Episode 27: Steve Taylor Had Stage 4 Liver Cancer and Treated it with Cannabis Oil

Episode 27: Steve Taylor Had Stage 4 Liver Cancer and Treated it with Cannabis Oil

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it is estimated by the World Health Organization a close to 800,000 people
worldwide will die of cancer each year and while both men and women can develop
liver cancer it most certainly affects men unfortunately liver cancer is often
deadly with 15% of those with the disease having a 5-year survival rate
one man who had liver cancer and successfully used cannabis to deal with
it is Steve Taylor who joins us from his home in Perth Australia Steve good to
talk to you good to be here and thank you yeah and you don’t have an
Australian accent because you were born in Australia but raised in Victoria
British Columbia do I have that right that’s correct I was I was born here but
as that child moved back to Canada where I grew up and I learned to speak
basically at the school Steve what were some of the symptoms you were
experiencing that led you to go to a doctor for me it was really just like a
pressing against the ribs and a continual upset stomach and that which
then led into lack of energy and anemic blood so I would bleed and not not cause
that well so I felt that I needed to get in and see a doctor but unfortunately I
didn’t have a lot of success in getting an early diagnosis because the doctors
were quite busy and were more intent on sort of looking at the current fad like
gluten intolerant um irritable bowel syndrome and such
it wasn’t until November that I got a cleared exam and the doctor actually
read my notes and she then sent me to hospital and came up with the official
hcc diagnosis no HCC is is exactly what it’s a nepto hepatocellular carcinoma
Noma thank you right yeah yeah that’s the most common form of liver cancer
from what I understand which makes up 75% of all liver cases how long were you
experiencing these symptoms before they finally diagnosed you with liver cancer
I would say close to a year close to a year what happened once you got your
diagnosis well as I said there was a series of sort of male doctors that were
quite busy and quite important so we fortunately I went in to see one night
in November because it was getting so bad I fell then needed to deal with it
and my doctor was ill and a female doctor was there she did it did the echo
test read the notes and immediately saw a need for scans and hospitalization so
she had me diagnosed within three days of the HCC and they really turned a
blind eye to the cirrhosis and the hepatitis we would like to ask them to
check so there was a you know a period of time there where there’s a lot of
frustration trying to get sorted out what was going on so besides the cancer
you had cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis as well that’s correct I
believe the the hepatitis came back because in in Canada I had a liver
biopsy for the cirrhosis but they said at that point was very serious and they
said basically write a will and but then not through
lots of cannabis and her lifestyle change and healthy diet you be she blood
tests came back in the liver specialist cleared me of all hepatitis I at that
point I was looking at a DNC and they all came back negative at that time as
well as the deliver had regenerative regrown and we regenerated so it was
sort of like a bit of a miracle labor we must explain this we don’t understand
they had a form called special cases must be explained at that point I would
just sort of walked out of the hospital on a cloud of air thinking that onion I
was saved and and did so for 20 years and till I stopped cannabis when I came
to Australia coz it was illegal Before we jump ahead you left Australia and
came to Canada and but before we get to that I want to ask you what did the
doctors tell you in Australia about your prognosis and the fact that you had
liver cancer did they indicate any possibility that you would be a
candidate for a liver transplant that was my biggest goal I as soon as I found
out about the HCC I pushed hard for the transplant but the at that point the
scan the MRI came back and it revealed several tumors one very large one and
according to the Mailand criteria which is an international criteria for
transplant I was just sort of outside the standard for for the transplant but
there was there was no hope I actually then immediately jumped on a plane went
to Canada to see if I could because I have health care in Canada and it wasn’t
able to get transplant there either because that was one of the big things
where I really pushed for shrinking those tumors and hitting it hard with
the protocol of CO so when you got that diagnosis what was the prognosis what
did they say to you based on me down and you must understand he will not let
three months and it’s our duty of care to make you understand you will not lift
three months and that was lied when was that bad yes that would have been about
Christmastime basically about early January would have been the meeting with
the specialists the oncologist so it’s been a little longer than three months
you know in almost a year so so I mean that’s a miracle in itself
because after about I then went hard on the protocol and then they reassessed
and said your blood just stabilized because at first they didn’t offer any
chemo they they said it would kill me I thought that was fairly um ethical of
them because they said look the chemo will kill you so you know here’s a
Baltimore and so we can help you and then after about four or five months
they’re like hey and you’re still around did more tests and at that point wanted
to offer me chemo at that point I decided that I was satisfied with the
way things were going and not to UM you know not to mess with a good thing which
was obviously showing results and that was the benefit that was killing the
cancer and keeping you alive see what goes through your mind when the doctors
tell you you’ve got three months to live oh this is the hardest one of the
hardest things for me is the whole trip to the doctors what books for my mind is
is a numbing it’s a almost a mocking of them because I think they’re foolish I
