Everything You Need to Know About Gluten

Everything You Need to Know About Gluten

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– Hi, everyone. Dr. Group here. Today we’re going to be talking about gluten,
everything you need to know about gluten. So I’m happy you’re joining me. First of
all, gluten is something that’s gotten lot of attention lately. More and more people
are becoming aware of it. So what I want to go over today is to explain exactly,
what is gluten? What it does to your body? Some of the associated health risks. Why
some people are going gluten free? Why I personally am gluten free? And I think
everybody should consider going gluten free. And then, I’ll get into some tips
and some tricks for getting gluten out of your life. What to look for? How to setup
a good plan for you and your children to avoid gluten. Looking around gluten is
practically everywhere in our food supply. So you don’t have to try very hard to run
into it, but you do need to pay attention if you’re trying to avoid it, which
hopefully you are especially after watching this video. Otherwise there’s a
lot of ways that gluten can sneak into your diet. So first for people who don’t
know, gluten is actually a plant protein. It’s present mostly in grains such as
wheat, rye, barley and a few others. But most people, however, are exposed to
gluten from wheat, that’s the big gluten source or products that contain wheat. And
gluten affects everyone. It’s toxic to every single person’s body. It’s not just
people with celiac disease or bowel disorders. It’s toxic to everybody. And
we’re going to get into that a little bit later on. But gluten basically consist of
two proteins gliadin and glutenin. These are the proteins that actually helps
strengthen the dough in making bread, and they trap the air released by the yeast.
Gliadin is what causes the majority of the health problems for most people. So when
someone is sensitive to gluten or can’t tolerate gluten sensitivity, the gliadin
is usually what’s causing their problems. So you can basically think of gluten as a
general allergen in the body. And when it gets into your body, it causes
inflammation, it causes stomach problems, it sets off your immune system. And it may
cause a lot of other symptoms and problems that might be going on inside your system,
that your doctor may not even know about, and that you might be on prescription
medications for. We’ll talk about those problems, but let’s
talk about or describe some of the ways we’re exposed to gluten. If you don’t know
just how prevalent this stuff is, it’s easy to think, “Well, I don’t get a lot of
gluten in my diet.” And I’ve talked to patients all the time or I’ve talked to
individuals that say their gluten free, but what they don’t realize is they
actually are getting gluten in their system. It’s pretty good chance you got
some hidden sources of gluten in your diet that you don’t even know about.
So anything that contains wheat, bread, pasta, crackers, cereal, flour, tortillas.
Even less obvious things like, you might be eating a salad. You think you’re doing
everything right and you forget about the croutons, certain energy bars, granola
bars. Believe it or not even a lot of healthy foods like these healthy snack
bars contain gluten, and even organic foods contain wheat flour. Some Organic
foods contain wheat flour. Some things you might not know about
things like ice cream, ketchup, salad dressings, other condiments, marinating
sauces. Believe it or not, soy sauce even contains gluten. A lot of different
gravies that are out there. Even medications, vitamins, even toothpaste
sometimes is made with gluten and it’s not even required to put it on the label.
Cosmetic items. Things you would never think that would contain gluten can
actually contain gluten. So gluten isn’t something that the average
person encounters once in a while, it’s something they encounter all the time. For
a lot of people there’s probably not one meal that goes by that they don’t consume
gluten. This means a lot more opportunities for it to aggravate the
lining of the small intestine, aggravate your body and possibly create digestive
problems, as well as many other symptoms or problems in your body.
And I want to let people know how important this is because after looking at
thousands and thousands. . . We get thousands of emails every day from people
all over the world. And all the symptoms. And when the body starts to break down,
and your self healing mechanism starts to become suppressed. I’ve looked at multiple
toxins that can affect your body, everything from artificial sweeteners, to
MSG, to genetically modified foods, to toxins and chemicals in the water, the
beverages. Gluten is one of those things that I feel
is so important people need to look at. And so important for people to eliminate,
that’s why I’m doing this seminar today. So please share this information with
everybody that you can. So you have to be careful because the
ingredient label a lot of times won’t provide the most clear answers.
So it doesn’t just list gluten as an ingredient all the time. And some people
will tell you that even maltodextrin, which is in practically everything is
considered gluten free, but it can actually be derived from wheat. If you’re
taking vitamin supplements most likely probiotics, enzyme supplements. Most
likely those are going to be maltodextrin based. So could think you’re gluten free
or not taking in toxins, but you might actually be taking in hidden sources of
gluten. Modified food starch is another
questionable ingredient. Something called wheat germ. A lot of vegans, vegetarians
when they go eat, a lot of the meat substitutes are made with wheat which can
even be just as damaging as eating meat. So you want to definitely look out for
wheat germ, and that’s produced from wheat like I said.
There’s also things called agglutinin, which is a toxin produced by wheat to
protect itself. It’s not gluten, but it’s similar to gluten and it can produce a
similar immune reaction as gluten. A lot of sprouted wheat breads are high in this
stuff. And it’s been shown that even one meal of
consuming gluten can cause an immune response for up to six months. And it’s
all about keeping your body healthy, and keeping your self healing mechanism
activated. So why do you want. . .all these chemicals and toxins and all the
stuff we’re putting into our body are just causing more immune response and more
damage that your body ultimately has to fix.
I’ve talked to a lot of people about this issue and one question that comes up a lot
is, what about corn? Does corn have gluten in it? And no, corn does not have gluten
in it. But it does have some other problems like
it could be genetically modified. It can be tainted with pesticides like glyphosate
or atrazine, which are two powerful endocrine disrupting chemicals. So I don’t
really recommend corn that much as the most ideal gluten free substitute,
although GMO free corn or organic corn would be a better alternative.
A lot of people will also tell you that you need to be aware of gluten
contamination. You might go to a pizza restaurant that offers a gluten free
crust. But was it prepared in an area where the gluten dough was handled? And
also a big thing too is, a lot of the gluten free crust and a gluten free breads
also have other contaminants in them as well. Well, I’m really hoping that there’s
going to be more certified organic gluten free alternatives in the future.
But some people have even told me, that are real strict gluten free individuals,
that they even had reactions when gluten free bread was shared in a toaster with
gluten bread or the butter dish. Someone was using gluten bread and then there was
crumbs in the butter dish. As a matter of fact, most people never
even feel symptoms of gluten toxicity. That’s really one of the reasons that I
want to get across is that, every single person does have an allergy to gluten,
whether you feel it or not. And I’m going to talk about some of these small symptoms
