[ENG] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP01 (Full)

[ENG] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP01 (Full)

Open it! What happened? He fell while working. What’s wrong with him? I’m not sure.
He’s not suffering from asthma. What could it be? He might die at this rate!
Please do something! Don’t worry. I’ll call 911. Doctor! I already called… Wait! Doctor! Doctor! The medical officer just left?
Then what about the patient? He’s breathing. He’s alive. (Maintain public order) What happened? “Please take him
to the Cardiology Department.” “Replace the medical officer
as fast as possible.” Do you think this was… Inmate 6238? (To serve) (Doctor John) (Episode 1:
Between hope and despair) (Madagascar) (Madagascar,
A country in East Africa) (“The Consolation of the Moon”) Now, it’s time
for the most important thing. (Bank balance: 42 dollars) (Uncle Jeong Nam) Do you need some money? I thought this was a spam message. You’re out of money, aren’t you? Did you install a CCTV in my room? (Uncle Jeong Nam) – Hello?
– What is wrong with you? You should’ve come seen me
as soon as you were out of money. Get over here right now. Where? (Taxi Stop) (If you have a dream,
you can always start again.) I came to meet Uncle Jeong Nam. (Award, Warden Oh Jeong Nam) Si Young. – Uncle Jeong Nam.
– It’s been so long. Take a seat. By the way, what happened? Why did the medical officer
run away? Gosh, don’t even get me started. We don’t even have
a chief physician, and the medical officers
who come here… constantly keep quitting. So we’re always
looking for someone to fill in. Is that why you offered me
a part-time job? It’s a part-time job
that will pay you generously. Okay, sure. I’ll do it. Will you be okay? As you already know,
this place can be a bit tough. – It’s okay.
– The facility isn’t great either. – It’s okay.
– We don’t have the best quality… – medical devices either.
– It’s okay. I’m okay with that. Really? You even brought a luggage bag. What? Oh, yes. You told me there are a lot
of patients waiting to get treated. Let’s begin. One. Do not have private
conversations with the prisoners. Two. Do not leak the information
I hear or record. Three. Follow the instructions
given to me by the employee. That’s right. You remember everything. But there’s one more thing
you need to keep in mind. What’s that? Actually, never mind. I’ll make sure
he doesn’t do anything to you. What is it?
What are you talking about? There’s this guy who got transferred
here last year, and he’s a psycho… I mean, he’s such an odd guy. An odd guy? Listen carefully to what
I’m about to say to you. Don’t answer any of the questions
he asks you. Don’t look at him in the eyes. And don’t even talk to him. In other words, don’t let him test you. Make sure you keep this in mind. What’s his deal?
Is he an evil spirit or something? An evil spirit? It doesn’t matter
what people call him. What matters is
that you should never… let him get to you. Is he a serial killer? Or is he a felon? Let’s go inside first. You’ll end up running into him
at least once anyway. Come inside. My gosh, Dr. Kang. How have you been? The same old. It seems like
you’ve lost some weight. Stop the small talk. We have patients waiting.
Hurry up and send them inside. Okay. I washed this after I heard
that you’re coming. Here. Put it on, Dr. Kang. I’m no longer a doctor. – What?
– Just leave it. I don’t need it. Oh, okay. Okay, then. I’ll hang it right here. Wear it when you need it. I want you to stay alert. Okay, don’t worry. I’ll make sure the prisoners behave. No, not the prisoners.
Keep a close eye on Dr. Kang. She’s the dangerous one. What? Why is she dangerous? Do I have cancer? Am I going to die? You ate exactly 17 go stones. Go to a hospital outside
and get them taken out. Next. There’s no injury?
Are you saying I’m lying? There’s not even a single crack. Stop saying stuff
I can’t understand. The top of my foot hurts.
It’s seriously killing me. What will you do if there’s
something wrong with my foot? Then… Stab an ax into your foot. Only then will you get
a narcotic painkiller. There’s no other way. Next. He hasn’t gone to sleep in days. Do you have insomnia? See, it’s not me. It’s him down there. Lie down. I’ll put him to sleep. Doctor. How will you do it? I’ll stab it. – With that?
– It’ll sting. (No chattering while moving) Well done, Dr. Kang. Don’t call me that. Dr. Kang, there’s an emergency. (Medical Office) (Stop and follow instructions.) Hey, get out of the way! Move! Make way. Move out of the way. Mister. Mister. Get an Ambu bag and oxygen tank.
