Dr. Doe’s Pelvic Exam

Dr. Doe’s Pelvic Exam

Today I’m getting a pelvic exam. Doctor
Blake gave us permission to film the whole thing so that you know how to
prepare, what to expect, and when to come back. In 2014 the American College of
Physicians determined that annual, once-a-year pelvic exams we’re
doing more harm than good. Their vote was appointment as needed, as
in if the person was pregnant or experiencing symptoms of a problem.
Whereas the the American Congress of Gynecologists and Obstetricians insist
that gynecology appointments are important because it allows them to connect to
patients on sexual challenges, STIs, birth
control, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Dr.B: Okay, Lindsay. We’re ready for ya’. Dr. B: Let’s see. Here for your pelvic exam today. L: Yes.
Dr.B: so normally I would get sexual history, past medical history, that sort of thing, but I know you’re just here for the exam so why don’t we just go ahead move on and do that. L: Okay.
Dr. B: So, I’m going to give you a gown. I’ll have you un-dress. Gown opens to the back.
L: Okay.
Dr.B: And then there is a sheet right here. You can just unfold it and drape it across your lap. have a seat on the table and I’ll be back in
a couple minutes.
L: Awesome. I prepared for this. here’s how you would do it. Shower, groom
depending on preference, preferably schedule it when you’re
not menstruating but nothing in the vagina. No products, penises, toys, et cetera for 24 hours prior to the appointment.
Bring a list of questions to ask and a friend or relative for moral
support. One more thing you can do before the appointment is to masturbate. You can
also touch yourself during it, just don’t jostle things about. This is going
to open up the vagina, create more lubrication, and relax you. Dr.B: You ready?
L: Ready. Dr.B: Alright, so, feet there.
L: Stirrups
Dr.B: Which by the way, I don’t like to call them stirrups L: Oh, what do you like to call them?
Dr.B: Because you’re not a horse. I call them foot holders. L: Okay. So you don’t call them stirrups, you call them foot holders.
Dr.B: I do. L: Because I’m not a horse. Dr.B: Yes. Lots of people call them stirrups.
I will occasionally probably slip up and say that, but I try not to. L: That’s so nice of you.
Dr.B: Go ahead and lay down.
L: Scoot all the way down.
Dr.B: Scoot all the way down until it feels like you’re falling off the table. L: Success. Okay. Dr.B:I’m going to raise you up a little bit so I don’t want you to get off the table quickly because you’ll
be higher than you think you are. L: Okay. Whoo who. Dr.B: Alright, so i have the speculum Little light that goes inside of it.
L: Sweet.
Dr.B: Put a little bit of water base lubricant on it. This does not
mess up Pap results. Some people may say otherwise, but it’s
L: Okay. Dr.B: I’m just making it more comfortable for
you. So go ahead and lay on down. Just let your knees out to the side and
you’ll feel me touch. L: His hand is going down my thigh. And now it’s on-
Dr.B: Right. So I’m going to look at the outside here And you’ll just feel some pressure and
some cold. This is the speculum. L: Ah.
Dr.B: Doing okay?
L:Yeah. L: It’s odd. like somebody is flicking me. My vagina. and it’s a little, tiny bit cold. L: And feels like a tiny little pinch, like somebody is pulling on the leg hair or something like that.
Dr.B: So I can see your cervix and it looks healthy and normal. so this is our Pap brush and we
basically use it to scrape a few cells off your cervix. and see if there are any abnormalities.
L: Okay. Dr.B: Sometimes it feels a little crampy.
L: Okay.
Dr.B: Ready? (quiet music) L: Crampy. Dr.B: Is it feeling crampy?
L: Yeah. Dr.B: Doing okay?
L: Uh huh. L: So, that feels like… L: A menstrual cramp.
Dr.B: Yeah. But not not super painful. L: No.
Dr.B: Yeah. L: Very localized.
Dr.B: And that’s it. L: Okay.
Dr.B: So then what I do is I stick it over here. Knock all the cells off. (stirring sound) And we send that to the lab.
L: Okay. Dr.B: And that’s it. Dr.B: So then-
L: The exam is over.
Dr.B: The exam is over. Dr.B: This comes out. Sometimes a little crampy. Dr.B: And you can go ahead and push yourself up. Don’t get off the table. L: That was so fast.
Dr.B: We can talk about this more in a little bit, but again, the only thing that potentially could happen is the bimanual exam which is two fingers in the vagina,
pushing on the abdomen. I don’t routinely do that. L: Because?
Dr.B: Because it depends on who you talk to but the American Academy of Family
Physicians and I’m a family physician, says that there’s not really any benefit
for just a routine screening. It’s not very sensitive in terms of finding
abnormalities and it’s uncomfortable and invasive, so why do if
it’s not going to help us. Now, if you’re having symptoms of abnormal menstrual cycles, pain, then it
may be worthwhile because then you’re actually looking if there’s something wrong with the uterus? is there a cyst on the ovary? But just as part of the routine
screenings, it’s not something I usually do. the other thing i would tell you is that when we scrape your cervix, sometimes there is a tiny bit of bleeding so you may have a little bit of spotting, but it should be very small. L: Okay Dr.B: I will step out and let you get dressed.
L: Awesome. The next episode I ask doctor Blake a
lot of your questions, So stay curious. Dr.B: You’re very small so we’re using a small speculum.
L: What if my vagina is big, though? Dr.B: Then I’ll go get a different size.
(Laughs) Dr.B: Its been known to happen.
L: Note: small person, potentially small vagina.