you might be having that can be caused by gluten. It might sound obsessive, but you
have to remember people who are sensitive to gluten, it doesn’t take much for the
big problems to start. Another thing about gluten is that not
only is it more prevalent in food production than you might think, but it
can actually interact with other food additives like MSG, artificial sweeteners,
stuff like that. Now sensitivity to gluten, gluten intolerance, celiac
disease. All these conditions are on the rise right now. It’s what started this big
push, which I’m happy about by health conscious people to go gluten free.
So when we’re talking about gluten sensitivity or intolerance, which affects
pretty much every person. That can also referred to a group of conditions that
include wheat allergies, and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. They’re each a little
bit different, but basically similar, and that they’re all basically an immune
response or allergic response to gluten. Again there’s a lot of different
characteristics and considerations, but just for the sake of this conversation,
I’m going to use them all interchangeably. So I’m not going to say, “Okay, you have
celiac, non-celiac, this might be happening, this might be happening. What
I’m going to talk about is just general sensitivities to gluten, which some of the
ways you can recognize it usually almost immediately is if you eat a meal and you
have abdominal pain, gas, bloating, you can either have constipation, diarrhea,
fatigue, fatigue 30 minutes an hour after you eat, nausea and some of the extreme
cases you might actually have vomiting going on after you’ve consumed gluten
meals. Sometimes people experience these things and figure it’s just something
going on in their body, lactose intolerance or some other bowel condition,
when it’s really a sensitivity to gluten. One of the reasons that for this
conversation we’re going to sort of look at gluten as toxic to everyone is because
I was looking at a lot of studies that have found individuals that didn’t have
scientific blood work or anything like that. A diagnosis to gluten allergies,
still experienced a lot of symptoms like the diarrhea, fatigue, abdominal pain when
they consumed gluten. So in other words, you don’t have to have
a medical condition like celiac disease to have problems with gluten. It’s really
something that can affect everyone, and is actually giving a lot of people trouble.
And a lot of people are probably having some digestive or other problems which are
rampant right now, and don’t know that gluten is the root cause of it. It’s all
about looking at the root cause of your problems.
So how does, exactly, gluten affect your body? What’s going on inside your body
when you consume gluten, what’s it doing, and why does it cause a reaction? There’s
a couple things to think about here. When you consume gluten and your body tries to
break it down, it actually ends up seeing. . .your body sees those proteins the
gliadin and the gluten proteins as irritants, as allergens, and attacks them.
So gluten sets off your immune system and that ends up causing a lot of problems,
especially a lot of intestinal inflammation.
Imagine it like this. Let’s say you’re inside a fireworks factory, and you take
one of those little bottle rockets or some fireworks, and you light a match, and you
throw it into a pile of fireworks. Well, the next thing you know, all the fireworks
start shooting everywhere in the factory. And it sets off every single firecracker
and missile, and eventually the place blows up. It just takes one little spark
to set off a chain of events, and the same thing happens in the body. We’re talking
about gluten. But same thing happens with multiple things in toxins, heavy metals,
and chemicals, and pesticides, and everything else inside the system.
Gluten is the same way when the body sees and feels that gluten is in there, it’s
just like a match lighting it up. And then, that match sets everything else off.
Not to mention the fact that all these chemicals and toxins. And that’s why I
say, “Health begins in the intestines, but disease also starts in the intestines.”
Though we’re talking about gluten. You have genetically modified foods. You have
acid foods. You have all of these other things that can cause leaky gut syndrome,
tiny holes in your intestinal lining, where these gluten and these protein
molecules can also not only do damage to the intestine, but leak through into the
bloodstream. Because the small intestines are lined with delicate tissue cells
called villi. When you magnify these little villi, they look like tiny little
hairs along your intestinal lining. And the villi, this layer of tissue, is where
we absorb nutrients from our food. And this is also what protects the intestinal
wall from toxins. But the gluten proteins can get tangled up in this villi, and when
your immune system goes off it attacks the gluten. But the bad thing is not only does
your immune system attack the gluten, it also attacks your own intestinal villi.
And this is where all the inflammation, and the distress or the disease starts.
So not just the painful side effects, but also it can affect the absorption of
vitamins and minerals. And that’s why lot of people are deficient in vitamins and
minerals and nutrients. Because a lot of the vitamins and minerals and nutrients
people eat are in conjunction with breads or pastas or anything like that, that
contain gluten. As a matter of fact, there’s been
countless studies done that have found gluten consumption can lead to inadequate
nutrition absorption. So when you combine malnourishment with intestinal
inflammation, it’s easy to see how this can turn into a severe downward spiraling
situation. If your body isn’t getting the nutrition
it needs to function the way it should, you can experience some significant health
problems. And it doesn’t take long before nutritional deficiency leads to more
serious issues like anemia, depression, fatigue, body aches, even hair loss and
with children stunted growth. Not to mention that the reactions to gluten have
been known to cause more than just intestinal distress, even linked to hives,
breathing difficulties, stuff like hormone imbalances, brain fog. I’ve looked at
practically every symptom not believing myself that gluten could be so damaging in
the body. And found gluten to be associated with practically every negative
health symptom that can arise. Brain fog, fatigue, depression, migraines. You might
have migraine headaches or know somebody that has migraine headaches. And of course
we link artificial sweeteners, aspartame, and stuff like that, food dyes.
You know there’s a lot of things you can link to migraine headaches, but gluten is
one of those things that you can link to migraine headaches.
Indigestion. Think about all the people that run out and take Tums or some sort of
calcium products for indigestion when it could just be a gluten sensitivity.
People are living every single day with these annoying daily symptoms, simply
because they haven’t connected the problems associated with gluten. And think
about how many people go to the doctor for this whole slew of symptoms. And then get
on medications to treat all these symptoms, when that’s not the root cause
of the problem. The root cause of the problem is something
irritating or coming into the body from the food that you’re eating, the air that
you’re breathing, all the chemicals that you’re exposed to. And it’s really sad
that people are out there being diagnosed with all these conditions, when it could
just be gluten sensitivity or it’s really just more less toxic syndrome. Your body
is toxic to something that you’re putting in, and gluten is just one of those things
that the body is toxic to. So it definitely shouldn’t be ignored. And if
you’re especially sensitive or if you have celiac disease, you obviously know that
you can’t ignore gluten sensitivities. One thing that I learned in doing research