basically um my rule has been to take what they say and do the opposite and
it’s been working pretty well but that’s a dangerous game because they are very
intelligent so I use their information as a guideline but don’t don’t use their
chemicals or their conventional treatments my mind went numb I sort of
lost it and it was really a week before I recovered from that it was like I mean
to use the cliche of the death mask it was like that it was painted on and I
couldn’t get out of there as quick as possible I just wanted to run away and
deal with it myself or not but he was insistent that he had to go through this
part of the procedure which his duty of care but I fully understood and I had to
I had to admit to him that I understood that he was saying I would be dead in
three months but I also said to him I don’t believe
it I will be back I will be here for my Christmas card he laughed and said I
hope so well I’m on my way to pick it up here in a few days do you have medical
cannabis laws in Australia is it is it allowed there that time it was very
illegal and I was also sort of had many police clients and was working as
security managers for the state manager for the you know protecting the liquor
stores and so I had to be very careful as well they’ve been known here to come
into the home and and you know remove children and stuff so my wife and I have
firmly agreed that we would go zero tolerance in the home as at the
precaution now I’m things are just changing this month you know I sort of
remember back in April there are sort of rumors that maybe you know because I was
in touch with the Minister of Health and they’re going to put me on the first
trials and they said maybe 2017 but you know I’m thinking it was how am I going
to make it so then well here we are and the laws is finally starting to change
because of this great movement of people that won’t take milk and enter and have
to help themselves so you were looking for cannabis how did you know that
cannabis would be possibly helpful in your situation well I basically have
known all along I’ve always called it my medicine and yeah I was grower in Canada
for years and sort of surprises compassion Society and lived with a
many suffer from ms and use cannabis to aid in her treatment
I’ve always believed that their miracle properties in what we just don’t
understand but that can’t be denied and that there’s no substitute for nature
and also I had this living proof of the cirrhosis and the example of from 1995
so you decided you you were going to come to Canada tell us that story okay
well at that point I decided that I would come and do an intensive three
months protocol in Canada so I basically arrived back in in Victoria at this
point I’d been in touch with 4e as well and I knew after talking with Corey that
she was a lady that could basically give me more information more experience and
more insight into my journey than anybody I had spoken to her met with far
so I was very excited with trying to meet with her and learn more I just knew
that I had to continue in this journey so arrived in Canada loaded up and
basically consumed between three and three and four grams a day of high THC
and of a soil while you were at once gave you a top stage stage for were you
not stage four cancer liver cancer when you got here oh yes or no yeah though
you had nothing to lose but your life that’s correct yeah I would pass my due
date at that time well past your due date yeah and retired yet though still
on the show well I remember getting that instant
message from you saying let’s go for coffee and I’m like look I’m really busy
blah blah blah right and then then finding out that
you’ve come all the way from Ozzy and I thought oh okay let’s go I know I felt
so bad and I know you’re such a busy woman but that is a testimony to just
how beautiful you are and how beautiful the people are
that I’ve met in this journey everybody that’s involved in this movement are
just the best people on the planet they’re just so loving and so wonderful
it can’t be wrong when it feels so right just to use the feed in so see if you’re
3 to 4 grams a day you must have been pretty wasted not even buzzed
there is nothing but but yeah my tolerance was way up and you know like I
said that I have this some best friend of mine um who as far as I’m aware of
dogs aren’t from prosecuting but he my best friend hemp dog was able to cook
quite a few a couple of pounds plus some before and he did that to sort of build
up his tolerance oh I I should have followed and Doug example if you follow
my meaning when Todd was initially at the time I can’t believe you took that
much and it did it didn’t make you at least sleepy at times I would have a
good nap yeah good now are you sure it wasn’t a few days long I’m pretty sure I
was that much done so yeah there was a lot going on while I was there I was
more you my big focus was to be with my son spend time with him and he and he
was such a great strength in helping me through this in my number one Supporter
in cannabis and healing Steve on your Emmy story when you started taking the
year three to four grams a day was there a point where you kind of sensed
intuitively that you knew it was working absolutely absolutely I could totally
sort of feel all the time that thumb that I was moving towards wellness I
guess it would be the way to say it I just sort of would feel better I could
um you know my my brain would come back online my life um ascites would be down
like my appetite would be up you know I’d be driving I do
all sorts of things you know that or no lot weren’t really possibilities
beforehand what what you know we’re difficult so you’re here in Victorian
you’re slamming doctor three and four grams a day when when did you officially
get what’s the word I’m looking for confirmation that you were indeed headed
in the right direction um well I did get an ultrasound there um
while I was there and it came back saying only cirrhosis I remember that
she arose and I’m trying to remember the timeline no Steve wasn’t I want to say
five weeks was it five weeks on oil when you cleared this or was it more like two
