Fatty Liver And Intermittent Fasting

So fatty liver is sort of part and
parcel of the whole metabolic syndrome type 2 diabetes, and it’s really what it
sounds, like it’s just a lot of fat jammed in the liver, and the liver is not
designed to hold fat. Fat cells are designed to hold fat, the liver shouldn’t
have any fat. So when you do intermittent fasting or you do even extended
fasting, the first place that it actually pulls the fat out of is the liver, which
is great. Because if you have fatty liver disease then here’s a method of
treatment, again, 100% natural, completely free, you don’t need any special fancy
equipment as a hospital program, you actually can implement this like
immediately with just the knowledge. And you can actually cure fatty liver, so
it’s interesting because I see a lot of people who I pick up fatty liver in
and I actually think it’s the easiest thing to treat, because if they do what I
tell them to do, it reverses virtually every single time. And yet this is a
disease, fatty liver disease, which will soon become the number one liver disease
in North America, because hepatitis B hepatitis C, they’re going down. Alcohol
there will always be some alcohol, but the amount of alcoholic liver disease
has not been has not been increasing, but if you look at fatty liver disease it’s
just skyrocketing. So it will very soon be the, it’s certainly the commonest,
but the commonest cause of end-stage liver disease as well. And it’s
completely treatable, completely preventable, for free. And it’s the same
thing with diabetes, again, that the commonest cause of kidney disease,
preventable, for free. So the liver is an organ that has a lot of reserve, so
even if you do have it for a long time you can still treat it and it will get
better so that’s the sort of the good news you have lots of years that you
could actually impact this disease and reverse it and it’ll still get better.

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