FATTY Liver: 5 Things You MUST Avoid – NAFLD – 2019

FATTY Liver: 5 Things You MUST Avoid – NAFLD – 2019

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  1. Dr. Berry, what about Hemochromatosis? Can you please make a video to raise awareness on this? This causes fatty liver also, and it has to do with iron overdose, more than sugar and carbs. Thank you.

  2. I literally just said when he got to #4 of the foods to avoid, well what am I going to eat then? I saw an image of me just eating all veggies. Good thing I love veggies, I don't drink juices or sodas, only water but I do love my carbs. Ugghhh..but I don't want to die from cirrhosis. Jesus!

  3. My mother was diagnosed with fatty liver and was told there was nothing she could do about it (UK) so thank-you very much for this information

  4. I’ve become a kombucha junkie. 2 a day. Ive started making my own. All the info ive read up on it says don’t worry about the sugar because most of it is eaten up by the microbiomes created from fermentation. I sure hope this is true and I haven’t stepped into another trap. Just got myself weaned off a lifelong addiction to diet drinks.

  5. What about rice bran oil? Is that a liver friendly oil? Rice is a plant but not sure if under the seed oil category. Thank you for your help.

  6. My PCP told me I have NAFLD, but not to worry about it since almost all Americans have it. What!? I immediately lost all confidence in him.

  7. how about coke zero; is it all right for those with fatty liver? How about cranberry? Doc, you need only some charts; visual aids to better place it more in our brains.

  8. I have been eating keto for the better part of 2 years. I was recently diagnosed with nafl. What do you recommend?

  9. I was told by my cancer doctor that I have liver cancer and I don't need sugar at all. Any thing just about that we buy at the grocery store has sugar in it so how do we avoid sugar completely I don't have any signs of a liver problem at all. I plan to get a second opinion. I try to avoid sugar anyway. No video has ever mentioned the sugar in the food we buy in the stores

  10. My mother in the last moments of her life her doctors said she had fatty liver and tried to blame her as a drinker because they missed it for years. They in the end said it was a direct result from her 1980’s gastric bypass. But no doctor would do her til she was dying and they blamed her. She had all the signs you mentioned, she complained to doctors for years .

  11. Damn Doctor!
    #1. I've had 5 back surgeries and have chronic pain so I have 2 take Norco or I can't get out of bed. And that has Tylenol.
    #2. All the foods u are talking about Not just cutting down on but Completely Omit?
    #3. All this Lard~ Bacon Fat~ Butter
    I Believe you are Probably full of Spit & work for the Animal food consumption or something!
    HELL if you have to live your life Not enjoying it" What kind of Life is It?

  12. Thank you, Dr. Barry. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver, but not much was said about how to fix it. Low fat diet, no soda, vegies. You know. But, I'm going to try this & fix my liver. 😊🙏

  13. I will try to get more serious about this diagnosis. I thought I did good but after hearing you….. I guess, not enough. I lost 30 pounds in 3 1/2 years by eliminating stress and eating better but…. Ok. Bracing myself. Thanks

  14. I healed my fatty liver disease without my docs help. I ate a high carb low fat diet. My fat was from coconut oil and alvacado. Carbs primarily from non grain sources . I ate bananas daily. Pounds of potatoes. Healed my fatty liver and reversed my diabetes.

  15. Wow, my physician told me sometime ago of having NAFL, no recommendations of changing diet, or anything like you have advised!! Thank you for so much information.

  16. God loves you I I believe everything that you say and I know a lot of it already but you talk too damn much you go round and round trying to explain and maybe that's good for some other people but you drove me crazy in this damn thing I just want to know what foods to eat what foods not to eat what medication not to take and be done with it knocked me on my ass and send me on my way.

  17. I can't give up both sugar and alcohol at the same time. That's not possible. I will rebel against everything and kill myself

    1. Αποφύγετε τη ζάχαρη σε OΛΕΣ τις μορφές της.

    2. Σταματήστε τα αναψυκτικά.

    3. Αποφύγετε τα φρούτα και τους χυμούς φρούτων. (Ένα περιστασιακό κομμάτι φρούτου είναι εντάξει.)

    4. Αποφύγετε όλα τα σιτηρά (Σιτάρι, καλαμπόκι, κεχρί, βρώμη κλπ.)

    5. Αποφύγετε τα βιομηχανικά έλαια σπόρων. (ηλιελαιο ,κανολα, σόγια, ηλίανθου, από αράπικο φιστίκι, βαμβακέλαιο μας κάνουν τη μεγαλύτερη ζημιά)

    Χρησιμοποιήστε λάδι καρύδας,λάδι αβοκάντο, ελαιόλαδο, λαρδί και βούτυρο, είναι πολύ καλύτερες επιλογές.

    ΣΥΜΒΟΥΛΗ BONUS: Σταματήστε τα σνακ, το τσιμπολόγημα. Φάτε 1,2 ή 3 διακριτά γεύματα και τίποτα ενδιάμεσα. 🍴🥓🥚🧀🍗🥩🍤🥥🧂🥑🍴

  19. Thanks, Dr. Berry. You are absolutely the easiest online video to understand. You cut through the bs quickly and make things clear. Please keep these videos coming.