months or no I’m going to say budget what yeah that’s what I thought
so from stage 4 liver counselor to count to three and five weeks that’s correct
that’s pretty admirable I’m saying today when you got the all-clear did you
celebrate I did and do it wasn’t one of my greatest moments I took my son
go-karting and being a bit of a competitor I ended up wiping out my
go-kart and braking quite a few ribs right over the liver so so that I mean
there’s a funny story there because you know they’ve given me three months to
live at that point that they gave me four months to heal so so that was a
good find in himself I jumped I joked to the doctor saying perhaps you know this
is the cure I just wait you know two and a half months break a few more ribs and
I get four more months John you know I didn’t think they really saw the humor
and what did the doctors here in Canada know that you had stage 4 liver cancer
when you when you got here um yes he did but he didn’t believe it I don’t think
so I think that might have been an issue that was it sugar and then there because
he seemed um quite skeptical because he knew me from my past when I was quite a
different person um when I am today did you tell him that you were taking
cannabis oil yes he actually signed the prescription on that for me very
supportive in that area so you lucked out you got a very good doctor yeah he’s
an interesting guy actually even years ago he had some patients and I was
really couple and contacted me and asked me to get him a bag of pot and that was
like 20 years ago a little doctor phoning me up so I mean like if I’ve got
broken ribs or you know if I’m bleeding out from the car X and I want to go see
a doctor you know but if I’ve got cancer I’m not
sure that they’re my number one ally because they do have sort of other I
don’t know about the GPS as much as the oncologist or and and I don’t want to
speculate on other people’s ethics or morals either but generally speaking if
there is some corruption that’s going on and and we need to sort of wade through
that we all to give ourselves a better chance I just think it’s hilarious that
you were cleared liver cancer in five to six weeks and then you went out and
broke your ribs in a coal carting accident what do we tell me I thought
maybe I thought maybe 11 later or something
well I’ve quit drinking now for um it’s been over a year anyway since the
diagnosis I just I put it away last Halloween Halloween 2015 and my father
passed away from prostate cancer in September 2015
so been dealing with a few issues this um not this year but the last year that
sort of contributed to a lot of things when you went back to Australia Steve
did you advise the doctors there that you were clear did you take your
paperwork with you I’ve saved all my paperwork yes and what did they say
basically they have done other MRIs and they’re still following the protocol
that I have liver dentists they say you still have liver cancer that’s correct
that doesn’t make sense though when the doctor in Canada say you’re
clear there’s no evidence of liver cancer and the doctors in Australia say
you do well that’s where sorry go ahead Courtney what are they basing this on
basically what happened and and this is um when I broke the Ridge there was some
internal bleeding going on mm-hmm go in and they had to do tests and then
they did the cap of the stomach fluid and they found traces there of cancer
cells in the stomach food so they recanted the ultrasound with the tests
of the stomach Road so they’re saying well we made a mistake you still got it
well it sounded to me like if you do that it’s something pretty minor if it
didn’t show up on your first test that you had here in Victoria what your see
whether sorry I was just going to say what’s your sense about it oh okay well
I was going to say my sense about it is this up basically there are very similar
symptoms of the cirrhosis and and the liver cancer so like you know the
everything that I’m experiencing now I’m directly attributing it to the cirrhosis
side offense because I’m sort of putting enter behind me saying like that one we
can we’ve dealt with now let’s focus on this one so I’m dealing with you know
diet and health and looking at the best way to try and give my liver a chance to
fight back again it’s an uncharacteristically small horribly
cirrhosis liver so that’s event that’s a challenge in
itself and it’s creating a lot of issues so that’s kind of my sin well it seems
to me what you’ve kind of called it all along and been pretty intuitive about
what’s going on within yourself I’d like to think so I think them and I don’t
know if it’s really me or more universal if there’s one not sure the right word
synchronicities it in an amazing journey where things I
mean just meeting you for example where things have just fallen into place and
it’s and it’s it’s beautiful to watch you know I’ve watched my life change you
know as I’ve watched you know I have a new understanding a newfound sense of
humility just all sorts of things I’ve been able to start this page in sort of
your honor quarry here in Australia and known a month we’ve grown to 3,000
members so that’s awesome Steve why don’t you tell people what they need to
type into the Facebook search bar particularly Aussie people and New
Zealand down that way the name of your page I have I have a page which is
through my facebook that’s called the hemp dog cancer coaching and I also have
a website we’re just getting up and running to sort of funnel off and keep
more organized so people can go in there and down you know we all have a blog and
11 library and files be much more organized than that www and healing calm
don’t forget to tell them ste that they can also donate to cannabis health radio
absolute a cup of coffee animal that I write absolutely and I think we’re going
to have to do that ourselves that’s great appreciate it
has similar has this given you me mister may sound like a dumb question but I’ve
never been in the position that you and Corey of being in has this given you a
new appreciation for life absolutely it’s a whole new appreciation for life
you see it on a whole new level and and with something like them being you know
