How To Get Rid Of Constipation Immediately and Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Constipation Immediately and Naturally

Do your bowels freeze up when you think about
traveling? Or do you swell up and go days without a bowel
movement depending on what you eat? If you familiarize yourself with these situations,
you may find out it’s more common than you think. Constipation, or infrequent bowel movements,
happens when bowel movements become difficult or spread out over time. It may seem simple, but intestinal constipation
is still taboo for most people, and it’s hard for them to tell when they have a problem. It’s more common in women, but it can affect
both sexes. Constipation should be seen as something serious
and worthy of a permanent solution. If you research it a little, you’ll learn
that it can have several causes, such as what you eat, not ingesting enough fiber or water,
smoking or drinking, bad lifestyle habits, and even emotional issues, such as anxiety
and stress. All of these factors are parts of the same
equations: your intestinal health. The good news is that constipation can be
treated with a natural home remedy. It’s a drink made from lemon and chia. Chia seeds have large quantities of vitamins,
minerals, and fatty acids. Recent studies show that the soluble and insoluble
fibers present in chia seeds are great at fighting constipation. The insoluble fibers are necessary to start
the intestinal movements, and clean out your system. The soluble fibers absorb water, dilate the
intestine and get rid of the residue in the best way. The lemon, on the other hand, irritates the
intestine’s mucous and stimulates the intestinal movement in order to empty your bowels. Here’s how to make it: Ingredients 1 tablespoon of chia seeds;
1 tablespoon of lemon juice; 1 tablespoon of honey;
1 cup of pure water. Instructions Add the chia seeds to the water and let them
soak for two hours. Once the time is up, strain it and blend the
seeds with the honey and lemon for a few minutes, then drink it. The chia seeds are most efficient when they
absorb water, so it’s very important to drink water throughout the day. Since constipation can be caused by other
health problems, you should get a specialized diagnosis in order to get proper treatment,
if you don’t see improvement after using this remedy for a few days.

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  1. Strain chia seeds, mix them w/ lemon & honey and drink?
    Do you put the ingredients back into the soaking water? Can’t drink the chia seeds, lemon & honey mixture on its own.

  2. You'd be better off using Flax seeds. Chia seeds are high in lectins (poisonous plant proteins).
    Otherwise, good info.

  3. Paw paw called papaya,pineapples and Okra bean pods are popular remedies for constipation,in Japan,Biology and Health experts confirm that eating apples daily cures constipation but with skins eaten too and not peeled,apples contains many health benefits and balances our body Alkaline vs Acidic requirements,germs dies when it enters a well balanced body.All diseased peoples has very acidic bodies,test them out.

  4. These instructions aren't clear! It says to strain the seeds, then blend the seeds with the lemon and honey (like in the blender?)
    Or do you strain it again and add the lemon and honey mixture to the water?

  5. Not necessary , I get badly constipated and bloated after taking chia and lemon for two days. Guys , please don't just follow things blindly . Everything depends on how your body reacts. Please read chia seeds side effects before consuming . All the best !!

  6. yes,….terrible….i`m 77 and don`t go sometimes, for a week…then,…only little hard lumps…just terrible,..
    i`ve gotta get off these 22 pills for all of the other `blood dis-orders`..that i have,…but how,…roll over and die…

  7. 1 spoon Haritaki right after wake up in the morning n you will feel much much better and also hungry as the toxic waste removed by HARITAKI. (It’s in Ayurveda)

    And yes ZIRO side effects.

  8. Wow this worked like a charm ive been plugged for weeks and nothing seemed to work all those people in the comments saying it won't work are really doing people a disservice

  9. The instructions are not right. I’m I drinking the strained seeds or the water? It looks like the woman is drinking the water part?

  10. I’ve been dieting eating low calories, high soluble fiber, and over a gallon of water a day. My poops have been small but no constipation until now. I just pooped it out and it was long and thick. Very surprised since I even had that much! I have been running the past couple days so maybe that shook everything out of me.