Call 911. Okay. He’d been acting weird
since last night. That’s right. He coughed a lot
saying he’s out of breath. Did he have diarrhea too? Anyway, he had an upset stomach
and a sore throat. Be quiet. Stridor癤? Is something stuck in his throat? What did he eat? Could it have
gotten lodged in his throat? Fish. He said he’d swallowed
a fish bone and that it hurt. – A fish bone?
– He also ate a sausage he’d hidden. What are you eating? (3-Upper-4) It smelled a bit disgusting. How many times
must you go to the toilet? Sorry. (3-Upper-4) Yes. That’s why he had diarrhea. A rotten sausage. Bacteria? Hey! Get out of the way! Give me the Ambu bag. His throat is so swollen
and the oxygen isn’t getting in. – Then what?
– The ambulance. Is it nearby? Not yet. What now? He needs to be intubated, but his airway’s so swollen
that the Ambu bag’s not helping. Cricothyroidotomy. Yes. The cricothyroidotomy kit. It’s not here. What happened?
What’s wrong with him? His airway’s so swollen
that the oxygen’s not getting in, and I don’t have the tools. What should we do then? Will he just die? I hope not. Warden. You should call him. – No.
– He might die. What if he dies? Kang Si Young, think. What’s wrong with this patient? Deep neck infection. Who was that? Who just spoke? Where is he? Where are you? – Inmate 6238!
– Inmate 6238? – Inmate 6238?
– There he is! (To serve) What did you just say?
Deep neck what? You told me not to obstruct. Just answer. – As if you’d know.
– What? He has an infection down his throat. The fish bone ruptured his throat… and the bacteria
from the rotten sausage… got into the rupture
and caused an infection. That’s right. The infection
obstructed the airway. Ever seen a case like this? No. Do you know what I’m doing? No. It has to go into the airway.
Have you done it before? – No.
– Then do it. If you don’t hurry,
he’ll go into respiratory arrest. – Are you a doctor?
– No. And you? Are you a doctor? If you don’t do anything,
this man dies. The cricothyroid membrane. Below the thyroid cartilage
and above the cricoid cartilage. 2cm in at a 45-degree angle. Do it. Check. Good. There. Squeeze the Ambu bag
at the right breathing interval. – He’s breathing. He’s alive.
– Gosh. They did it. We’re here! Take him. Well done. It worked. (Kyungwon Hospital) (Emergency room) (Emergency room) This way. – What does he have?
– A deep neck infection. I administered first-aid
right before the respiratory arrest. Oxygen saturation’s
above 90 percent. – Prepare for intubation.
– Okay. Glide. Here. It’s in. Are you new? I’m just… A part-timer. A part-timer? What matters is that you saved him. Well done. Penitentiary lacks the equipment
and you diagnosed… a deep neck infection
by just looking? I’m impressed. Can you get out of the way? Hang on. It wasn’t me. (I miss you. I love you, Seung Yoo.) (Son Seung Yoo) (Son Seung Yoo) You were here. I bought the wrong one. Seung Yoo… is 10 years old now, not six. (Let’s meet again.) (Hanse Medical Center,
The Start of a Healthy Change) Doctors in Anesthesiology, please come to Room 28. Doctors in Anesthesiology, please come to Room 28. What’s wrong with the vitals? Suction. Suction! Suction. Suction! Epi. Five bags of RBCs. Allow them
to flow completely. Set level one. (Level 1: A machine used
to transfuse blood quickly) Make sure you don’t mistake them. Conduct an ABGA and administer
0.2 unit of vasopressin per cc. – Make it continuous.
– Yes, ma’am. Where is it? 0.2 unit of vasopressin per cc. ABGA. They won’t succeed
this time either… and declare the patient dead. Since Chief Min is here,
that won’t happen. We got the vitals. Thanks to her,
the patient will live. I guess… it’s difficult for you
to call the chief. Why didn’t you call me
when the patient was still alive? Do you not want to learn anymore? Proceed with the surgery. I’ll be here
until the patient is stable. Yes? What? Si Young did what? Don’t be surprised. Si Young just saved someone. She was there? She didn’t do anything
for the past year. I called her out
so she could get some fresh air. And she did something amazing! (Chief, Min Tae Kyung) She decided to work there? – There’s no way.
– What? What do you mean? She said she just came
to make chump change, but I thought she was getting ready
to return to the field. Well, I don’t think so. I’ll give it a thought. How is it? Why do you ask?