with gluten is the effect it has on your brain and nervous system. And this is
something that’s even been known to cause severe headaches, and like I was saying
migraines. Again, like everything else it’s a problem that stems from the immune
response starting in the digestive tract. That put your nervous system on edge and
you can have mental illness or mental symptoms because of it.
Even seizures, blood clots which can lead to stroke. Lesions similar to those that
are seen in Lou Gehrig’s disease there’s even been links to ALS with gluten
consumption. All of these have been connected to gluten. Early-onset
cardiovascular disease, plaquing in the arteries, weight gain, obesity, bone loss,
osteoporosis, hearing problems, rashes on the skin.
Let me just say, anytime you have a skin problem most likely it’s a bowel problem.
Your bowel is your skin turned inside out. So if you have any type of skin problems,
I highly suggest getting and cleaning up your digestive tract. Gluten has even been
associated with permanent brain damage, it’s been linked to all of that.
So if you look at nature, nature will tell us not to eat gluten. Because in nature,
in the wild, it’s not uncommon for plants to have defense mechanisms that discourage
animals from eating them. More often than not, these defense mechanisms produce an
immune response, or do something to disrupt the animal’s digestion. If you eat
it you get sick. It’s a really clear message the plant sends to the animal or
us. Go eat something else. And gluten is sending us that message.
One of the most disruptive ways it’s sending us that message loud and clear is
by affecting our mood. And that’s a big surprise to a lot of people. A lot of
people don’t know that gluten can have a huge impact on how you feel and your
happiness. Can gluten be addictive? This is another
thing that just shocked me when I when I was looking into the research. Gluten can
actually form opioid type substances called gluteomorphins.
And those can have the same opiate like effects like opium that results in
sedation, making you feel euphoric. How many times do you eat bread or pasta
and just feel good? It can also cause constipation. So guess what? That was
actually proven in scientific studies and that’s why every single thing in the
grocery store. That’s why you should shop on either end of the grocery store, where
all the live stuff is. Because everything in the middle of the grocery store, the
99% of it contain some form of gluten or wheat. Because they want you to be
addicted to the food. And gluten is one of the most addictive substances out there.
That if give you get off of gluten for awhile you’re going to be going through
withdrawals for bread, and pasta, and crackers, or chips, or whatever it is that
you’re addicted to with gluten. Because it’s like opium, they have gluteomorphins
in there. That’s why lot of people put gluten substances in their food, so you
keep coming back to it and wanting more and more and more. And all the fast food
restaurants they want you coming back for more and more. And that’s why all
restaurants cook with a lot of gluten. So if you’re feeling depressed, mentally
fatigued, you have mood swings, a foggy brain. Never ending case like the blah,
blah, blah’s. You probably need to take a look at a few of the things in your life,
and the first one is the diet. So you have to ask yourself, “Are you consuming
gluten?” And if you are, you should definitely stop, especially feeding your
kids gluten. One of the ways that gluten affects your
mind, not only because of the opiate, but it also affects the tryptophan levels in
your brain. And tryptophan is an amino acid that’s
absolutely crucial for the production of serotonin and melatonin two of the
neurotransmitters that affect your mood and how you feel.
So this is the stuff to think about when you’re deciding what food to feed your
family and yourself, because some of these more serious neurological problems have
been known to affect kids in particular. And when you look at what’s happening with
the children these days, with the vaccinations, and the moodiness, and the
irritability, and the ADD, ADHD, the poor attention span, the autism, lack of focus.
The good news is that parents who are waking up that have actually seen how
gluten can cause these things to happen, have gotten their children off of gluten,
and even themselves gotten on a gluten free diet. And that a lot of times in
conjunction with body cleansing may prevent the child from being on
prescription medications. ADD, ADHD medications, depression medications,
anxiety medications, any of the so-called mental illness medications.
One thing that definitely does not get enough attention is the effect gluten can
have on your thyroid as well and your hormones. The connection between nutrition
and thyroid health has been circulating for years, but it’s actually overlooked,
of course. Well, right now this country is in the midst an endocrine disrupting
epidemic. How many people do you know that have thyroid conditions? Practically
everybody. And endocrine disrupting chemicals, I mean actually, believe it or
not your gut is an endocrine gland. And endocrine glands for those people who
don’t know, are glands that secrete hormones. And so, I pretty much feel that
everybody out there has some sort of hormone imbalance. And it’s not just me,
it’s multiple doctors out there that are confirming this, and it’s something that
we can’t ignore any longer. And to understand how gluten affects the
thyroid, you need to remember what I mentioned earlier is that, it’s a protein
formed of other proteins. And gliadin is what produces the inflammation and the
problems. But one of the interesting traits of gliadin is that, to your body
gliadin looks very similar to transglutaminase, which is an enzyme that
the human body needs to form chemical bonds. Transglutaminase and the thyroid is
highly concentrated with this enzyme. So when the immune system attacks gliadin
the antibodies also attack the thyroid because it’s very similar, and that causes
big problems in the thyroid gland. And as we know, your thyroid influences your
energy levels, your metabolism, your hormones, a lot of important processes,
even your cardiovascular system. If your hormones are off balance, you’re
going to be off balance, that’s just the way it goes. So bottom line, if you have
thyroid problems, and don’t follow a gluten free diet you need to consider
gluten intolerance as a possible cause. Also, every single person out there with
thyroid condition, I also recommend watching my iodine webinar to learn more
about why I feel iodine is necessary for every single person in the world.
And normally I don’t think that minerals and vitamins, every single person in the
world needs this one. But with the research we’ve done we found how important
iodine actually is, a good detoxified iodine.
So when you consider gluten, it becomes likely that gluten is contributing to many
common health problems in a more significant way than we’re just starting
to understand. From a dietary perspective gluten is a
recent entry into the human diet, believe it or not. It’s not surprising that our
body is going to have a hard time with gluten. Our digestive system wasn’t
designed to digest gluten, and hasn’t adapted to gluten. That’s one of the
things that our digestive system just can’t really adapt to.
So let’s talk about how to go gluten free, and let’s talk about some of the gluten
free things that people can do. A lot of people out there have done it on their own
and it can be life changing. Because you are addressing the root cause of your
problems, not addressing the symptoms. And it really is the best solution. And even
though studies have shown the symptoms of gluten sensitivity can disappear on a
gluten free diet, you don’t have to be sensitive to gluten to be better off going
gluten free. As a matter of fact, one study found that
people who experienced the negative effects of gluten but didn’t have celiac