  11. Was constipated Saturday and this morning it came out had food can not poo should take 1 senna tablet did do exercise and drink loads water had fruit also

  12. I don't blend the chia, I soak the seeds til plump and then add the lemon juice and drink. It usually takes around 10 hours for it to fully have its effect. Make sure you are near the great white throne when it comes time because it comes FAST and feels like you can't hold it in! LOL!
    It is really good for detoxing and alkalizing your body's PH… Contrary to what you might think, lemon juices does not make the body acidic it balances the PH more towards alkaline. The way lemon juice works on constipation is by iritating the gut mucosa to secrete more mucus and the rest is just "sliding on through" LOL! The chia seeds add fibers which stimulate gut motility so the two go hand in hand.
    It really DOES work but it is not IMMEDIATE… Get into a habit of drinking this concoction either first thing in the morning or right before bed everyday and you WILL be regular…

  13. If your seriously constipated DO try this. mix 2 tea spoons of Himalayan natrual salt with 1L of water. Drink it as fast as you can. The faster the better. Wait a hour or so. For better results fasting your body from the night before and do it in the morning. Only thing that unblocks me.

  14. My father in law had constipation since 2015. Now he is taking medicine from planet Ayurveda and it shows good results.

  15. My life was really gloomy last month. I do not think I have ever been so low. The grounds behind all the ordeals were my terrible breath. I knew there was a problem with my breath when individuals just avoid me every time I begin a talk with them. The great thing I have discovered this efficient bad breath is “HALITOSIS CARE PACK by Planet Ayurveda. My breath is way better now

  16. I make my hot green tea put some chia seeds in with lemon apple cider vinegar and drink it I use this for constipation and I'll be in the bathroom within mins

  17. Ugh, nothing comfortable or sexy about constipation. I had that problem time to time and always at the worst possible times. My cure: always having on hand broccoli, spinach and asparagus steamed and ready to eat. I eat 2 bowls of these vegs a day. Sometimes 3. Problem solved. It is such a huge relief physically and mentally to have a flat comfortable belly throughout the day. I had an event a while ago where I planned on wearing a very form fitting dress and I couldn’t wear it because the bulge and discomfort in my abdomen was so profound from constipation. What a lousy feeling ☹️
    I put these vegs in salad, sandwiches, smoothies, chopped up in omolets, etc. any way I can get them in I do! Game changer!

  18. I had chia seeds soaked overnight once before and I got utterly constipated. This does not work for everyone.

  19. bottle feed babies are prone to tummy issues as they suck more gas than BF babies while feeding, adding up "babies magic tea" to the bottle helps subsiding gas, it is herbal and very advantageous for kids suffering with gas and tummy ache

  20. I don’t understand the instructions in this video!! Once again I’m getting more information from the comments!

  21. 'Immediately'… Meaning go out and find a store that sell chia seeds then wait a further 2 hour for them to soak

  22. Excuse me, let's first start with your definition of immediately. I've the soaked the chia, swallowed the lemon, yet here I am constipated. I'm considering my life choices taking advice from YouTube videos.

  23. Eat you a giant bowl of Honey nut Cheerios!! The oat will do the trick! If that don't work then drink 2 tall glasses of nice cold prune juice!! It's not that bad! But don't be fooled because it won't work instantly, but. After about a hour or two you'll feel gas and have to fart!! But hold it until you sit in toilet!!

  24. I'm letterly watching this at night and I need to poo I WHANT TO SLEEP💩💩💩💩💩😨😠😠😠🤬


  26. Here is a more efficient method. introducing mag citrate it's common in wall greens and you drink two Dixie cups or the whole thing if you're desperate. wait a few hours and boom. side note it tastes like crap. but hey do you want to get the job done or not ?

  27. INSTANT CURE by me from Sydney Australia. Smack The Left Side Of Your Butt 3 to 5 times and I will guarrantee you, you will amazingly instantly have that poo out of your Butt if not try the Right side.

  28. Ok So, I Accidently Took Laxative Pills Instead Of My Pills And Now I Can't Stop Shitting Everywhere. Send Help

  29. I am having constipation for typhoid fever, should I follow this remedies or just keep on drinking fruit juices and hot milk? Not able to poop for 3 straight days already.

  30. Fuck fuck fuckkkk this shit is crazily painful this my first time, i drunk some tea for my immune system and for my sickness yesterday and now im finding myself in pain on the toilet

  31. I m constipated most of the time even i m very skinny. And avoid to eat that food which is rich in oil. What to do i feel bloated all the time and not able to gain weight. Please help.

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