Toilet problems are something we mostly avoid talking about. However, constipation is nothing to be embarrassed about because we all have gone through it. Stop & hit the like button if you have too! Now let’s go through some of the quickest & simplest remedies for constipation. No.1 Olive Oil Now pure olive oil is helpful in many cases, even to help relieve constipation. Olive oil helps in stimulating your digestive system which helps things to move in your backside. Just take 1TBSP of olive oil in the mornings as it works best on an empty stomach. Also, if you dont like the taste of pure olive oil on its own, then just mix 1tsp of lemon juice to the oil to change the taste a little. No 2 Baking Soda. Baking soda helps with nearly 95% of home remedies. It also helps pretty well for constipation and stomach pains in general. The reason for that is because it has bicarbonate which encourages air to come out of you and relieve the terrible pain from pressure. Just take 1tsp of baking soda & 1/4 cup of warm water. Give it a good mix & quickly drink it down as the quicker you consume, the better it works. No 3 Pineapples. Believe it or no, pineapples act as a natural laxative that really does wonders in moving your bowels. Pineapples is rich in fibre which is what we need not to be constipated in the first place! So either drink a glass of fresh pineapple juice OR eat 3/4 slices of pineapples. No 4 Toilet Squat. I know, this may look or sound hilarious but the right way to do a number 2 is by squatting over the toilet. It really helps to kick start your colon and it naturally informs the body to understand ‘it’s time to release’. No 5 Epsom Salt. Now Epsom salt is effective for two reasons. No 1 the salt softens up the stool and making it easier to release and No 2 magnesium in the salt promotes contraction of the bowel muscle. So just take 1cup of water or any fruit juice of your choice and add 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt if your an adult or 1/2 tsp if your giving it to a child. Drink it all and within 4 hours if you feel no bowel movement what so ever, you can always take another doze. Guys, always remember to consult a doctor first when consuming something, in case your or any medication or allergic to any of these ingredients. Dont forget to give this video a thumbs up, share it with someone in need and subscribe to not miss out on a great solution. Bye for now!


  1. This help me poop but I'm really trying I'm having trouble but it's not helping the other video that I had and this one

  2. I can’t believe I have none of the ingredients at this moment and I’m very constipated right now 😖😭😫😫😫 #collegestudentproblem. I tried lemon with water, and squatting but they’re not working. I will buy olive oil tomorrow and some laxatives and see if any would help

  3. My stomach is bloated first I puked acid then before that had bad runs then now I'm constpated hope it don't hurt me coming out why did god put this as a option to get rid of s###

  4. I can't squat on the toilet I bend over on the toilet. I try and push it out and it feels like I'mma throw up

  5. thanks it really works the squat just had a baby this is very common after giving birth but this home remedy has really helped me

  6. Im 12 and i have been trying everything but it hurts so bad that i start crying when i try to poop it out please help

  7. I went to the doctors and they said to drink prune juice. But it taste so bad. But, I tried the pineapple one and that worked the best , but then that is when I realized I'm allergic. 🙁

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