disease, still had an improvement in their symptoms when they switched to a gluten
free diet. We’re starting to see that all over right now. We talk to people every
single day to switch to a gluten free lifestyle, either by choice or either by
need and every single one reports incredible improvement in their health.
So successfully following a gluten free diet is all about knowing what to eat,
what to avoid, and what to watch out for. Obviously most breads, cakes, pastas,
cereal that kind of stuff you want to avoid.
And I’m sorry to disappoint people that like to drink beer out there, but believe
it or not beer contains gluten. So you want to avoid beer. Now, the good news is
I don’t condone drinking alcohol because alcohol in itself as an endocrine
disrupting chemical. But the good news for beer drinkers that don’t want to get off
is there are gluten free beers on the market now. So you might want to consider,
and you can get those, from what I hear, at any supermarket now, especially
the natural organic stores that carry gluten free beers. Or you might want to
consider changing over to that. You also want to keep your eye out for
barley, rye, triticale which is a cross of rye and wheat. Also products like bulgur,
durum flour, farina, graham flour, kamut, semolina, and spelt. All of those are
things to avoid. Just know that a gluten free lifestyle
requires you to pay attention. It’s really good when you do things like this because
you actually start paying more attention to what goes in your body, which is what
every single person should do. Wheat of course is one of the most
consumed grains in the world, and its diversity into the food market makes it
really hard to avoid. But on the flip side gluten free has become such a buzzword
now, that food producers have taken notice and started using it in many of the foods
that contained gluten in the past. So, you can also look for gluten free.
Usually the symbol is a little circle with a GF inside of it, that’s what it’s going
to symbolize. More labels are starring put a gluten-free on there.
If you’re into preparing your own food, which I highly recommend you start doing,
there are alternative gluten free grains that provide better nutrition than wheat,
and do it without all the problems. So some of the alternative grains or some
of the things you can replace or make your own bread with or pasta are buckwheat,
amaranth, teff, kaniwa, millet, quinoa. Quinoa is one that’s gotten really popular
in the gluten free society, I’ve even seen it at a few restaurants now. It’s usually
grown in Peru and can be used in a lot of different ways, it’s got a little bit of a
nutty flavor to it. It’s great stuff, so give it a try.
Quinoa and all the alternative grains not only are they gluten free, but most are
also really good sources of protein and amino acids. They’re high in fiber,
antioxidants, and have a really good nutritional profile in terms of vitamins
and minerals. So a bonus is that because alternative
grains are more nutritious, more nutrient dense. A lot of times they’re more
satisfying to your appetite. And that’s why a lot of people eat breads and those
filling things, just because it satisfies. In fact, some of these alternative grains
are far more nutritious than white bread, which actually isn’t very appetite
satisfying food at all. Those can help you consume less and
implement better portions into your eating habits. The thing is when we look at
cultures that had consumed alternative sources to wheat.
But somewhere made to switch to white rice or white flour every single time. That
dietary switch has followed by significant increases in diabetes, cardiovascular
diseases, bowel diseases and accumulation of other diseases. So eliminating wheat
from your diet. Trying the gluten free alternatives instead. Those can be
prepared in different ways. Some you can roast. Some you can cook like rice. They
can be paired with a lot of different flavors, vegetables, nuts, even fruit, you
name it. Plenty of good information out there
online. Gluten free cookbooks. Gluten free alternatives. Although I highly recommend
you do everything certified organic. Even if you like to bake there’s still a lot of
alternatives available in flour form, almond flour, coconut flour. Those are
some of the ones I like to use. And a gluten free diet can be a good
thing, but if it’s not balanced and nutritional on its own that might be a
problem. And a lot of times when people first try to avoid gluten they can
experience minor nutritional deficiencies. There’s been a lot of research into this
actually. And there’s one study from Columbia University that found alternative
gluten foods, especially quinoa are excellent for bridging the gap between
nutritional intake and nutritional requirements.
So again, when you try some of these alternative sources to gluten, not only
are you getting gluten out of your diet, but you’re also consuming some really
nutritious foods. Avoiding gluten is just one of the things
we need to do as part of a comprehensive approach to supporting our health.
When you’re getting gluten out of your diet and repairing your internal gut
environment, one thing you can do is add probiotics into the mix. It’s all about
starting with repairing the gut. Beneficial probiotic bacteria have
produced great success in reducing a number of digestive problems. Probiotics
are helpful for improving the resilience of intestinal tissue, lessening the way
the immune system attacks it, repairing it. Some probiotics are known to be really
helpful with the problems of gluten as well. I highly recommend doing an oxygen
based intestinal cleanse every now and then. Using an oxygen intestinal cleanser
on a regular basis, maybe couple times a week. Using probiotics. You can eat some
probiotic rich raw foods, kefir. Kombucha tea is high in probiotics and as well high
in minerals, and nutrients, and supplemnts and enzymes.
Speaking of enzymes, you can actually supplement with enzymes if you’re having a
difficult time digesting your food. And there’s a lot of digestive and systemic
blends of enzyme formulas out there. However let me just say this, most of the
probiotic supplements out there and the enzyme supplements are in a maltodextrin
base. So make sure you check with the company that produces them. And make sure
that maltodextrin base that they’re in, silicon dioxide, is GMO free and does not
contain gluten. Our enzyme formula, the veganzyme, does not contain any
maltodextrin, it’s in a certified organic gum acacia base.
So something anyone can do to help reset their digestive system is to go through
those cleanses, take some digestive enzymes, eat more raw food.
And if you want to do a full body cleanse, it’s what I recommend everybody do every
year. You can always check out the nine step body cleanse program on our website.
It can really produce dramatic results. That’s at globalhealingcenter.com.
Also, I’d really like to hear from people out there whose bodies don’t tolerate
gluten. Pay attention to your body. Have you given up gluten entirely? How did you
do it? Did you slip up from time to time? What tips and best advice can you share
with people out there? So please leave a comment on this video, it’s great to get
that community together. This is how we learn and this is how we
help everybody out. It’s great feedback that people can take. So please leave your
comment. Please leave us your experience. Please leave anything on. Any additional
things or tips or facts on gluten that you want to share that I didn’t cover this
video. And thanks for watching. I always appreciate everybody watching these
videos. Sometimes I can’t cover every little minute detail, and that’s why we
really value your comments. If you want more information on healthy
living be sure to subscribe to our channel here on YouTube, like us on Facebook, and
visit our website globalhealingcenter.com. Live healthy.
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    Types of specific foods intake can trigger specific health problems!

