Ghost Girl or Demon? | The SALLIE HOUSE HAUNTING…Part One

Ghost Girl or Demon? | The SALLIE HOUSE HAUNTING…Part One

(haunting piano music) (blowing wind) (boom) – Greeties, Ghosties. Who is ready for our
brand new investigation here at the Sallie House? Now, if you remember,
last time I was here, I was here with Kyla, and
she’s back again with me. So excited. And Joey’s here this time, so, I think it’s gonna be a
great night of investigating. The home base for tonight. Look it! She’s back. – Hi! – [Man] It was over a
year ago we were here. – It was. – We’re back.
– We’re back. – [Man] We’re back, and– – [Kyla] We’re back! – [Michael] Joey’s here this time, yay! – [Kyla] Joey’s here! – They dragged me along this time. – It’s gonna be even better now
because of Joey and Michael, we’ve got all the three of us. – [Michael] All the three of us? (laughter) – And Mark. (laughter) – All the three of us. – [Michael] Oh, and Mark’s here, too. – The three of us. – [Michael] The three of us. (laughter) – [Michael] As always, the links to their channels and videos will be in the description down below. I think we’re gonna get
some great evidence tonight, so go and check them out. – Come over! (cheering) – [Michael] Okay, so, (ringing phone) you just got an Instagram call? (chuckles) – Stalker. – [Michael] Stalker. Oh my God, and we just posted on Instagram that we were here, too. (dramatic boom) Creepy. – Why do people do that
when you don’t know them? Like, is there a way to block that? – [Michael] I don’t know. (gasps) – [Joey] Look! – [Michael] What is it? – Well, this isn’t for Sallie House, but he’s like giving me hearts, and he’s like, “Hello?” – [Michael] And then he tries to call you? That’s so creepy why people do that. Let’s take a break from the spooky paranormal stuff for a second and talk about invasion
of like personal space for people that are online. Just because we’re online, it doesn’t give people the
right to just like call you, or like send inappropriate
messages and stuff like that. Like the other day, I was
getting ready for work, and somebody kept trying to
Skype call me that I didn’t know and they tried over and
over and over again, and then I didn’t answer, and they send me like text
messages through Skype. And it’s like, just
because I’m on the internet doesn’t mean you can just
like invade my privacy, you know what I mean? So, if you could experience
anything tonight, between voices, scratches, apparitions, what do you wanna see
from the Sallie House? – Um, I would like to see an apparition ’cause I don’t think I’ve ever seen one, but, I also would like to
hear a disembodied voice and then a scratch would
be interesting, as well, because like that’s just evidence to me that this place is as active as they say they are on the TV shows. – [Michael] I mean, Kyla got
scratched last night, so. – Yeah, John McInteer.
– It’s your turn tonight. – I’m ready. – [Michael] All right, Kyla,
you’ve been here before. What do you wanna experience this time? – I’m hoping to get some
more evidence of Sallie, or the spirit that
supposedly haunts this place. Something that’s more clear
evidence of that being here. I don’t know about everyone else, but in the previous location, I’m not sure which
video’s gonna go up first, so I don’t know if you
guys have seen it yet? But in the previous location, I was physically touched
and I had a mark from it. And, supposedly, people
get scratched in here. So, I would, because I
experienced that now, I would love for one of us
to experience that in here because that’s something that people claim that they have happen a lot. So, if that happens here, I want us to get evidence
of that, as well, because, you know, I think
that that’s something that’s very popular happening in here, and it would just be nice to
know if that’s real or not? People say that there’s demons and bad and negative energy in here, when I was here last time, I
didn’t personally feel that. I don’t feel it right now, so I’m hoping that
whatever that energy is, will just kind of show up. I would like to see the dark
side of the Sallie House. I haven’t seen that yet. I wanna see the dark side. I’m here for the dark side. (laughter) Bring me the dark side. – [Michael] Mark? You wanna tell us what
you wanna experience? – Oh, you know, tables
levitating, slamming, Michael getting possessed, spinning up in the air
and throwing green puke up around the room. No, um— – [Michael] There’s a chance
it could happen, watch out. – It’s true. (laughter) No, if anything, I’d like
to see their experience, like intelligent responses, ’cause I think you guys
brought more equipment than you had last time. – Mm hmm.
– Mm hmm. – That always kind of like
peaks my interest, you know, ’cause like when you’re
using the spirit box, and it’s just like random words to me, it just sounds like sounds that
we’re interpreting as words, like I wanna hear full sentences, which that’s kind of, I don’t know, that sound more believable to me. And I’m still waiting
to see an apparition. I have not ever seen one to my knowledge. – [Michael] Sallie. – So, that’s– – Come here.
