Doctor Plays BIO INC! | Breaking My Oath | Wednesday Checkup

Doctor Plays BIO INC! | Breaking My Oath | Wednesday Checkup

100 Replies to “Doctor Plays BIO INC! | Breaking My Oath | Wednesday Checkup”

  1. If you were to take out the nervous system doesn’t that shut everything down
    You can’t live without a nervous system
    Ok you technically can but your brain controls all your vital organs

  2. Next time kill Bin Laden and Joseph Stalin and go for the brain. Remember, the body cannot perform for shit if the brain has been damaged and destroyed.

  3. This is Enjoyable
    Definitely play The PC one
    Love all type of your videos
    we're always learning.
    Thanks for existing

  4. The Video was really funny and entertaining, buuuuut… The End was what fully got me. That Dog is the cutest thing on earth, I want to hug him soooo bad!!!!😍😍😍

  5. you are a doctor you must have a laptop atleast
    a person with weak mental capability or nervous breakdown or what ever shouldnot effect him much because stress and hallucinations are just mental symptom he should live with them
    i want more of surgeon simulator

  6. Name your victim: Oh ok, I'll keep it simple for now…………Hitler.
    I don't need to watch the entire video to hit like that was enough for me, but I'm gonna do it anyway so…😂😂😂

  7. Please play the pc version! It has more difficulty levels, better pictures (like if you make the victim overweight, the person actually does) and other stuff. I’m kinda late but this is one of my favorite videos from your channel and it would really make my day!

  8. Doctor mike can I have an appointment with you. No other reason but I just wanted to meet you in person because you are the COOLEST doctor ever hahaha

  9. Me watching Dr Mike: (my entp brain: The dude is too nice, I don't trust a guy without a dark side)
    Mike playing Bio Inc: "Why am I getting so happy about killing someone?"
    Me: theeeere we go 😀
    Mike: "but it's Hitler so it makes it okay"
    Me: *sigh*

  10. What does oonaki mean ?? I've heard it in a few videos atleast i know im probably hearing it wrong or something someone pleaseee lmk lol

  11. Doc. Mike: Dehydration is a leading killer
    Me: sips coffee, takes drag on cigarette Mere mortals…I've not had water in months.

  12. I like that he can’t just say “I get really excited every time these viruses pop up” so he says “it’s a dopamine hit every time” 😂😂 so technical much Doctor

  13. Dr. Mike: “Oh my god this is like plague inc but your trying to kill a human??!” (As if plague inc you ARENT trying to kill humans)
    Me: “Not the brightest Doctor in the hospital are yuh McDreamy. Plague Inc you kill humans. That’s like the whole point. But you’re trying to eradicate humanity. In bio inc you’re just trying to kill one person like one on one.” Kidding kidding still love you just thought that was funny

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