    Well research and said!

  5. I watched the son of a friend of mine grow up. He hated most of the food served to him. His main diet was SpaghettiOs. (I found out later that his tongue was chock full of taste buds.) He grew up on SpaghettiOs, His name is Dylan.

    Dylan never stopped growing. He is over 6ft 4in and is still growing. Bean Pole is a good descriptor for Dylan's body type.

    He was given ADHD meds in high school, but he was tall before then.

    So, I classified Dylan as an enigma. (Then, I now wonder about the research done on Lectin where Polyphenols ameliorate the effect of eating glutin rich foods containing a ton of Lectin.)

  6. Hi Dr Good it seems like there are many different cleansers we need to take so my question is how can we make sure we don't get toxic overload by taking so many different supplements?

  7. if need ''glutin-free' may not be WHEAT ALLERGY [unless diagnosed with Celiac disease] but FLOUR ALLERGY. stop eating any kind of ''flour'' eat whole grain complete such as wheat berry or rice. replace beans with legumes

    FOOD COMBINING=protein + vegies + good fats, 3 veg to 1 protein ratio
    OR grains + vegies +good fat [ratio 3 vegie to 1 carb to 1 fat].
    NEVER MIX meat n carbs.
    1 oz. animal protein a day [small hand full] for B-12,
    eat FRUIT ONLY ON EMPTY STOMACH as it is digested in INTESTINES not stomach
    make TOTAL FOOD RATIO 80% fruits/vegies to 10% animal protien to 10% fat
    never drink fruit or vegie juices except lime lemon grapefruit + applecider vinigar with BAKING SODA. do not drink water while eating, broth only.
    make sure there is to eat some raw vegie with EVERY MEAL for enzymes