the web page or helping others you have this new will to live and you can
focusing it and and all of these things have just sorted I believe so much I
believe that we need to be humble and once you admit that you can be wrong
then you can heal once you art you can grow and then one
you can grow you can heal on cigarettes do you know we interviewed a lady that I
helped Paula Joyal and she was talking about how she really
believes the key to healing cancers to heal with ends first to heal that
emotional self and let you heal the emotional self the physical self will
follow I think that that’s absolutely true thing becomes meaningful process
and and it’s a beautiful thing to see happen so Steve you are a different
person mentally today than you were say a year ago both mentally and physically
I’d like to think so I’m definitely trying I know at times I’m a grumpy old
bear and my wife can’t stand and you know I go through the mood like um what
you do but um generally speaking I have a greater understanding of what life
means and and how where my place and it is and also how it’s just just the
beginning it’s just just a wonderful part of this whole journey you know I
mean even death when it comes is an open door and we look through it see what are
the rules like in Australia with respect event I talked we talked a bit about
this at the beginning but with respect to cannabis legislation in Australia how
are things changing there I’m just this November they’ve just gone
decriminalized so the whole of the continent all of the states now we’re
the first continent in the world to decriminalize but like everything the
government sort of got is sort of hand in the cookie jar and trying to make
sure that they get all the good bits so it’s um when you say good but when you
say good bits they’re looking at ways to extract revenue from from this exactly
yeah they’re looking to change it to their bit you know I think one of the
things they’ve done is set up only two blowers in there seven roses
but we’ll get to apply down the road to be a growers but I mean in some ways
it’s just step in the right direction because you know they can’t come in and
legally arrest you or we’re using medicinal marijuana here anymore you
know and I have a prescription from an Australian doctor so legitimately and
legalistically I should be or at night you did gave the Augean do you have
dispensaries there medical cannabis dispensaries no it’s not something like
Canada where there’s a Starbucks on there to corner it there’s nothing here
nothing at all nothing oh it sounds like a good place to start
a business Wow absolutely I mean you know what it’s
like here and in the west coast of the United States
there’s dispensaries all over and I poured a record at Canada I mean some
you know they just blow Colorado away and stuff and make sense
steve is there anything you’d like to say in conclusion there’s probably a
thousands of things I wished I said and probably many more things that I said
that I shouldn’t have said I talk a lot in conclusion I just want to thank thank
you in and and and you Corey for giving me this opportunity to to
make my experience public to others and I hope that in sharing it that it might
be of some use to someone I think that the focus of where I’m at today is if
anything can be used to help somebody else goes to make their life a little
better or to educate them and then I feel vindicated and what I’ve done so
it’s very well any very well said Steve because you know thank you what Corey
and I are trying to do is help people understand
and the benefits of this plant we’re not suggesting it is a panacea for
everything but it is an alternative to some of the pharmaceutical drugs that
people are taking today and I guess probably chorong maybe you’d agree with
me that one of the big or the lack of understanding that people have is that
we have an endocannabinoid system within our bodies and we all produce cannabis
as many doctors have indicated including Dave Hepburn that we talked to on this
program and I think that’s something that people have to get their heads
around yet and that’s what we’re trying to do just help people have a better
understanding of the wonderful medical benefits of marijuana cannabis just
trying to educate people you know I’ve got my laptop open here Steve and I’m
looking at a picture of you and I’m flossing on the first time I met you and
the time that I met you when you had got the all clear and the difference even in
your physical appearance was just amazing this is funny how
psychologically makes such a big difference you know and that’s one of
the biggest things that cannabis probably did for me is give me that
extra push you know that that hope faith that conviction that cannabis kills
cancer and I’m going to beat this but and as you said II and just the
knowledge of the wonders of the endocannabinoids brain and its abilities
Cory how different was he before after the first time that I met Seif um he was
very thin God looking his abdomen was really
swollen with fluid he had a little bit to eat but he couldn’t eat much and I
think we visited for about an hour but by the end of that hour it was really
obvious that he was really uncomfortable when I met him after I got a all clear
he was able to eat his abdomen was a whole lot smaller than it was he had
more energy um he totally looked different you could spent the energy
coming off of him a full or and demeanor we’re different does sound like you
Steve I would like to think so I mean
definitely I can definitely relate to when you’re saying energy and aura that
was definitely something that animal escapee Steve wonderful to talk to you a
great of you to do this I realize it’s a nighttime here and it’s morning in
Australia we greatly appreciate it thank you very much
no worries and thank you thanks Steve and there you have it another episode of
cannabis health radio wherever you are in the world thanks very much for
listening and thank you all for your support you’ve been listening to the
cannabis house radio podcast visit our website cannabis health radio.com and
follow us on Facebook and Twitter you

