Digestive Support with Life 9 & Nature’s Lining Probiotics

Digestive Support with Life 9 & Nature’s Lining Probiotics

Hey there, it’s Must Have Monday, and today
I wanted to share with you two products that I love that help keep my tummy happy. And, one of those, of course, is a Young Living
Product and the other one is not. So, let’s check them out. Hey guys, it’s Natalie with Living the Oil
Life, and I am glad you’re joining us today. If it’s your first time here, I would love
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videos like this one. But it is Must Have Monday, and I wanted to
share with you two products that I use to keep my tummy happy. So, I am not well versed when it comes to
the digestive system. I am not a doctor, of course, and I cannot
tell you all of the ins and outs, ups and downs, the roundabouts and all of that when
it comes to it. All I know is that our gut is extremely important,
and I’ve learned that the hard way. And I thought that it’s interesting that Hippocrates
has been said to be quoted as saying “All diseases begin in the gut.” And, modern science is just now catching up
that and is saying, ‘you know what, there is truth to it.’ And I do know how important bacteria is. Good and bad bacteria. We need both in our system. And, we have more bacteria in our guts and
in our system than we do anything else. It says that there are 10 times the number
of bacteria in the body than actual human cells. So, this is the good and the band. And, it’s a balancing game. We have to have both. We have to have good bacteria and we also
have to have bad bacteria. But, in our modern day society, we are having
– – our bodies are being overrun by the bad bacteria. So, it would be very good for your health
and your gut, if you do a little bit of research and find out exactly why it is important,
but like I said, all I know, from personal experience, is that our guts are very, very
important. And, mine needs some supporting. They talk about how traditionally diets around
the world have included raw and fermented foods, which are really great for the good
bacteria and helping us to keep that good bacteria going and growing and keeping the
bad bacteria down to a minimum so it’s doing just it’s job and not overrunning us. But, nowadays, we are so used to eating so
many processed foods, we have irradiated, irradiated, I think that’s the right word,
food, we have dead food that really has no nutritional value to it whatsoever. We’re not in the dirt anymore playing, gardening,
and things like that, which we get good bacteria from the dirt, believe it or not. We’re wearing shoes constantly so our feet
aren’t touching the ground when we need good bacteria. Or, if it is touching the ground it’s covered
with pesticides and things like that. And so it’s not doing our body any good for
the good bacteria, and then we’re actually feeding the bad bacteria when we’re eating
all that sugar and starches and things like that, bad bacteria feeds off of that and gro
– – overgro – – grows and overgrows the good bacteria. And so when you’re doing your research on
figuring out how to support your digestive system and the good bacteria, you’ll find
that we really need a little bit more of a support with probiotics. And, I’ve known this for a while now, with
the probiotics. And, I have been taking probiotics for a very
long time. Being on dialysis and my kidneys not functioning
properly, or at all right now, it effects other systems of my body. And so I tend to have issues with my digestive
system, especially if I eat too many starches, if I eat too much meat, if I eat too much
processed foods – – I tend to get that yucky feeling inside, kind of like that bloated
feeling and if you lay down and you have a hard time and it starts to hurt. And a lot of times, if I eat, it kind of gets
stuck in here and it doesn’t go up or down. And so I’ve had to learn, dietwise, things
to change. I’ve cut out a lot of bread and starches,
I’ve cut out a lot of meat, I do eat some meat, but I try not to eat it as much. Fried foods I’ve had to cut back on and things
like that. Red sauces, things that cause a lot of acid. But, I’ve also in my research knew that I
needed probiotics, and so I’ve been taking probiotics for years, and I thought that they
were doing well. Until, I had joined Young Living, and I started
taking their Life 5 probiotic. And, it was amazing, the difference. I felt a difference within probably two to
three weeks, I felt a difference in my digestive system and the way I was processing food and
how I was eating and things like that, and when I would lie down. And, some people would say, “Oh you’re just
saying that because you want to sell Young Living.” No. Even if I wasn’t a Young Living distributor,
I would promote Life 5. That’s how much I loved it. I was telling everybody that said, “oh I have…issues
with my digestive system. I need a little more digestive support.” I would say, hey have you tried Life 5, it
has done wonders for me. Because I had found one product on the market,
and I forgot which one it was now, it’s been so long ago, that was the only one I was buying. And then, when I found Life 5, I stopped using
it because I found nothing better. And so then, they came out with a new formula
called Life 9. And that’s this little guy right here, Life
9. And I absolutely love this, more than Life
5. It’s amazing. Now, it says that Life 9 is a proprietary,
high potency probiotic that combines 17 billion live cultures. 17 billion, live cultures from 9 beneficial
bacteria strains. So it’s 9 different strains that our body
needs and uses to help promote a good digestive tract and digestive help. It has 9 of those and helps to promote a healthy
digestive system, supports gut health, and helps maintain normal intestinal function
for overall support of a healthy immune system. Pretty powerful stuff. And when I first starter, I was taking, I
think it was two in the morning and two at night, because I really, really wanted to
support it, really like give it a boost, and I did that for about 2 weeks and then I went
to one and one for a month and then I did one at night. And now, um, I try to take it every day, just
because, being on dialysis, and being that I need that extra boost, not everybody takes
it every day, I really find that that helps. And I can tell a huge difference when I don’t
take it. Now, they say that during sleep our digestion
is slower and it is also the time that it goes through a kind of like a ‘re-vamping’
period, and so they say that the best time to take it is at night to help receive the
greatest benefits from it. Now, children can take Life 9, I think 12