    REPLACE 8 glasses of water per day with
    1 glass pure water + 3 glasses vegie broths or herbal teas + 1 glass citris juice + ACV + baking soda and 80% water filled foods. eat LESS '''water absorbing'' food like flour, carbs n sugar

    NO REFINED SUGARS [no agave] only raw honey or pure maple syrup tree sap [add pinch of salt] only use PINK OR BROWN SALT all white salt'is POISON
    add to diet
    SUPER BLUE GREEN ALGAE from volcanic water of Klamath Lake,
    SHILAJAT for collegin
    DIATINACEOUS EARTH for silica,
    BORAX for boron,
    KELP PWDER for iodine
    COD LIVER OIL essential fat for infections,
    BEE POLLEN, CHOCOLATE CAPSULES, micro dose PSILOCYBAN MUSHROOMS for deppression/anxiety. get away from pharmaceuticals n ''suppliments' n vitamins.

    for ''diseases''
    boiled white willow bark water or vinigar replaces ASPIRIN. tastes good! add to ACV/baking soda=home made ''alka-selzer''
    INFLAMATION only 1 cap tumeric per day [too much can thin blood too much]
    HORMONE REPLACEMENT boil wild yam black cohosh in boron water [1tsp to 1 quart]
    also boil COFFEE +GENSING + FOTI + CINNAMON Top off with coconut water n cream
    KIDNEY HEALTH ginger. tea of red clover, hibiscus uva ursi ratio 2:2:1
    ADRENALS women=white ginseng men=red gensing
    SUGAR ADDICTION chocolate + cinnamon caps, coconut mana + banana
    FEVEERS hot yarrow tea + dress in wool sweater wool hat wool sox n sweat til soaking wet. change to dry clothes. repeat til fever gone
    BROKEN BONES, BROKEN SKIN WOUNDS comfry root capsules + strong stinging nettle boiled in water
    CRACK/COCAINE/METH ADICTION ganja balls=green butter, honey, coconut oil tahini raw nuts [blanched almonds no skin] SBGA flaked coconut + coconut manna

    FOR MORE email me!!!!

  8. Thank you so much for making this video. My daughter is 5 and was just diagnosed with celiac disease on July 21st. As her mom, her diet is 100% in my hands and I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. People think I'm making a big deal out of nothing or just trying to put her on a fad diet. Your video's are so insightful!

  9. hope i have spellcheck if not i hope my questchin gets throoo .hmmm ok… ? we as a speesese ?have ben consooming glooten …. since we have bin a speesese ? one would usoom ? we would have bilt up an… amoon sistom bynow …right ?

  10. I wasn’t shocked to hear that gluten is addictive. I felt it, because I am having a hard time getting my mind off of it. I have not checked with a GI doctor, because A friend of mine who suffers when eating gluten have been tested for gluten, and was confirmed that she is not gluten intolerant. I am gluten intolerant, because when I eat bread I break out with a rash, that itches so bad, especially on my hands and arms, and my knees. I am on a journey to cleanse my body.

  11. is there a correlation between Celiac and Myelofibrosis causes and symptoms? After more than 7 years of being treated as a Myelofibrosis patient,  only few days ago I started reading for 1st time about Celiac.  Despite I had complained  to many doctors for All the same typical Celiac symptoms severly, no one of the Doctors and professors thought of CELIAC ! even all symptoms I suffered from are the same identical and typical ones listed under Celiac disease.

  12. All my friends call me a health nut. But, this is actually my first time looking up something about gluten. Of course, I've heard of it…it's everywhere , but I really had NO idea of the effects it has on people. This was a very interesting eye-opener for me!
    However, I wonder why there was no mention to gluten being found in meats. Aren't cattle, pigs, chickens, and others fed grain? I can't imagine the meat industry going through the trouble or EXPENSE of feeding their live stock only gluten-free grain! Doesn't that gluten get passed on to the humans who eat them?

  13. Several years ago I began to experience stomach/intestine problems. I suspected gluten but I limited gluten products and only ate organic wheat.

    Then I notice I was not digesting food right and I looked 6 months pregnant. I decided to go gluten free in Feb 2017. I ate gluten in Dec . OmG the pain , I just got tested for Celiac Disease .

    Either way if the results are + or – I’m not eating gluten .

  14. I bought B12 methylcobalamin with no Adenosol. One of the ingredient is sweetener(xylitol). I researched and discovered that this is a natural sweetener and not artificial. I this OK?. I ask because I do not take artificial sweeteners.

  15. I went gluten free, as well as dairy and sugar free three and a half weeks ago. my life has changed. My 18 years of Depression has lifted and I feel like myself again. It only took 6 days to feel the effects! I am so thankful that I've come across this information and hope that we can start a revolution so that words gets out to the whole world and everyone can start healing naturally, the way our bodies are begging us to heal.

  16. I know this video is 2 years old and I don’t know if you will see this but I just saw it. I have been suffering for years now more severely in the last couple of years. I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and vitamin deficiencies, I also have severe chronic constipation. More recently my face and eyes get puffy and my eyes get super red and painful. My doctors said it was my dairy allergy causing it. But as a test I gave up all forms of gluten and got better recently I added it ack to my diet. It took one day to have all the symptoms back. I have people who want me to get checked for celiac but I don’t want to eat gluten to get checked because I get so sick so fast. Do you think it’s important for everyone to get checked or is remaining gluten free ok.