  20. How do you explain asians eat rice almost 3X a day 24/7 and yet they dont get fat. If you go to china or other asian countries, they use peanut oil and cook a lot of stir fry dish almost everyday.

  21. Another dude pushing a keto diet and demonizing fruits veggies and all grains including oatmeal and rice. If this was the cause of fatty liver or a number of other ailments I would of been dead 20 years ago. My great grandpa who is currently 106 who has eaten oatmeal and potatoes almost every day of his life would of been dead a long time ago if this was true. Do you honestly think that eating a greasy fat burger fried in lard is better for you than a sweet potato or oatmeal and fresh fruit. Seriously? My uncle died of a heart attach at 53 primarily eating fried food. He rarely ever ate any fruits or veggies. This is what you’re promoting on your channel? Let me tell you something. I’ve eaten oatmeal and fresh fruit along with sweet potatoes and rice every day of my life for 40 years. I also consume bone broth which I feel is very healthy and beneficial to the body. I don’t consume any oils at all. NONE. My BP is 115/75 My sitting HR is 52 BPS. My blood sugar is 80 when I wake up and 80 when I go to sleep. I could run up 5 flights of stairs carrying 30 lbs weight and barely breath heavy. Ive been the same weight 5,9 140lbs for 30 years consuming this diet. STOP blaming the healthy carbs and start blaming the real cause of fatty liver. Soda pop, Cakes, cookies, ice cream, bagels, donuts, anything made with white flour, hydrogenated oils and all processed refined poison people eat everyday.

  22. I've never been a drinker of alcohol not a big meat eater not a lolly eater yet at 14 I was diagnosed with fatty liver.

  23. This great Doc is saving many Lives with his no nonsense Videos about Health and Longevity…I'm 57 and in 2 weeks my Glucose went from 111 prediabetic to 99 normal and my Kidney function went from stage 3a-56 kidney failure to 60 stage 2…I cant wait till my next blood work in 4 months…thank you so much Dr Ken

  24. I was dignosed with fatty liver disease like three years ago and the doctor just told me “it’s mild so just avoid drinking and walk”! I don’t drink :”? And due to 3 herniated disks and sciatic problems I cannot walk 🙁 Dr Berry Thank you! You’re really a true doctor that cares about people and i admire you for that! I will start listening to you instead of going and listening to a not so caring doctor of mine :-/

  25. Ok no fruit juice no bread no rice use butter no oil but olive or coconut oil the doctor told me to eat 5 small meals a day for my diabetes and the other doctor from Canada she says keto kills ok I'll try and let you now but if all you drink is sweet tea or koolaid are those ok and what about the conflict for 5 meal a day and that keto kills

  26. What about palm oil? What is it like on your liver or body? I myself have problems when ever I have it, it feels like my lips are being cut and sometimes itches. So I am avoiding it.

  27. I have steatohepatitis caused by hyperlipidemia (Triglycerides 3000 Cholesterol 2500…no kidding, they have to dilute the blood to see how far up the "Triglycerides are)…the worst part is that this has caused extremely painful pancreatitis, that pancanese did not alleviate the pain from, so I have to take MS Contin. They are talking about me being on the liver transplant list for my steatohepatitis but that decision goes up and down. I hate sugar, except for the spoonful in my morning coffee and that is brown sugar. I do not drink. Never have. I have never been a drug user until the pain from the pancreatitis was causing me to become psychotic and I had to take an opiod, and I just had a CT scan yesterday with contrast so they can see how much bigger my liver has become.

  28. I’m training 3 times a week including cardio plus 2 days of cardio. Only eat brown rice on the training days. Is that ok? Oat and brown rice are the only carbs in my diet now.

  29. I have a serious question that I can't find an answer to. I live in Japan and so many people here live really long. They eat plenty of carbs. Is it the type of carbs that causes the damage? Is there a need to go keto? Can you have carbs like rice and potatoes? Carrots, etc?

  30. I was hospitalized a few weeks ago due to sepsis and because I am obese they insisted on giving me grains based meals.
    I ate nothing for the stay but a little milk, yogurt and sometimes a half banana. It wasn't hard as I am used to starve besides I was too I'll to have appetite but they scolded me daily for not eating grains. Besides it was all processed foods. Aaarrrggh

  31. I am seriously annoyed, 4:20 and you still haven't yet said anything about how to reverse it, is it so difficult to say?

  32. For us Indians it simply adds up to cooking your food in Makkhan (Butter) and Desi Ghee which you make at home from Pure Ful Fat Milk. Just like our ancestors cooked their food, They lived longer…

  33. Sir, you lumped quinoa with white rice and wheat as a grain. I hope you realized it was an error. Quinoa is NOT a grain. It's a seed and a good source of protein.

