Drink Lemon Water Daily For Kidney Stones & Constipation Prevention

Drink Lemon Water Daily For Kidney Stones & Constipation Prevention

Why You Should Drink Lemon Water Daily. Amazing Health Benefits of lemon water. Diluting lemon juice with water helps to reduce
its acidic content but nonetheless offers great health benefits. Here are some of the benefits of drinking
lemon water everyday. � As a remedy for dehydration. Drinking water is the best way to hydrate
the body and reduce the risk of dehydration. However, many people don�t like taking only
water due to its bland nature. This can be addressed by drinking lemon water,
which contains more water than lemon. �
Good for the skin. The high vitamin C content of lemon water
offers many health benefits including a healthy skin. Wrinkles and dry skin can be treated using
lemon water. � Promotes weight loss. Lemon water is low in calories and contains
polyphenol antioxidants which help in reducing weight gain. � Natural remedy for constipation. Lemon water is used as a natural laxative
by constipation sufferers. It can also be used for preventing constipation
and for improving digestion. � For preventing kidney stones. Kidney stones can be caused by an improper
flow of fluid in the body among other reasons. Lemon water contains citric acid which helps
in reducing the risk of the formation of new stones. � For fresh breath. Drinking lemon water early in the morning
and after eating foods like onions and garlic (which have strong odors) can help to get
rid of the resulting bad breath. Side effects of drinking lemon water. Although the consumption of lemon water holds
a lot of health benefits, there are a few side effects that can arise. For one, the acidic content of lemon can lead
to wearing of tooth enamel. To reduce this risk, you can use a straw while
drinking the water. Secondly, drinking lemon water can cause heartburn
in some people instead of bringing them relief. Moreover, drinking lemon water can result
in frequent urination. That said, drinking lemon water, whether hot
or cold, offers many health benefits in comparison to the few side effects. How to prepare lemon water. Lemon water can be made by squeezing lemon
juice into clean water. When making lemon water, it is advised that
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