All part-time jobs are the same. I’ve never seen you save a patient. I was fascinated and proud of you. You saw me struggling. You did excellent work
for an emergency. Many of the medical officers
couldn’t do what you did. Who’s that man? Is he a doctor? Inmate 6238? He said he wasn’t a doctor. There’s no way. He’s that guy I mentioned. That psycho. “That psycho”? The one I shouldn’t talk to? From the day he was transferred,
he became the king… of the penitentiary. How? He went through a harsh hazing. Another inmate slashed his chest… with a sharp tool. Hey. Calm down. Calm down. He asked for the first-aid kit… and stitched the wound up himself. He didn’t even use anesthetics. With no anesthetics? He’s fearless and skilled as well. But still, he’s such a headache. He’s the reason why
all the medical officers quit. He’s the reason? Why? If he doesn’t think
they live up to his expectations, he attacks them. He scares the living daylights
out of the medical officers. Because of that, he’s nicknamed
Medical Officer Killer. It has nothing to do with me.
I’m not an official medical officer. I’m just part-timing. Right, you’re just part-timing. Look at how nice those gowns
look on them. You look fantastic
in a gown as well. (Anesthesiology) She’s going abroad tonight. I don’t think she’s coming back. It’s a one-way ticket. I’m about
to leave the hospital right now. – Keep Si Young there.
– What? – I’m on my way.
– Okay. Si Young, is that you? Si Young. – Hey, isn’t someone calling you?
– What? No one is. Let’s go. Si Young. – Hi.
– It is you. It’s been a long time. It has been. Are you her senior? Yes, I am. I’ll be waiting in the car, – so take your time.
– What? Okay. Gosh, I can’t believe
I ran into you here. How long has it been? Was it the last time we met
at the alumni association? Was it? Has it been that long already? Anyway, I’m glad I ran into you. Have you been doing well? He doesn’t know. He has no idea… what happened. By the way, what brings you here? I’m going abroad today. I came here to see my uncle. Are you on a break? I’m jealous. I’ll contact you once I return.
I’ll see you around. – Bye.
– Bye. Call me when you get back. I will! – Hey, isn’t that Kang Si Young?
– Do you know her? How could I not know
the top student of your school? She’s going abroad today.
She’s on her vacation. “Vacation”? Are you sure she’s not
taking some time off from work? What? Why would she? Do you not know
about the huge incident? Was it medical malpractice? Si Young. It’s pollen, Uncle. Let’s go. Si Young. You can start again. I know. If I go back to the hospital, I might even be able
to do a good job. Also, that’s what I want to do. Then do it. What’s the problem? Do it, you silly.
What’s the problem? Then… I can’t be punished
for the rest of my life. I don’t deserve… to save patients… and feel rewarded and happy. Never wearing
a doctor’s gown again… is my punishment. Soon… he’ll be released from prison. He should never wear
a doctor’s gown again… or treat any patients. We must stop him… from coming back. I can’t wait for it. Has Cha Yo Han… realized it yet? What if he hasn’t? I’ll make sure he pays a price. That’s why I look forward… to the day he comes back. Yo Han. (To serve) How are you feeling? I’m going to stop
by the medical office later. – How long has this been?
– Since yesterday. How did the test at the outside
hospital last week turn out? I’m not sure.
I haven’t heard anything special. I’ll be released next week. I’ll go to a big hospital then
like you told me to. What if you die before your release? Ask the medical office
to send you to a hospital today. Okay, I will. I picked them. Enjoy. See you around. (Inmate Information:
Park Jung Bo) (Fever, vomiting, diarrhea) (Abdominal pain, diarrhea,
hyperthermia, spotted fever) (Fever reducer prescribed,
acute enteritis) There’re many inmates here.
Just stay inside the medical office. I get it. Thanks for earlier. Thank you for your help. She’s not staying here, is she? Find someone proper… instead of an unprepared novice. Fine. She should be able to do
either diagnosis or treatment. Someone so stupid and clumsy
at least needs some experience. How can a second-year resident
have no idea what to do? – Excuse me.
– If you keep hiring… these temporary, incompetent
medical officers, next time, you’ll be the one
I’ll complain about, not just the medical officer. Hey! Complain directly to me, not to him! Fine. I’d never treated
a patient like him before. Didn’t I do a good job
considering it was my first time? I stuck it in correctly,
and the patient survived. You did a very good job
considering it was your first time. If that’s what you want to hear, go back to school. This is not a place for training.
You can’t practice… on the people here. Hold on. Are you saying I’m a trainee? Is that what you mean? Where is he going? What’s with him? Why does he speak to me so rudely? – Just ignore him.
– I can’t believe him. “Someone so stupid and clumsy”? Who does he think he is? A tutor? This is annoying. – Did you tell him?
– Tell him what? That I was a second-year resident. Why would I share
your information with him? Then how does he know? Unbelievable. Does he think
he’s my tutor or something? “This is not a place for training.