and older, but we just came out with Kidscents Mighty Pro. It’s a pro and a prebiotic. And I’m not going to open this one up. A friend of mine gave me this one to try,
because I really wanted to try it. But it comes in this little packet, and they
just take it, they just open it up and put it in their mouth, and take it that way. And, it is a wolfberry punch flavor. So, this is a great one for the kids, and
I think maybe I’ll do this one for next Must Have Monday. I’ll try it and do a little more research
and let you guys know, but that’s great for kids. But, Life 9 is safe for children. If you’re pregnant, you can take it. But, they say make sure you talk to your doctor,
so your doctor knows what’s going on and if anything needs to be adjusted. And when comparing it to other products, it
says that the strains of bacteria in Life 9 were chosen for their ability to adhere
properly to the walls of the intestine. Other companies save money and use a lower
quality of strain. So, for me, that’s why I also love Life 9. They are freeze dried, so when you ingest
them, they are exposed to the water and juices in our system and then they are reanimated. And of course you want to refrigerate it after
it’s open. So, for me, Life 9 is definitely a must have
for everybody in your family. But, especially those who really want to support
your digestive system. Now, the other product that helps me keep
my tummy happy is a product called Nature’s Lining. Now, I went to go see an iridologist, and
if you don’t know what that is, it is someone that looks into your eyes, into your iris,
and looks into your eyes, and can – maps out your eye and can tell what’s going on inside
your body healthwise and emotional wise – they can tell you traumas that you had in the past. They can even pinpoint it to around what age
you had it. It’s really an amazing thing. And, if you have one in your area, you really
need to go see them I’ve been about three or four times now, and each time I’m just
blown away. He like reads my mail, and I’m like, oh no. Like the last time I went he was like, ‘you’re
eating a little too many friend foods aren’t you?’ And I’m like, hmm yeah, maybe. (laughs) And I was. But, if you want to see a video about that,
I don’t know if I’ve ever done one. I’ll see if I can find my notes and kind of
give you guys an idea of what it is. Just comment below and let me know, and I’ll
do one. Anyway, I had gone to the iridologist, and
he was looking at my eyes and he telling me you have issues with your digestion, and I
was like, yeah I do. And he says, “you, your, the mucous lining
of your digestive tract is about, I think , it was, a third gone.” I’m like, ‘oh, okay.’ And he says, it happens. I’ve had a lot of antibiotics, um, processed
foods, the way I eat, all of that, yada yada yada. And it was gone. He said, ‘but, the good things is that it
can be rebuilt’ and he recommended the Nature’s Lining. Now, the cool thing about my iridologist is
that he doesn’t push things on you, he just recommends ‘this is the product I recommend,
if you want to try it, great, if not, then so be it.’ But, I always trust him, so Iwas like, okay. So I went on Amazon, and I got it, and I will
put a link below where you can get it. You can get it at any health food store usually,
but I found the cheapest was on Amazon. And so he said to take it every night for
two months and then after that take it one week on and one week off and see how that
was. I took it and was absolutely amazed. Now, when I say that I was taking antacids. I was eating them like they were candy before
I started Nature’s Lining. And for those of you that know about antacids,
they, certain ones, are full of aluminum. And the only ones that would work for me were
the ones filled with aluminum. So I really wanted to stop taking them. So, he said, let’s build up your stomach lining
and let’s see what happens. Well, I started taking the Nature’s Lining
and within two weeks I realized I wasn’t needing my antacids. So, that was huge for me. And so I did what he said, I took it for two
months, every night, and then I backed off and I did one week on and one week off. Now, Nature’s Lining is a little white pill,
and I would show you the bottle in person, but I realized I threw it away already. I forgot that I was going to do this video,
and I threw it away. But, it’s a little, tiny, tiny, tiny, chewable
pill, and it is mint flavored and, I mean, it’s nothing, it’s almost like it dissolves
before you can chew the whole thing. But, it’s a little minty flavor, but I don’t
really know what’s in it. All I remember reading is that it is a proprietary
blend of Zinc-Lcarnatine. I don’t even know what that is. I know what Zinc is and I know what it does
for you, but I don’t know. But apparently it contains two essential amino
acids and it helps to, um, strengthen the mucous lining that protects the stomach wall. And to me, that’s exactly what it did. And I wanted to see if it worked, so I stopped
taking it, and lo and behold, I was like, oooh yeah I think I need some antacids. And so I started taking that again. I didn’t buy the antacids, I had a bottle
of the Nature’s Lining and I took a couple of those and I was fine. And so if you’re like me and you do the best
that you can with eating right, you cut out your sugar, you cut out your bread, you count
out starches, you know, you try to eat the best that you can, you try to eat, you know,
fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickled beets, kombucha and stuff like that, and yuo still
need that extra support, that extra boost to help keep and maintain a healthy digestive
system, then I highly recommend that you try Life 9 and Nature’s Lining. Like I said, I will link down below where
I get it from Amazon. You can check on that link or, you know, check
your health food store or somewhere like that. And with Life 9, if your not a member with
Young Living, yet, make sure you click on my link below, Living the Oil Life.com and
I can help you get started or message me and I can answer any of your question and I can
see what I can do about helping you get your own Life 9. So, that’s it for my Must Have Monday is helping
your tummy stay happy. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs
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information or would learn something from it, feel free to share it with other people
or on your social media. So, until next time guys, keep Living The
Oil Life, and I’ll see you later, bye!

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  1. I would love to see a video on Iridology. I've never heard of it, but it sounds interesting and beneficial!

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