– What I’d like to see. – You wanna see a physical spirit? – [Mark] Yeah, I do. – And this is also really cool, if you guys don’t know
Mark on Michael’s channel, he is very skeptical. The most skeptical person. So if he is– – I don’t know? – If he’s wowed by something, then I feel like it’s
pretty, it’s pretty– – I try to go, okay, I try to eliminate
all of the possibilities like within our realm of understanding. Like eliminate, like, okay,
it was a table squeaking, or it was a door being blown by the wind, eliminate all of that stuff before jumping to it’s Satan
himself possessing my asshole. Like, like just, just… (laughter) You know what I mean? Like, don’t go to the
out-of-this-world stuff just yet. – [Michael] Just dive right in, Mark. Tell us how you feel. (whooshing) So right now, I’m up in Sallie’s room, which is one of my favorite rooms. I feel like it has one of
the creepiest vibes to it, besides the basement, which
I’ll show you in a little bit. But, I think it’s creepy to me because it has all of the old
stuffed animals around it, like a child would be here
playing with everything. One of my favorites, of course,
is the Raggedy Ann doll. I moved her over there
for a little picture, I hope Sallie doesn’t mind, and then all along the rest of the wall, all these little toys
that people have brought. Then a couple balls we could
use for trigger objects later to see if they move
throughout the room at all. (whooshing) I feel like I just
heard something in here. (heavy breathing) Sallie? Are you in here? Or, um, do you wanna
communicate with us tonight? Can you say hello? (faint laughter) Or can you move one of
the balls in the room? Ooh, there’s a figure eight ball! I wonder if it works? I think it does. (haunting piano music) Sallie, will you
communicate with us tonight? What does it say? “Without a doubt.” (dramatic boom) Here’s another one of the
bedrooms in the house. The thing that gives me the creepiest vibe about this room are these closets. I don’t know why? It reminds me of the
closets in “The Conjuring” when the, what is her name, the witch? Bathsheba Sherman. Remember when she was up on top? This one doesn’t have that, but remember when she was on top and then jumped off of it at the girl? Maybe there’s something
creepy going on underneath it? And this is another one of the bedrooms, this one gives me a weird feeling. When we first got here, we came in, we were just walking around, we were doing some, like an EVP session, last time we were here in this closet, and when I stepped in here today, I just noticed it gave me, umm, I don’t know how to describe it? It gives me, when I’m in here, it gives me almost like
a disorienting feeling. Like a little bit dizzy, I guess that’s the best
way to describe it. Just feeling a little bit
dizzy or off when I’m in here. (sighing) – I wanna go downstairs and do a dowsing rod session first. Does anybody wanna come with me? – I’ll go. – You wanna come with me?
– Mm hmm. – [Michael] Will you film me? – Mm hmm. – Will you record me?
– Mm hmm. – Be my cameraman?
– Uh mm. – [Michael] Watch out for that cord. (laughter) We’re now into the basement,
do a dowsing rod session, and it’s probably one of the
creepiest spots in the house. (footsteps) They say that at one point there was a pentagram
on the floor down here. Maybe that’s where it was, I don’t know? But then there’s also this
really creepy area back here. It’s just, I don’t know what’s back there. I’ll turn the light up a bit. Really creepy. Can you see me? Am I lit up enough? – [Joey] Yes. – So, da? – [Joey] Yes. – So, da? – [Joey] Yes. – So, da? – [Joey] Yes. So, dowsing rod session, we’ll try to communicate with Sallie, or whatever is down here. I wanna talk to whatever
entity is in this house. If you’re here, can you cross
the rods in front of me? Thank you. Can you uncross them? Uncross the rods. Are you a little girl? If you are, cross the rods in front of me. Are you, something else? Are you a demon? Cross the rods in front of me. Are you an older adult? Cross the rods in front of me. (howling wind) Can you uncross the rods, please? Okay, I don’t get it? If it’s not Sallie, and it’s not the demon? ‘Cause that’s the two
things that people say is that it’s either Sallie, the ghost of a little girl here, or that it’s a demon pretending to be the ghost of a little girl. But, if it’s saying that
it’s an older adult, then who would it be? – [Mark] Well, the someone
that was here before, left in that little journal upstairs, a little story about how they communicated with someone named Charles. – Oh, really? – [Mark] There was a Charles
I believe that lived here, if I read the history right, but their story didn’t
match with the history, so. – Oh. Is there a man named Charles down here in the basement with us? Charles, if you’re down
here, cross the rods. (dinging bell)
(thundering boom) I think it’s the doorbell? – [Mark] I don’t know? – [Michael] Go up, go upstairs. (footsteps) Is someone here? – [Joey] Make her whole ’cause