You can’t practice on the people…” Who are you talking about? That guy, Inmate 6238. What did he do before coming here? Well… Which hospital was it? What is he here for? Well… Three years ago… Dr. Kang, there’s a patient.
Can he come in? Sure. It’s our regular again. It’s Inmate 5353.
He often pretends to be sick. – Hello.
– Hello. (Inmate Information:
Park Jung Bo) How are you feeling? I got a sudden stomachache. I’ve
been vomiting and having diarrhea. – Will you lie down?
– Okay. Does it hurt? No. By the way,
my hands have been… Does it itch? No. It stings and burns. Let me take your temperature. You’re running a fever. When did it start? I’ve been having a fever
for a while now. You can come down. (Treatment and Prescription Records) (Transferred to an outside hospital) You did a blood test and
an X-ray at an outside hospital. Oh, are the results out? Yes, but everything is normal. Let me prescribe you antibiotics
and fever reducers for now. Okay. Isn’t this yours? I picked it up from the yard. It is mine. Thanks. By the way,
where can you buy those things? I’ll be released next week. I’m meeting my sister after years.
I’d love to get a bracelet for her. Go to any shopping mall.
I’m sure you’ll find something. I see. Thank you. Are you okay? Yes. Lie down until your fever goes down. Also, when you’re released, get a thorough check-up
at a big hospital, just in case. Yes, I’ll do that. Thank you. What? What is it? Please check my temperature. Do you have a fever? That is for you to determine. – Are you Inmate 6238?
– Yes. (Inmate Information:
Cha Yo Han) You don’t have a fever. Could you chart it? Why would I chart it
when you don’t even have… Please check my pulse as well. (Date, Temperature, Pulse,
Breathing, Blood Pressure) Do you suffer from hypochondria? Why do you check… all these things every day? It’s my hobby. Do it yourself. Madagascar. – What did you say?
– What time is your flight? How did you know? You have enough time
to give out an order, right? Write it down. “Inmate 5353.” “Need to visit Nephrology
at a tertiary hospital.” “Urgent.” “Inmate 5353″… – Why Nephrology?
– Which department are you in? Me? Anesthesiology. Why? Have you treated outpatients before? – Yes, once.
– A male, 22 years old. He’s suffering from a stomachache,
diarrhea, and vomiting. He has rashes on his palms.
They’re flushed and painful. What should you do first? – What are you doing…
– No external injuries. The hospital he recently visited
ran a lab test, X-ray, and electromyography
but found nothing. What are the chances that
he’s suffering from CTS or CRPS? The rashes didn’t change
his skin color. The result of his NCS came out fine. Since he had a sudden stomachache,
diarrhea, vomiting, and fever, I did suspect acute appendicitis. “Acute appendicitis”? Look at you, trying so hard. What did you say? What are you doing? Chart it. “Need to visit Nephrology
at a tertiary hospital.” “Urgent.” What’s your reason? – You wouldn’t believe it.
– Do you even have one? – I have a diagnosis.
– “A diagnosis”? And who diagnosed him? The only thing in here
is an X-ray scan. So who did it? And how? Can your eyes scan or something? I have my assumptions. You’ll diagnose him
with your assumptions? Forget it. If you’re done cleaning,
please leave, Inmate 6238. Fine, how about this? How about you and I… diagnose that patient? Look. I’m thankful you helped me
save that patient back there. – You saved his life. But…
– Give them the order. If you were me, would you believe
a former doctor… – whom you met at a penitentiary?
– Give them the order. Give them the order
before you flee to Madagascar. How did you know? About Madagascar. About my being a two-year resident? You better hurry. It’s urgent. What crime did you commit? You’re dying to brag
about how competent you are, so what brought you here? 59th Street, Ankorondrano,
Antananarivo. It’s on the name tag. Your phone, shoes, and bags… are all expensive, but they were made two years ago. That means, you had the money to shop
but didn’t have the time. That’s how I assumed
you were a two-year resident. Right, about your fleeing. A two-year resident has been
working so hard… that she didn’t
even have time to shop. But she’s going
to such a foreign country… that’s not in Southeast Asia,
North America, or Europe. You must be trying to run away
from a crime similar to mine. But do you truly believe
fleeing will give you freedom? I think listening to my advice… will help you obtain that freedom. (Medical Office) – Also…
– What? What is it this time? Make sure you give that order. Don’t forget. (Uncle Jeong Nam) Is this true? Is it true
you’re going abroad tonight? What brings… – you here?
– That’s not important. Are you really… Pack your belongings, and let’s go. What is it? Are you afraid I won’t come back? You must think… I’m very laidback. Do you think I’ll be laidback
and think about killing myself? Then why are you going? Tell me the reason. That’s not important. She just doesn’t need to go. Si Young, don’t go.
