Hello friends how are you? Our topic today: Constipation, causes, consequences, what to do? Welcome to my channel Ana CONTIGO Uncomfortable problem suffered by millions of people that consists of a difficulty in the intestinal mobility, in the motility of the intestine with multiple origins and causes that can range from the conformation of our intestine, for what we eat, for our emotions and habits and even for some conditions of health or diseases. When we talk about constipation, there are several causes that can cause it and they may be temporary or chronic: if for example we are not at home you can stand it; this affects because it is occurring dehydration of stools, which leads to greater difficulty in mobilizing that fecal matter, very typical when we go on a trip or when we do not have a fixed schedule to go to the bathroom in our house and for example make us want to go when we are at work and we are inhibited. In general terms, feces reach almost liquids to the large intestine that among its functions has three that are fundamental in relation to the feces, dehydrate them, transport them and excrete them but if we do not evacuate they stagnate, they continue to dehydrate and the process becomes difficult. Stools should normally be in the left colon, ready to be evacuated and the right colon should be empty because the stool should move towards the colon left; in cases of constipation and when not evacuated they begin to accumulate and they fill the transverse colon and then the ascending colon. Disorder at meals and eating what is in the moment and at the moment when one can and therefore can be anything can generate a lack of control in the device digestive and in the intestinal habit. Lack of fiber in food: fiber is like a broom that helps sweep what is left in the intestine, makes the bowel movements are progressive and ordered. A lot of calcium; If you consume a lot of cheese, butter, cream, even fish like sardines; can interfere with peristaltic movements because they slow down, slow down intestinal transit; It’s not that calcium is bad, it’s good, however, if we abuse of these products and we have predisposition to a slow transit we can suffer constipation. Calcium deficiency, especially in blood, can also be a cause because calcium it helps the muscles and the intestine move. Anemia due to lack of iron. Drinking little liquid: because the feces need to be hydrated to improve their transit through the intestine. The stress that can cause an alternation where there are episodes of slowness and acceleration, is what is called functional digestive disorder of the colon, irritable bowel . Certain conditions such as: there is people who despite drinking a lot of water are constipated and this may be because they have bad intestinal motility or because they have a very large colon; it can also happen in pregnancy because the baby compresses and interferes with traffic; menopause is another of the causes by the hormonal change that takes place in this stage and that affects the movements intestinal Diabetes because it affects the blood vessels and the nerves that are the driving force so that the intestines move Hypothyroidism as it slows down all the metabolism including digestion and intestines. Constipation, beyond the discomfort it generates, can have important consequences if it is not resolved: Hemorrhoids, which are normal but if Stools are very hard scrape and make them come out and bleed; prolapse by pushing that can produce that the rectum falls a little; diverticulitis because not leaving the gases that do not have escape, the colon is distended and can come out as a kind of tits that can also cause peritonitis if there is perforation of a diverticulum for example. And what can we do to overcome constipation? In general terms we must modify the habits of behavior, provide an intake of foods that cause motility, avoid some foods that on the contrary inhibit that motility; perform exercise that will produce that will irrigate better the body, it is not the same a person who walks to another who spends his day sitting and who therefore, it may have decreased motility. In the topic of the intake of our diet we can do several things: Drink enough water Consume soluble and insoluble fiber that improves intestinal transit and our bacterial flora which will promote better digestion, For example: raw salads, vegetables in general, including broccoli that in the part of the tree has soluble fiber but in the stem it has an insoluble type; the spinach and chard; celery or celery; seeds like chia and flaxseed soaked during the night so that they swell, they throw off a kind of super interesting slime that transit aid; legumes that have a husk that comes out just as it enters the same as whole grains that retain their wrapping or shell; the bran you can add to your juices, coffee with milk, arepas, breads, soups, dressings, salads, excellent results; the sweet potato or sweet potato conserving the shell that is wonderful; plums raisins; whole oats better in the mornings because it has a soluble, soaked fiber that works wonders on the intestine; fruits like kiwi and orange; the probiotics that improve the bacterial flora, lactobacilus and bifidus, kefir; the plantago which is a excellent fiber that you can buy in stores. It is important that you adequately balance the amount of fluids with the fibers and that if there is a deficiency in hydration, the opposite effect can occur We are looking for. It is also important to know that not all people are equal and we can react differently from fibers, in some cases they can produce a lot of gases or exaggerated you can suffer from rather liquid bowel movements and it is not convenient, you must go little by little getting used to your organism to be tolerating, knowing that the gases are normal in the digestive process only that some people produce less and others more. As for the least recommended foods are the most difficult red meats of digest, chocolate, cheeses and dairy products that we mentioned before. Important not to laxatives since they can help you at the moment but they do not give you any solution to the problem, the important thing is to modify the variables that may be producing you constipation with which we will be giving the real treatment to find a solution natural and healthy to the problem. If you notice that your bowel movements come with blood or with a lot of abdominal pain you should consult To the doctor without any doubt or shame, evacuation is an absolutely natural and healthy act; get used to to observe how your stools are, their frequency, consistency, how they smell and what color they have because these are important clues so that the doctor can guide the strategies correct and effective treatment if with all these natural tips and of changes in your habits you have not found the solution to your constipation problem; do not let it pass, remember the consequences that can be very serious if it is not normalized, We are talking about hemorrhoids, diverticulitis and peritonitis, eye with all this. I hope these tips help you find the solution to your constipation problem and that you can be happier, a big hug and I’ll wait for you in the next video, ciao

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