How to do Kunjal Kriya Induced Vomiting – for acidity constipation food poisoning yoga with Shaheeda

How to do Kunjal Kriya Induced Vomiting – for acidity constipation food poisoning yoga with Shaheeda

if you are suffering from Acidity, indigestion, food poisoning if you went to a party last night had spicy food if you had dinner late night- i am sure that food is not digested properly because of it you may feel some burning or acidity this happens with me always in that case what i do i do Kunjal Kriya(Vaman Dhauti)- it is a yogic technique to clense our digestive system Namste Friends – This is shaheeda welcome you all to your own youtube channel yoga with shaeeda Lets lern today how to do kunjal kriya(Vaman Dhauti) what are its benefits- so watch the video till end a big thank you to all lovely peole for subscribing my youtube channel but if you still watching the video and haven’t subscribed it do subscribe so that our family could grow and i keep coming with more videos in today’s video i am going to share with you that how to do kunjal kriya you all can do it there are 8 pillars of yoga Niyama- is to cleanse your body from inside and outside for that in hatha yoga there is an cleansing technique that is Kunjal kriya we call it Vamana dhauti also in kunjal kriya we drink saline water and vomit due to vomiting-acidity and gas in the stomach; biliousness, nausea, food poisoning and auto-poisoning; indigestion it will cure all those problems i got so many messages in my last Video believe me i really like when you drop messages and ask question related to the video i feel so happy that i am able to make you people understand Some of you have asked – when do i do Kunjal Kriya? i do kunjal kriya Early in the morning- empty stomach as you get up, go to the washroom get fresh and after that do kunjal kriya Second question was- how frequently one should do kunjal kriya? No you should not do kunjal kriya daily- it should be practiced once in a week there is a normal routine of our body that will get disturb every thing is good in moderation for kunjal kriya take 2 liter lukewarm water add 1/2 or 1 table spoon salt make sure that the salt is mixed well with water so the next question was how much salt should i add in water? if you are taking 1 liter water add 1/2 table spoon salt in it lets begin the practice of kunjal kriya Shatkarma -there are six purification technique in Yoga kunjal kriya is one of the Purification technique in shatrakma Kunjal kriya is very beneficial for you digestive system, respiratory system your heart for kunjal kriya your would require- clean towel salty water i have used this tube because i am doing kunjal kriya in this room practice kunjal kriya in open area so that you could vomit properly and it should not get in contact with other why have we added salt in this water? so that the osmotic pressure of water could be equal to our inside body that water will not get absorbed by the internal organ and you could vomit all the water inside the body sit in malasana start drinking water without break drink as much as water you can as per your capacity drink that much water so that you feel vomit when you feel like vomit stop drinking water rub starting point of your tongue with finger vomit all the water gently rub your belly with your left palm you will see all the impurities will come out look at my face now after kunjal kriya after doing kunjal kriya 2-3 things you have to keep in mind avoid eating or drinking tea or coffee after doing kunjal kriya till 2 hours relax in savasana for after relaxing in savasana have light breakfast, fruit, khichari with ghee it is very effective for your digestive system acidty indigestion asthama bronchitis strengthen immune system eye, throat ,ear if your stomach is healthy you can enjoy life practice kunjal kriya once in a week if you like the video do not forget to subscribe namaste

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  2. I really appreciate you taking pain in educating people….I know how tough and painful is this ''KRIYA'', every time you try to take out the water (vomit) it really stimulates the intestine and the passage through the throat and finally it comes out of the mouth…and it is not so easy as one may think…Thanks again…

  3. आपके चेहरे का रंग भी बता रहा कि आपको digestion की problem है

  4. mujhe do dun se hijki aa rhi thi mene din me kiya meri i hichki turan hichki thik ho gyi mene shi kiya ya galt riplay mem

  5. mem ise mene do bar kiya ulti k doran mujhe ek dono testron me drd hua esa kyu hua please riplay mem koi problem to nhi hogi na

  6. Madam please guide me, i am suffering from hyper Acidity. By someone's guidance i started doing this thing but after some time this became my daily habit daily routine. I am doing this since 6 years on daily basis. Yes 6 years daily. How to stop this. Thank you in advance hope you will reply.

  7. You r grt ma'am.. Apke iss efforts se lakho logo ki life badal ri hogi i damm sure.. God apko aise hi fit rakhe aur aap hame aise hi video se fit kare ..

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