GUT HEALTH & PROBIOTICS ▪️ Constipation Relief (Kombucha & Florastor Review)

there’s a lot of you try to go where can
you imagine being an actor they ask let’s give straight face all the time
even when like things are funny they have to just be serious that’s when I
realized that I couldn’t be an actress straight thing today is day four of my
surgery and I’m feeling good my doctor prescribed some antibiotics which I try
to avoid antibiotics whenever possible because I know what it does to your gut
of course we all know that antibiotics kills off all the bad bacteria but it
also came off all the good bacteria that’s why I got really into kombucha I
don’t know but I love kombucha and so did Lily
she loves it I drink kombucha daily but my kids well at least my girls do not
like kombucha I don’t know how you could not like kombucha Lily actually just got over an ear
infection she also had to go on antibiotics so I’m really excited when I
found and florist or for kids it’s a powdered form that you can mix up into a
drink so they don’t even have to swallow a pill or anything so it’s perfect for
my picky ones who will not drink kombucha now you take the powder and you
just pour it into the trick oh the cool thing about these probiotics is that it
can actually take it while you’re taking the antibiotics you will spend the harsh
environment of the stomach acid in order for it to reach the intestines whenever
I’m on antibiotics I just like to load up on is
many probiotics as possible so of course I’d rate my compulsion but I am also
taking them to supplement forms as well because there are so many different
strains of good bacteria that is useful for the gut kombucha has a whole
different variety of good good strains of healthy bacteria and then that you’ve
got your supplements and you’ve got kefir and fermented vegetables which I
also love to incorporate in my diet up the update on my surgery if you didn’t
catch my surgery YouTube video then go check that out I just had a tubal
ligation reversal be excited we would like to try to have more baby the pain
that has been ever and it kind of custody to you so happy about this
provides extra digestive support a healthy immune system and compliments
you were up talking with school I of it and fiber my doctor recommended I my doctor doctor
prescribed me some antibiotics okay my doctor prescribed patient I found my
doctor prescribed some antibiotics which oh wait what did I do this is my cup
take 12 625 and doctor prescribed antibiotics for me I’m trained enough

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