had me get a piece of a womans stocking or panty hose and cut a small piece of it and put the liver in it and tie it in a ball then just slide the hook in it and it stays. always worked for me. and you can use it for cheese or hamburger balls or any bait that comes off the hook. good video

  24. just make sure the pantyhose is clean, give a good sniffin' first, especially in the crotch area, can't be too careful about contaminatin' the bait!

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  27. Yes, I typically use a 4/0 circle hook for channels, and 8/0 circles when I'm targeting flatheads.

  28. Yes, but you need to look at the advantages of thread:
    1 – Thread has been around longer than rubber bands.
    2 – Thread can be used to floss your teeth if you get board waiting for the fish to bite
    3 – Thread can be used to strangle your fishing partner if he/she is outfishing you.
    So there – thread wins!

  29. I've been looking for second opinions. I just moved and have a cow pond in my backyard. No cow has been around for 20 years. It is feed by an underground spring. I catch HUGE let me say again HUGE 2 and a half to 3 foot long catfish all day long. They eat only natural things minnows, frogs, bugs things they normally would eat. Besides my bread and hotdogs. Do you think I should cut one open to see if I see any toxins or color change in the meat? Because I really would like to fry one up.

  30. I wouldn't hesitate to fry one up. Surely the spring would have washed away the contaminates by now. I'm not a scientist, so don't take this as gospel. But I'd give one of those guys a try. Trim off all the dark meat and make sure all the blood is gone – check out my video on how to remove the "muddy" taste from catfish

  31. This pound is only about an acre. After drained it is a little over half an acre. Nobody ever fishes it. "But me" These fish will eat any kind of meat what so ever. I caught 2 off steak fat. Using potted meat right now. It is way overpopulated. But their are huge ones in there and lots of them. I'm scared to let my 10 year old fish because I'll lose him or the pole. But, thank you it's getting closer till a fish fry.

  32. You don't happen to live near Pennsylvania, do you? I'd love to do a video of me fighting a monster catfish in my cardboard boat.

  33. Shoot go to walmart in the shoe section grab you up some pantie hoses stick your chicken liver in there tie a knot in it put your circle hook through it

  34. Love this tip. I will have to try it out. I usually bass fish so this tip will help me start out with cat-fishing.

  35. Good idea. but check-out  Bait I like their #2 mesh baggies for livers I can also use them for all kinds of baits.  They're great.  

  36. This is great but unnecessary if you use Bait Saver Fish Hooks.  Finally a fish hook that solves the chicken liver problem!  Please take a look at  Also check out this video link showing the Bait Saver in use with chicken liver.

  37. I use a small piece of cheap pantyhose (dollar store) it works the best for me and one nylon will last you all season, you only need a small piece

  38. THANK YOU! Great video………. one question. Do you have "tips" on how to "season" the catfish livers…….aka, "stink bait"

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