Doing It – Michelle & Shawn

– I’m Michelle. – And I’m Shawn. – I’ve had friends pass away and their family members would tell us that they had walking pneumonia, and at that point, I had no idea what that meant. In retrospect, I’ve lost a lot
of friends to HIV and AIDS. – I lost a cousin of
mine at 15 years of age on my reservation through
a blood transfusion. – I tell everybody, “Please get tested.” I’m talking to people, telling them the importance of being tested
and to know their status. – Getting to know what your
status is is very important, because then you can
help figure out how to then get the right treatment to make sure that you’re gonna be
healthy going forward. – We don’t talk about it. We don’t know who’s
infected and who’s affected. The lying, the keeping
secrets from one another, really has to end. We have to begin to open up our thoughts and our minds and our voices, so that we can help one another. I’m Michelle. – [Shawn] And I’m Shawn. – [Both] And we’re acting against AIDS.

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