Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge Week 7: Digestive System

Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge Week 7: Digestive System

Is your digestive system free of indigestion
or irregularity? Hi I’m Luigi Gratton, Vice President of Nutrition Education at Herbalife.
If your answer to this week’s question is no, you could learn a thing or two from today’s
lesson. We are going to discuss one of the most essential components of your entire body,
your digestive health. It can affect our weight, our energy, our skin, and our immune function.
You see in your everyday life, your body maybe exposed to toxins. Maintaining your digestive
health can help your body neutralize and eliminate them from your system and by supporting your
body’s ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins, you’ll be enhancing your overall
weight loss or weight management efforts. Now most people have experienced digestive
issues at some point in their lives. This is because many modern diets lack the sufficient
nutrition’s such as fiber for good digestive health. The institute of medicine recommends
38 grams of fiber for men under age 50 and 25 grams for women in the same age group but
many people only consume about 14 grams of fiber per day. We need fiber to help maintain
regularity in our daily lives, it promotes an overall sense of wellbeing by maintaining
healthy digestion. Eating nuts, seeds, grains, and beans can help you meet your fiber requirements.
We always encourage people to eat at least 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables per
day to get their daily fiber intake. Now I realize how challenging it is to do that with
our modern diet and on the go lifestyle which is why I recommend taking supplements. Supplements
contribute to promoting regularity, feeling of fullness, and the growth of friendly intestinal
bacteria. Herbalife’s line of digestive health products are ideal to absorb nutrients
and eliminate toxins. The Herbalife Aloe products are gentle, soothing, and are made from the
Aloe plant. The formula contains natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino-acids that support
healthy digestion. The product helps relieve occasional indigestion, enhanced intestinal
health, and support healthy digestion. Herbal Aloe products come in three forms, powder,
concentrate, and a ready to drink. My favorite is the Mango flavor. Herbalife also offers
the active fiber complex, available in unflavored and delicious apple. Contains a bland of soluble
and insoluble fibers to minimize bloating and increase the sense of fullness. I recommend
taking a combination of an aloe product and the active fiber complex in order to help
improve your bodies overall digestive health and remember if you’re kicking off the creation
of a healthy digestive system, Herbalife’s 21 Day Cleansing Product is a key component.
It contains vital anti-oxidants, helping to cleanse the digestive track. For more information
about how Herbalife products can support you in digestive health, you can speak to your
wellness coach. This concludes this week’s topic of discussion. I’m Luigi Gratton reminding
you that good digestive health can be yours with proper diet.

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  1. Hi Brent, I think these videos are only meant to be used in the WLC's and not on Youtube, as you are 'spoiling' it for other distributors. Clients then won't attend.

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