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  1. I had one done two years ago,it wasn't comfortable,I heard that a lot of people say the males obgyn ,rather wait on black women than white women,because white women don't bathe.

  2. Pap smears are major scams. I am 31 years old and have never been to an ob/gyn or had a pelvic exam. When I have children I will be birthing them at home with a midwife. He also didn't mention vaginal- rectal exam. Womanhood is not a disease.

  3. One important point is that in pelvic exams, if the physician is a male there is a female nurse or nurse assistant present during the exam. This is to prevent any inappropriate action by the physician and also to protect the male physician from false allegations by the patient. Those things can and do happen.

  4. yes she is great very interesting and open-minded not treated intimate subjects like they are all taboo treating adults like adults teenagers would I believe find her really interesting and informative

  5. Would have probably helped to prepare me for my own paps. The two that I’ve had i started having anxiety attacks during. It hurt a lot, even with plenty of lube.

  6. Soooo gynecology exams for me are extremely painful, and seeing how for most it’s just a bit uncomfortable..I’m just like..ugh.

  7. While watching this I had the feeling in my mouth like when the dentist has his hand in your mouth

  8. I truly appreciate the work you’re willing to do to make others feel more comfortable🖤🖤🖤
    Edit: as a teenage girl I should at some point fairly soon go to a gynecologist. A couple years ago I was pretty certain I had a yeast infection and wanted to go to the gynecologist. My mom already had an appointment for herself so she asked her doctor about me coming in. The doctor told my mom it would be traumatizing so I should go to my pediatrician instead. I didn’t want to do this because I felt I would be more comfortable with someone who looks at genitalia all day everyday. I ended up never going. So something like this definitely makes me feel a lot better about my inevitable future😂🖤

