dōTERRA DIGESTZEN 🍴 4 uses for DigestZen digestive essential oil blend…

dōTERRA DIGESTZEN 🍴 4 uses for DigestZen digestive essential oil blend…

hi it’s jewel from the daily drop
Society today we’re gonna be talking all about digest Zen why would you even want
to use it what is it good for and what’s even in it digest Zen is my family’s
love love love oil it soothes us upset stomachs gas bloating occasional nausea
in this blend you have ginger fennel coriander to help ease occasional upset
stomachs including things like motion sickness and indigestion then it also
has the oils in it a peppermint tarragon a nice and caraway which aid in
digestion and help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract these oils are
well thought of to help ease our stomach so when you think of digest then think
about that your digestion Zen which brings it peace calm that upset stomach
whatever it may be here are a few ways that we like to use it in our home I have a diluted roller bottle of this
oil I bought it from doTERRA but you can always make your own I roll it clockwise
on my stomach or my kid’s stomach when they have an upset stomach there is
nothing more empowering as a mom that when your kid comes to you in the middle
of the night or whenever it may be and that you can just grab that oil roll it
on and within minutes they’re feeling better I love to use this oil when I’ve
overdone it with food things that upset my stomach now where do I start
milk sugar too much glue in eating the whole plate of cookies and one sitting
one drop in my water or in a capsule can completely calm that upset stomach
picking this essential oil internally can also help ease bloating gas and
indigestion you don’t have to just suffer through it and be embarrassed
take this oil on your road trip to help calm your stomach maybe you’re on a
plane that’s a little bit bouncy or windy back road getting to your
destination or maybe that night the cruise ship is a little rocky don’t be
left out don’t miss out on the fun take this oil with you and help calm that
stomach now something is huge for me for this
oil whenever I go to a new area I love to try the new foods new foods don’t
always agree with me he not that I know personally maybe you just ate a
deep-fried quail egg in a foreign country off of a food cart in the heat
of the day before getting into a car for three hours not that I’ve ever done it
I’ve never done something silly like that I paid the price for it and now or
later into that car ride as we were stuck in traffic
I was so grateful for this boy now that I’ve shared a little TMI with
you guys a little too much information do you guys have an embarrassing story
of when you need a digestant or maybe it saved you from having that embarrassing
moment like it did with me in a car stuck in traffic share it you guys down
in the comments well I’d love to hear your stories
thanks for watching you guys come give the camera a kiss

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