  17. Yup! This is so helpful. For my "adult onset food allergies" (or food intolerance) gluten appears as a primary culprit. It is in about everything and so hard to restrict. In other words, you 'may be intolerant to eating.' Eating corn and rice products has helped. Also, look into the natural supplement QUERCETIN. Cheers!

  18. WHEAT is supposed to be food. When compared to modern wheat seed, the wheat seed from ancient archeological dig sites does not resemble the structure of today's wheat. What happened? In the twentieth century, a quest began to make wheat seed hardier to drought and disease, easier to grow, have a better flavor and be easier to use in cooking. Thanks to laboratory cross breeding and creation of hybrid seed, the cellular structure of wheat seed has now become so different than its distant ancient predecessor, that it has become harmful to our digestive system.

  19. You really need to see Dr. William Davis… he argue that all grains contain some kind of gluten.

  20. My life has been dramatically changed recently by inadvertently removing gluten from my diet.
    I no longer have inflammatory arthritis, fibromyalgia, or restless leg syndrome.
    I’m feeling fantastic!
    My Rheumatologist was prescribing more and more immunosuppressants, neurontin, and anti inflammatory medication.
    I went on a liquid meal replacement 2 weeks prior to Bariatric surgery and post-op discovered a new energy and no joint pain
    I’m still on the New Direction meal replacement shakes and starting to introduce foods into my diet. It will be easy to follow the gluten free diet because I never want to go back to the daily joint pain and stiffness I had been suffering. Thank you for your webinar.

  21. I was feeling dizzy and had stomach issues for three years and the first thing I did is to rule out any medical condition: Blood work, and MRI with my primary doctor. My results were negative to everything. So now I been gluten free for a week. I keep a food diary. I am feeling less tired. I have hope that I will continue to feel better with a gluten free and dairy free meals.

  22. I was finally diagnosed with Gluten sensitivity last May. I have had a rash over most of my body, that itched 24/7, for a couple of years thinking it was just a skin problem. Since I have been off Gluten the rash has gone away and I have lost 70 lbs. My energy is better and my state of mind is better, but I still get caught every once in a while and the rash comes back even though I am on 100 mg a day of a drug called Dapsone. Even though going Gluten Free is a pain in the butt, it is worth it just to not have the rash. The cross contamination is what gets me because I can not tell if everybody really believes in the Gluten free and do not take it serious and they just think it is just a fade and they think you are just over dramatic.

  23. Just realize I'm gluten intolerant have a lot to learn feeling a little bit better think I could be better there's so much information out there most of it I don't understand do you have a book or a chart cuz you put out a lot of information and I need a chart to follow thank you so much Lucy Davis

  24. Is there every a point of healing the gut that you no longer are having issues with gluten?

  25. i noticed others in the celiac community call it 'not an allergy, but an autoimmune condition". How do you distinguish them from one another. Is Celiac 'autoimmune' because it attacks thyroid protein, and villa?

  26. Exactly that what happen to me when I eat. One Dr said I am gluten sensitive one said I don't have a problem and I ended up with type1 debetic.

  27. If I had seen this video a month ago I would have thought you were crazy but 3 weeks ago my new Dr told me to avoid gluten and since then I've felt fantastic. I'm not depressed anymore and I feel more energetic.

  28. Thank you Thank you so much,I've had this 50 yrs , you are so right.The Keto diet work good for me if gluten free,Dr told me he thought i was born with it.

  29. There aren't many authentic organic food stores in North America, while in India has become more consistent in practising organic produce, locally sourced, there are states which is totally into organic produce.

  30. I can't tell if its gluten or the sugars that are in every gluten product that give me a hard time? Maybe its both… I feel like many of the gluten free alternatives are just as bad for me as the real thing so I stay away from them as well as gluten. I cut out gluten and felt a whole lot better, but still not 100%. So i got on the paleo/primal diet which cleared up some but not all of my symptoms. I am in the process of kicking it up a notch again to a paleo/primal very strict ketogenic diet and I'm seeing even more of my gluten-like symptoms disappear. Currently I'm feeling the best I have felt in probably 5 years. But still not 100%. Going to keep on paleo-keto and ditch the dairy which may have been the best I felt ever. Its very hard for me, but last time I did this the weight melted off and I was feeling amazing… almost like a kid again… actually better I think! The key for me is eventually weaning myself off gluten and sugars altogether.

  31. I'd like to look into providing a Spanish translation of this video. I am starting a 45-day health challenge in my Spanish speaking base social media. This challenge is starting on NOv 1st.2018. Perhaps I can interview you? I'd do the tranlsation into Spanish. I am a belieer in gluten free myself, but having my challenges with it.

  32. You forgot to mention that what most people call wheat is a hybrid form or ancient grains made from einkorn and emmer

  33. My legs were aching when i walk. I stopped eating wheat products and now the aching has gone away when i walk. Pretty amazing.

  34. Very good very informative. Thank you very much for taking the time out to inform people and not trying to sell them something at the same time. We need more good people like yourself.

  35. How would you suggest to clean digestive system – if its cut gluten out would that be enough? or is there some special cleanse you can suggest? – i am asking about skin conditions. HELP

  36. Long story short- I am hypothyroid and later found out Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I went gluten free on a hunch that was the cause of some problems! I couldn’t afford the testing so I researched and started to do it. After just six months I lost 25lbs for the first time in 16 years!!! My medication level decreased! Now I’m learning more. I changed my dairy to grass fed products. It’s like my body is starting to weed out the toxins somewhat similar to how I learned years ago about the research done with Homeopathic medicine where my body is going through stages of healing. Now I just watched your video on Iodine. I’m going to try to get off this Synthroid because I really do think it’s making me sicker!!! I asked my doctor about different forms of treatment and ways to treat this problem- her response- “just don’t worry about how to take take your medication just take it everyday!” I’m insulted and stunned that she thinks I’m an idiot!!!

