Home Remedies for Abdominal Pain

Home Remedies for Abdominal Pain

hello guys welcome back today’s topic is how to get ride of
abdominal pain with home remedies what is abdominal pain a pain between the chest and pelvic
regions are called abdominal pain what are the causes of abdominal pain
food poisoning stomach flu kidney stones urinary tract
infection what are the symptoms of abdominal pain
fever vomiting breathing problems painful urination home remedies to get
ride of abdominal pain remedy one-half cup of white rice two cups of water boil
behalf top prize with 2 cups of water remove the rice when it starts to become
tender keep the water to cool for some minutes drink it after adding a teaspoon
of honey rather be 21 fresh lemon warm water time and juice in warm water then
drink it thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe

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  3. How to stop stomach pain at the time of exam.
    Because I have to suffer from stomach in all papers and my 10th board are also coming

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