  34. What about Gatorade add Powerade sugar free?
    I've been drinking that and of course water
    An exam I had showed some fatty liver problems, so I quit drinking Coca-Cola and drinking Powerade and Gatorade zero sugar and water. I got me a filter type picture for water the next blood test I had and a MRI there were no more problems.
    What about organic extra virgin olive oil? I use this for cooking with no breading at all on my meats. I'm starting to eat lamb and not so much red meat. What about pork?
    The only Tylenol I take is with my pain medicine. No more no less.
    To my understanding to Coca-Cola's a day can give you fatty liver.
    Of course I urinate more but that is all right for me.
    Keep hydrated and that will help joints your liver and kidneys. That is my understanding.

  35. What about potatoes? Im very skinny and I really don't want to loose more weight, which the keto diet will cause me.

  36. Dr. Berry – off subject of this thread but can't figure out how to contact you otherwise:

    Subject: Vertigo and treatment – re: Vit D3???
    I would greatly appreciate your opinion…

    diagnosis: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

    I recently had an ambulance ride to the hospital with vertigo. Diagnosed as “ Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo”
    ( 3 1/2 weeks of daily exercises prescribed before getting out of bed – world still spun to point of nausea. While researching different subject, "Vit D deficiency, I stumbled upon this video with this bomb-shell at minute marker 5:58 – vit D3 to stop vertigo. I hadn't been taking it for some months but had some on hand – I get "Viva – at 10,000 IU per cap – No corn, soy, canola oil – only coconut oil. I took 2 caps (20,000 IU's) next morning (I don't take at night as it may keep you awake. It's the "Happy Pill" – and actually not a vitamin, but a hormone vital for EVERYTHING. and Take it with fat – makes it assimilate better.
    Next morning? NOT one bit of spinning…ditto ever since, now 2 weeks! ) Just a 'coincidence' or valid?

  37. Question on intermittent eating: I'm a nosher … I can nibble all day to equal less than a meal instead of eating one whole meal. What if I replaced "bad" foods with good foods, like celery, broccoli or avocado?

  38. Heyo, I'm a bit new to Dr. Berry's channel. I found my way here via Dr. Berg. But, can anyone let me know if these symptoms are normal? I've been on a very low carb keto/carnivore diet for a few weeks now. I'm also supplementing with apple cider vinegar before meals as well as intermittent fasting. My usual feeding window is down to 6 hours after a coffee with coconut oil for breakfast. Anyway, usually between 11 am and 1 pm I feel a warm pressure between my liver and ribs. It's about and inch or two below my right shoulder blade. It isn't painful in the least. And, sometimes when I have a deep cough (I have had a cold for a bit) it feels as if there's something in the same area shifting around.

    I've had ongoing digestive issues for a few years now. I think it's a result of eating crappy pasta (instant noodles) for most of my 20s. But in my 30s I lived in South Korea and as part of the barbeque culture there I also ate a lot of undercooked pork and seafood. About 2 years ago I did a parasite cleanse and passed a mass of spaghetti looking things. I wonder, could that odd feeling be a liver fluke? I've tried paleo, fruitarian and pesco-vegetarian diets. I felt my best on paleo but didn't like the idea of consuming other mammals and I felt pretty good on pesco-vegetarian until recently. Not long ago I took Dr. Berg's advice about trying a month long carnivore diet to see if perhaps my symptoms were SIBO related. It seemed to help a lot, so I started including beef and pork in my diet again alongside some limited veggies… keeping things low carb. But this warm feeling near my liver has me wondering.

  39. I quit drinking booze last Valentine's Day and I'm so very proud of myself. I've lost weight, my liver enzymes are pristine, and my rosacea is gone. I am mindful of what, when, and how much I eat. Because it was quite the struggle to get over the alcohol cravings, I allowed myself to be okay with some sweets cravings (which surprised me in their ferocity). I am all about IF but with the sweets cravings, I don't think I can do keto any time soon, though I am interested in its benefits. I wonder if you've seen people who are all about keto or IF dance on the edge of an eating disorder? Or does it just seem like it from those of us who are struggling with carbs.

  40. For the last 23 years Ive rendered my own hog lard ( I use the leaf lard ) for cooking and frying farm eggs .
    I recently had a calcium score / heart scan performed and it came back 0% ,….. I’m 51 years old with zero artery plaque.
    I also have the blood pressure of a teenager and I’m fit and trim without going to the Gym.
    So let the words of this good Doctor roll around in that coconut of yours,.. he speaks the truth !

  41. Just lost a friend to stage four cirrhosis.
    Fairly certain it developed from NAFLD.
    She never drank.

    The Dr completely missed everything that could have saved her because they never looked at it from an unconventional pov.

  42. Christmas Eve I thought I'd save money and get chinese food. Note that I am keto 99% of the time. Christmas Day I was so sad because I felt terrible. I had a migraine, totally bloated, and felt horrible. Absolutely horrible. I will never do that again. We could have had two really good steaks, broccoli, prime rib, and even some really good dark chocolate for the same price. what a waste of money and time that ended up being.

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