  37. Thank you so much for your hard research and dedication to helping us to get well!!! I also joined your Newsletter and Facebook this morning.

  38. really depends on how far down the rd you are for me if I eat that crap now I end up in hospital apppposlutely ruined for months last attack 3 years ago ive gone from 8 stone to 12 stone lo I do have bone disease in my neck and lumber spine knees not good lo deppresion lowered 38 years of feeling very lo working on just staying calm and keep stress lo will just say gluten free for 10 years now my health still bad but glad I no now

  39. Less than one month with a gluten and eating vegetables, fruits and fat and I am full of energy. Since I was child I was with anemia and stomach flu and 12 years ago I started with fatigue, lupus, morning sick.
    I am a new person and I fell young!! Really impresive!! So happy and thanks for share this so value information. Gluten was killing me.

  40. Is spelt / farro / emmer better ? I feel much better if I consume these. If I eat bread it feels that I put a stone in my stomach. Iam not alergic, but it feels that my digestion is blocked.

  41. Thank you, Dr. Group, for this video- just starting to learn about gluten and the effects thereof.  Many of the symptoms that you stated.  Will be incorporating the good and eliminating the culprits.  Excellent information.

  42. Going gluten, wheat, egg and dairy free has saved me! .. I was suffering from a hormonal balance, insomnia, migraines for 20 yrs, acne, digestive issues, leaky gut, bloating, distention, depression, mood swings, adrenal fatigue and a cortisol imbalance.. Once I found out I was intolerant to the foods above and cut them out my symptoms disappeared. People… Listen to your body! Go to a naturopath doctor!

  43. I feel the symptoms of gluten toxicity because I'm non celiac gluten sensitive and I have an a gluten allergy. I develop anaphylaxis (hives/tongue swells up) as well as stomach/bowel problems (severe diarrhea). I do not have celiac disease. I've been gluten free for 20 years and I'm much better than I was before. I'm more alert with better concentration. It's quite a challenge but I'd rather read every label than experience the problems from contamination or eating the wrong thing. I'd rather starve than eat gluten because I get super sick. Last time, I had to take a day off of work because some CoEnzyme Q vitamins had gluten in them but the label didn't reflect it. I'm so happy that there are more food choice than there were 20 years ago and that more people are aware of the problem. It used to be that people just stared at you when you wouldn't eat gluten and any food event (such as at work or eating out with friends) became a coordination event or an embarrassing event.

    Dr. Group, I'm so happy you're just breaking it all down at once. It's taken me 20 years to acquire half the knowledge you've explained in your video. Wish you had done this 20 years ago:) Mega thanks and God bless!

  44. I have hypothyroidism. If i eat oat that is not gluten free, will a small amount of gluten present in the oat affect my health?

  45. so pretty much… most of what you have available to eat… will kill you 🙁
    It's so hard to eat right nowadays, it's not just a matter of choice, it's f** hard to eat right, because no good food are available.
    BUT your immune system will handle almost anything, it's just a matter of being at peace, not to be afraid constantly, just let your immune system work. Stress is worse than bad foods, and that's a fact you can research.

  46. I have been gluten free since 2008. I can help anyone who is new to being gluten free. My blood count at the beginning was 180 when I was tested the next year I was down to 11 and now I am less than 1. I never cheat; it is not worth it. I do mostly home cooked food with just a few prepared. It is hard to pick items when you begin gluten free diet if you don't want to experiment contact me I can't tell you the better tasting foods to buy.

  47. I just recently found out that I cannot consume gluten I thought my body was disagreeing with everything I had eaten but it was only gluten now that I found out I have taken many steps to try to stop eating food and it's hard but it's doable

  48. Sugar escapes me when I visit the bathroom and I smell it to If I accidentally have gluten but yes Im celiac and t-1 diabetic too. I do get really high blood sugar when I have gluten.

  49. I'm gluten free for about 3 weeks.
    Still miss bread and started to eat meat.
    But after real inconvenient problems after eating gluten food and half a year prisoner of the toilet, I stopped from one second to the other.
    Today is the first day without being chained to the toilet. And the problems right after eating gluten in the solar plexus were gone from the very first meal.

  50. I have just became fascinated with gluten. (Not good for you) almost everything has gluten if you go to the store I hade a hard time searching for food but I figured it out it’s like a $1 for food but worth it.

    I do feel the same when I consume gluten I feel sluggish.

    I’m cautious about my health for a while I went to school for cosmetology but I also would love to go back for health.

    I eat no animals, or gluten now 🙂 I have lost -33 lbs!

  51. I experience bad acid reflux, burning of the throat etc when I eat gluten, I was taking Nexium and several antacids and nothing would help! Until I went GF, after that I had zero issues. Every once in awhile I will eat something with gluten and I regret it because I feel like crap after or get the indigestion, this along with GERD is awful.

  52. Going gluten-free now for the last couple of weeks because of it attacking my thyroid thank you for the video it sure does help.. sad but the doctors could nt find anything wrong until my thyroid blew up a couple of inches oh my neck… Everything points to it being the fault

  53. Thank you so much for this video. This is honestly so eye opening. And I'm happy to say I'm quitting gluten asap.

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