How to Give a Reflexology Massage : Massaging the Lower Digestive Area of the Foot

How to Give a Reflexology Massage : Massaging the Lower Digestive Area of the Foot

So we’ve worked the stomach of our Reflexology
map, and now we’ll move down to our colon and our intestines and then our bladder and
our kidneys. So our kidneys are right in the center, and we’ll do a specific little bit
of pressure- about a two or three-second hold right in the center. It’s directly, about
three or four thumb’s widths down from our solar plexus. And this really stimulates (yeah,
I’m really feeling that, so does that mean there’s something necessarily wrong with my
kidney if there’s pain there?) No, any sensitivity usually just means that that’s an area where
your body might be overtaxed by what toxins it needs to clear out. One of the most important
things to remember in Reflexology, especially because you are activating the lymph systems
so much and the circulatory system so specifically, and the liver and the kidneys and the colon
are also targeted, that you need to drink a lot of water afterwards. One glass right
after the massage, and continue drinking plenty of non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated fluids throughout
the day. Because, when you are getting Reflexology massage, you are stimulating lymph and nerve
flow really, really intensely. (Does this also, like, send energy to my kidney if it
needs a little detox?) Yeah, it will increase the blood flow and in Eastern medicine, Reflexology
increases “Chi” or energy flow to the parts of the body that you are activating. (So it’s
therapeutic?)Yeah. So it works both ways, either if you have something going on that
you know about going on with one of your organs, any sort of sensitivity or problems with a
specific organ. Working on that pressure point through reflexology can help it. Or (work
through the stagnation, is what I’ve heard.) Yeah. It helps increase energy flow. Or, conversely,
you can discover if you have a blockage or an ailment, or if one kidney is weaker than
the other, or if you would need to alter your diet, or if you are getting lung symptoms
or respiratory symptoms through your feet. So you can learn a lot about your body through
your feet. (So, is Reflexology a definitive science? Or are there a lot of intuitive skills
that you need?) The mapping of the body is not such a defined science, but there was
a nurse who (Eunice Ingram) who brought a lot of Eastern theories into Western practice
in the early 1900s. And she’s really the one who codified what parts of the body lined
up with what parts of the foot. So there’s a lot of intuitive stuff, but it’s pretty
well defined in terms of you know, “your stomach is here, your colon is around here, your brain
is here, your spine is here.” (And this was defined thousands of years ago in Asia) Yeah.
These practices have been around in Asia forever, and really just in the beginning of the 19th
century did they become generally accepted in Western practice. And just so you know,
right now I’m going, I’m doing three to four pressure points along the heel, along the
colon and intestines. And again, I’m doing horizontal bands. Some people use vertical
up and down motions. But I find that horizontal bands moving in a clockwise or from inner-to-outer
direction helps stimulate better because you are stimulating really one organ fully at
a time as the lymph and the blood and the chi go through your body as opposed to going
up and down from lungs to heart to colon.

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  1. YouTube has a bad tendency to link sports therapy with massage. One's based in kinesiology; one isn't. YT hasn't made the distinction, but I still check out my recommendations.

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    Next time, please do NOT have her on your videos!

  4. I go pass a " Awareness Centre " All the time in my town, On a board outside they list all the stuff they do ( There`s at least 20! ) Just out of boredom, I wrote down most of them, Then checked them on Google, In five seconds flat, Every single one was condemned a cod science, As with getting a foot massage, They were probably given just simple advice, Like " Look after your feet while your young and they will look after you when your old " Why do people twist things into a nonsense?

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