Hannah Witton | Stoma with Ulcerative Colitis | Celebrities with Autoimmune Diseases

Hannah Witton | Stoma with Ulcerative Colitis | Celebrities with Autoimmune Diseases

Hannah Witton has ulcerative colitis and
a stoma! If you’ve got a similar autoimmune disease or invisible illness,
find out here why you should see her channel. Stomanner. Here you’ll see the
huge success that Hannah Witton has had for people with stoma or ulcerative
colitis. She’s a well-known vlogger on YouTube,
this is just one of the videos I’ve chosen. Here you can see how Hannah’s
channel performs for this video alone 117,000 views and 716
comments, which were also promoted through social media and their channels.
Hannah got an immense 74.2 million views in total with 583,000 subscribers. She’s made a lot of videos as a vlogger which cover the subject of
Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and stoma. The videos are tagged with
plenty of words there, and also well optimised, with the keywords in the title
and description, to help her videos be found easily. Definitely check out her
channel because of the awareness that she’s raised in our community. Hannah Witton takes on an honest and funny approach to her videos,
she’s been vlogging since 2009 and since needing surgery for a stoma, she’s been
able to raise awareness for taboo subjects like having an invisible illness, how to live a positive life with a stoma and healthy relationship. Shout and holler your story in the comments section below! Then I’ll go into her actually
channel to show you some details, as you can see here she styled her Channel up
with nice colours and images and the live stats showed that she’s getting regular
views all the time. If I scroll further down you can see her playlist is set
up and in particular her IBD and stoma life which includes all of her
relevant videos. If I click here, you’ll see that she’s made her own honest and
funny videos for stoma and ulcerative colitis, there really is quite a lot of
range here and can completely see how she’s raised awareness in the community
as well as personal and relationship advice and information as well as taboo
subjects around illnesses that completely propel the channel. So I definitely recommend taking a look at these in your own time and I’ve shared a
lot of these for you in my own playlist. We’ll take a look at one of our most
popular ones here named ‘What the heck is a stoma?’ and once again with this video
you can see the consistency 1.16 million views with well over 3,000 comments. As I suggested about checking out her channel, you can drill down by a search for specific
words and in this case I’ll choose ‘stoma’. These can be put into order of
popularity or dates published and I’ll just scroll down to show you quite a few
here. I hope this channel continues to be a
stepping stone to raise awareness, share the videos and bring positivity to our
community! I’ve included links and information in the description below so
you can get over to watch Hannah Witton’s channel. My intention was not to review this but to
promote this channel and I’ve done exactly the same for other celebrities and reality
stars. You can find those on my channel. I hope you enjoy them, thank you.
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  1. Do you have an autoimmune illness like crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis?
    Visit Hannah Witton's YouTube channel for great vlogs about sex, relationships and health whilst living with a stoma!

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