Why would you go so far away? – Don’t go…
– It’s a faraway island. The time zone is different to Korea. I thought if I went
to such a foreign place, I’d be able to forget
about everything. I thought I could pretend like
that incident didn’t happen. I thought… this would all feel like a dream. I thought perhaps none of this
actually happened… as long as I wasn’t here. – Si Young…
– I know you hate me too. Your best friend was… It wasn’t your fault. It was an accident.
No one predicted it. Also, – I’m sure you’re more…
– More what? I don’t deserve to feel pain. It pains you all to see me. So it’d be much better for me to… – Don’t act like a baby.
– I’m not. Even if I did,
it wouldn’t work on you. Because Mom, you’ve always put your emotions
before others’. How many times do I need
to repeat myself? It’s not your fault. I’m sure you blame yourself
and regret it. Like I’ve said before, this pains me too. To the point of wanting
to kill myself. So don’t worry. I won’t bring any more tragedies… into your life. Wait! Si Young! Si Young! Tae Kyung, will you let her go
just like that? I didn’t… ignore her
because I couldn’t face her. “It was unavoidable.” “Accept it.” “Get back up.” The usual me would’ve
scolded and lectured her. I couldn’t do that. Si Young fell down and gave up, and I accepted that. She wants to go back. She really wants to go back… and thinks she might do well. Did she say that? Yes. But… She wants to go back but… She doesn’t deserve to? Where’s inmate 5353? Come on. He’s an expert. He’s very good
at making up illnesses. Did his fever go down? Yes, it did,
so I sent him to his cell. So… Officer. If he complains of a fever
or another symptom, don’t put him down
but send him to a hospital… for a thorough check-up. A thorough check-up? Yes. Please do that. I feel so much better.
Now I’m ready to eat. – There’s meat.
– Come and eat. Dinner’s here. Get up. Come and eat. – Eat with us.
– Hurry up. Why won’t you answer? Hey. Hey. – Look at that.
– Gosh. Guard! Guard! Guard! Get over here! Guard! Guard! What’s the matter? Get over here quick. Look at him. Come in. What’s wrong? Do something! (New beginning of life!
It is up to your mindset.) Let me borrow this. I’ll look at your eyes. What’s wrong with him? He’s not sweating at all. – I called 911.
– Well done. – No.
– What? Not 911. What do you mean not 911? – Kang Si Young.
– Who? Call Doctor Kang Si Young right now. (If you have a dream,
you can always start again.) I’m leaving. (I’m leaving.) Hurry. Make way. Will you hurry? Move that out of the way. Where’s Dr. Kang? Dr. Kang! Dr. Kang! Stop! Stop! Dr. Kang! Dr. Kang, it’s an emergency. Inmate 5353. He’s… What? How is he? It doesn’t look good. Come with me. Are you not getting in? We can’t save him without you. – What?
– We can’t save him without you. It’s you or he dies. Who said that? Inmate 6238.
He told me to bring you. Miss. Will you get in or not? Call Dr. Kang. We don’t have her number. Then find her! Wait. Wait! – Move.
– Stop. Call Dr. Kang, quick. Hurry. What for? Why do you keep asking for her? There’s something she has to do! What is it? What must I do? Take him to a hospital. – What then?
– Just go. What do I do then? Save your patient. How… can I do that? I’ll tell you what to do,
so promise. Promise that you’ll save him. I can save a patient? If he dies tonight,
it wasn’t because of an illness. It was because
the doctors did nothing. To a patient,
an illness is despair, and a doctor is a hope. That hope. Will you let it down? What must I do… to save him? (Special thanks to Jeon No Min and
Jung In Gi for their cameo parts.) (Doctor John) Whether he lives or dies
isn’t up to me now. It’s up to Dr. Kang. – Are you crazy?
– What? You gave out an order… because an ex-doctor who is
currently an inmate told you so? Do you know why he was locked up? What do you mean? Was that enough
to make you rush over here? Cha Yo Han. You administered
a lethal amount of painkiller… and was sentenced to three years. Dismiss Cha Yo Han! If Professor Cha wants to do
the same thing as three years ago, what would you do? Do you know what you’re about to do? Get out right now. – Who are you?
– Nice to meet you. I’m Inmate 6238. Just a moment. Wait. Dr. Cha Yo Han. Dr. Cha Yo Han. This patient had an emergency
canthotomy two days ago. What are you saying? Whatever the specialty, isn’t our job to care for the sick? I’m now in charge of Pain Surgery. My name is Cha Yo Han.

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