8 Replies to “Episode 27: Steve Taylor Had Stage 4 Liver Cancer and Treated it with Cannabis Oil”

  1. unfortunatly: He was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in December 2015 and given just 3 months to live. He fought heroically using only medicinal marijuana and willed himself another 15 months of life. Steve was a fighter and lived life to its fullest in the half century he was given. Thanks to all his friends and relatives who helped him cope with his illness in the last year and to the caring staff at Victoria Hospice. A service will be held on May 13, 2017.
    Published in Victoria Times Colonist from May 6 to May 7, 2017

  2. Where can i buy cannabis oil here in Manitoba. I have metastatic Adenocarcinoma and a2cm tumor in my liver. Doctor won’t operate me , instead he told me to see my oncologist. I been in chemo 3 years ago.

  3. i found out today my mother has bone and liver cancer early stage, those the cannabis oil really cure the mf cancer ??? i make it for my father in law but he puts it on his skin !! not serious now this is real i need some real feedback no fake hopes just be real

  4. This was always going to be a serious uphill battle since Steve also had cirrhosis of the liver and I think he said HEP C. I have stage 4 prostate cancer that spread to my liver and bone and testicles and possibly rectum. My pain management doctor keeps telling me I should be able to survive this for at least 5 – 7 years; "if there are no other issues". That's the key. No other issues. Unfortunately Steve, R.I.P, had other issues of cirrhosis and HEP. Condolences to his surviving family and friends.

  5. My mother in law has the same liver disease with autoimmune HepC and was only given 3 months, we started giving the oil and it has extended her live she should not be here her percentage of survival was 6% . We are getting her to get the RSO, and get into an alkaline state ASAP!!! please for those coming here please look up DR SEBI DR ERIC BERG AND RICK SIMPSON HIMSELF!! they are heroes and if you have family who has been told they have cancer look them up ASAP!!!

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