we announced we were here. – [Kyla] Hey? – [Michael] Is someone out there? – Yes, there’s these two guys, they parked in front of that house, I was just talking to my camera about it before they rang the doorbell. They parked in front of that house, and they were sitting in
the back of their truck and one of ’em walked
up, moved to the house, and then they went back, and started sitting in the
back of the truck again, and then they just walked
up and rang the doorbell and then walked across the street. – [Mark] What the hell? – [Michael] Why would they do that? – I don’t know? – They’re two younger guys. – [Michael] Are they in the car? – Two like skinny, probably younger, guys. – [Kyla] They parked in front
of that, where’d they go? – [Mark] They walked over there. – [Michael] I’m not opening– – Let me go back up, I can see ’em outta this room here. – [Michael] I’m not opening
the door for anyone. – [Mark] I know. I’d draw the blinds. – That was really weird. So, two men pulled up, got out, rang the doorbell and then just
walked back to their truck, sat out there for a little bit, and now they drove away. – Yeah, they walked away pretty quick, ’cause as soon as I heard
it, I came upstairs, and they were already across the street. (boom) (haunting piano music) The last time we were here
they were telling us a story about how Sallie possibly died, and the story or legend goes is that a doctor used to live here, and Sallie came as one of the patients, and they thought, or she
did, have appendicitis, so he was gonna perform the surgery here, put her under anesthesia, or
maybe didn’t even do that? I don’t even know if they had
a lot of anesthesia back then, but he tried to perform surgery
to get her appendix out, but she died on the operating table. And downstairs in the kitchen, they have like the operating table of where it would’ve been. Some people say that Sallie scratches men because the last thing she
saw was the doctor hurting her and trying to perform surgery. He was trying to help her, but, and like a little girl would
think, this man is hurting me, and that’s why they say that
she doesn’t really like men. (techno static) – Okay. Sallie, are you here with us right now? Cross the rods please if you are. (haunting techno music) Okay, uncross them, please. Can you uncross the rods please? Hmm, I’ll do it, restart it. – I was gonna say I also noticed when I asked her some questions, that you know how like
in the McInteer Villa it was very aggressive? She’s very nervous. – [Joey] Gotcha. – I’m getting this nervous vibe. So some of the questions,
it was like hesitating, and then she would answer it. I wonder if you guys
are making her nervous? – Well, I had a lotta Red Bull. (laughter) – [Kyla] I meant like you both? – [Mark] Well, it could be. – Oh, okay. – [Mark] I never had a ghost talk to me. (digital static) – Okay, so right now, the girls are upstairs in Sallie’s room. I’m going to go start turning off some of the lights down here because I’m hearing more and more noises coming from in this room, which has the surgical table in it. This is where they say that the doctor used to perform his surgeries, in this room here, which
is now the kitchen. So they have this kind of
set up, with a picture of, like a rendering of what
they say Sallie looks like. It’s a creepy looking girl if you ask me. But just recently, we’ve started to hear more
noises coming from in this room, kind of even from the basement area. Let me turn all the lights off. And I think what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna set up a laser, and see if I can get anything
to move in this area in here. (whoosh) All right, I have the laser set up, we’ve turned off the lights and see if we can get
anything to walk through it. (knocking) The door on the left is open,
that is the basement door. I left it open in case anything wanted to come up the basement stairs. But, Sallie, or whatever entity is here, come walk in front of these lights. Can you come up from the basement? Can you walk past the basement door? I just heard something in there. – [Kyla] Yeah, paper, trash? – [Mark] Well, I just dropped
something in the trash, so. – [Michael] Huh? – [Kyla] Okay, it sounded like shoo, shoo. – [Michael] Oh, no! I heard like a bang, a knock. – [Kyla] Oh, was it this? (knocking) – [Michael] No, it came from in– – [Mark] I heard it in from there– – [Michael] In the kitchen. – [Kyla] Oh. – [Michael] Can you make
a knocking noise again? Or walk in front of the light? (knock) There’s another one. – [Kyla] Mm hmm. – [Michael] I appreciate
you making noise for me, do you think you could walk towards me and make some footsteps? (knocking) There’s another one. Sallie, is that you? (knock) It keeps happening, is it keeps knocking. (whooshing) Ooh, she’s gonna go on
night vision, ready? Three, two, one, night shot. Phew. – [Joey] Umm, it sounds
like somebody singing. – [Michael] Hello? I hear noises coming from the hole. Who’s down here with us? Make yourself known right now. Knock on something. Growl at me. Scratch me. (thunderous boom) (haunting techno music)

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