  9. I've discovered a number of statistics over the past 20 yrs: 45% of women have a C-Section childbirth, costing twice as much + being twice as dangerous. 33% of women have a hysterectomy to remove the uterus. 27% of women acquire Endometriosis, which usually smothers overies, following a childbirth. 25% of women are on prescription drugs for Depression or Anxiety. Prescription Drugs are manufactured using Hydrogen Cyanide, which is toxic like Fluoride or chlorine. Now, Finger Exams are next to worthless.
    Who pushes all of these procedures? Big Pharma? CDC? Or the Population Control NWO? We haven't discussed 70,Million,000 Abortions or the fact that it illegal to watch (R)restricted videos under age 18, but you can obtain an abortion without Parental Consent! Seems to be some Untrustworthy policies adopted, but then we are talking about the "Affordable Care Act", "You Can Keep Your Doctor", and "Your Ins Premiums will go down $2,500.00 per yr", instead rates have doubled or tripled.
    Now we have flooded the USA with over 50,Million,000 illegal aliens, because the Social Security Ponzi Scheme can't function on the current Population Control Healthcare Agenda! Sounds a BIT corrupted or tainted to me, And I'm not talking about vaccinations. If it Ain't broke, don't fix it. Thanks for sharing, Doc!

  10. Just had a pap two weeks ago, felt like the nurse just shoved it in there, not even feeling like a cramp literaly painful, never happened three years ago so painful, i think its because my period was about to start but it hurt bad, my dad's friend claimed how could i plan on kids if i can't handle a small speculum ( object they use for the pap smear), also mentioned i should just give up the idea to ever even have kids some day, now finding some bumps one big one in my pubic hair area and some on my other parts she wants me to get shots to stop my sex drive while im being treated for them.

  11. I’m sorry I’m 60, and a bit old fashioned. I have had male gynecologists before but prefer females. I remember one time the male gynecologist was very good looking. VERY embarrassing! I have heard horror stories but will refrain from sharing them here. How awkward for her to be so cheerful while a male gynecologist is doing the exam, her laughing and joking with him AND it is being filmed! OMG! I would be so totally embarrassed! Kudos to her!

  12. Umm…"I don't call them stirrups because you're not a horse"??? WTF does that mean. She's not a horse if she is riding a horse, and that's when you use stirrups. Horses don't use stirrups. Human riders of horses use stirrups. Stirrups is 100% fine for a gyno table.

  13. Dr. Doe – this would be useful for single dads to show their daughters at the appropriate age.

    My ex-wife was, and is, useless at discussing female health and sexuality and my daughter still chooses to discuss her gyn issues with me at age 30.

    A video like this would have been useful prep for her first time.

  14. Dr. Doe. Could you do one on the male pelvic exam?

    I had one at age 5 and another just before high school. It was a mandatory health check for our school board.


  15. Good shit…

  16. I'm a medical student. Thanks for doing this. For future reference, ACOG is the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists.

  17. Male gynecologist are soo much better in terms of behavior, female gynecologist are sometimes rude

  18. She looks like she’s having an orgasm and trying to hide it … I feel a bit bad for her 🥺😅😭

  19. Most pelvic exams are totally unnecessary. Most of the time there are other options, not telled by the doctor. For example a MRI scan or for STD’s you can do self tests.

    Do not do whatever the doctor says, especially when it comes to a male.

  20. Reddit has to do something to make you want post a little something for a second time you can just go through it with the other one and the one that is a bit like

  21. What a nice and helpful doctor. I really like how he thinks and tries to make the patient feel safe and explains everything well.

  22. Thank you for this video. I have a lot of anxiety surrounding my first PAP Smear as I haven't had it yet. This eased so much of the anxiety surrounding it for me. Mentally, I know that there isn't anything to really be afraid of. I love my gyno and trust her deeply. But the fear of the unknown (i.e. sensations, pain?) surrounds the pelvic exam for me. Many around me told me it was the most painful thing that they had experienced "down there" besides child-birth. My mother, on the other hand, says about the same as you, Dr. Doe. Little crampy and cold, but other than that, routine. I would assume that those around me who said it was painful beyond belief had underlying issues. All of this to say, thank you for being so open and willing to share your knowledge and experiences with the Internet. Without your channel, I would not be equipped with the knowledge I have today about my body, my sexual health and well being, and honestly — how to protect myself. Thank you.

  23. I'm not trying to pick apart this very good and informative video, but the rider puts their feet in the stirrups, not the horse.

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