Curing Depression, Achieving Weight Loss by Whole Food Plant-Based Diet with Angie Sadeghi MD.

Curing Depression, Achieving Weight Loss by Whole Food Plant-Based Diet with Angie Sadeghi MD.

everyone this is dr. Nick Delgado and at
I met VegFest in Orange County and I had the pleasure to meet the author of an
incredible book this is Angie tell me your full name and the title of your
book my name is dr. Angie Sadeghi and my book is called the trifecta of health
Wow we got to talk a little before your your speech in front of the audience on
the panel and we have so much in common I mean the whole idea that you know
eating healthy is the core to good health but then also we have to have a
mind for what is our hormone levels what is going on as we go through each stage
of life right and hormones really should be evaluated even in youngsters as well
right yes absolutely I meet a lot of people in my clinic with this mentality
of the bells which means the bells are not working normally or they’re not
working well and there is the migrating motor neurons on the gut that are not
squeezing very well so the prostatic action is a flawed and usually that’s
due to hypothyroidism and/or subclinical hypo thousand which a lot of traditional
doctors ignore so I find a lot of gut problems in relation to lack of hormones
or diminishing hormones as we age but sometimes even in the youngsters we’re
seeing a lot of problems because of that whole gut permeability leaky gut a lot
of young kids are now diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and problems
like that you know and you bring up thorry disorders you know in my own
situation those people who follow my show know that the mother of my son 26
years ago now 27 years ago she had hyperthyroidism you know excessively
high and now I look back and I realized there was endocrine disruptors there’s
things that trigger probably her autoimmune condition at the time I
understood a fair amount about nutrition and diet and exercise but I didn’t
really have a full knowledge about how hormones affect a person’s health and
the quality of their life and it’s interesting because dr. Terry Hertog one
of my mentors said his family put him on thyroid armor glandular since he was 4
years old and now you know he’s up in 50s or so but the point is you could be
a young person and have a thyroid disorder certainly in the mother of my
son’s case when she died after my son was born ten days later of congestive
heart failure complications related to this hormonal imbalance
you know I it caused me to search the world for experts like yourself to kind
of learn everything I could possibly learn and there’s always something new
to learn I come to conferences I meet people and it’s just so exciting because
I just think maybe I can just help one more person maybe tens of thousands of
people with this kind of knowledge so you must feel really great about the
release of your new book it’s I do it’s very exciting my first book yeah and
what inspired you to write the book well I had a lot of medical problems I grew
up with debilitating eczema where I had pustular lesions on my hands and I had
hitching from head to toe this is when I was even in my teen years and I had a
really awful rash all over my body where I was embarrassed to shake people’s
hands or I was embarrassed to like wear short skirts or like clothing that would
show my skin but even worse than the static parts of it I had such bad eczema
I was so itchy that I couldn’t sleep at night so I
would I would itch literally all night and I couldn’t sleep very well and it
was it was just very disruptive to my life and I was in med school trying to
like study and you know this is after my teenage years I kept going on and on and
it just kept continuing and in med school even got worse and I don’t know
if it’s because I was eating worse or what I was doing wrong but it just kept
getting worse and worse and about oh and besides that I had a lot of migraine
headaches which are which were probably due to estrogen dominance at that time
which I didn’t recognize and I had some depression and I was overweight so all
the conglomerate of all these problems was just affecting the quality of my
life until about six years ago which was I was at a
at a function where my brother was speaking and he talked about the
deleterious effects of dairy and that day I met my cousin who happens to be a
vegan and and as she asked me to watch forks over knives and she says as a
doctor you may benefit from watching this show so I was a vegetarian at that
time I was eating tons and tons of dairy and cheese which is even worse than meat
in many ways yeah and so I basically went home that day and I did watched
Forks Over knives and I went on a whole food plant-based diet within one week
Nick my rash went away why I stopped itching I was always like applying
corticosteroid creams all over my body I was taking Benadryl and all of that went
away and it all was due to the casein protein in dairy which is very it causes
a lot of skin allergies in most people and the whey protein which a lot of
people are allergic to and they get nasal congestion they can have a cough
they get skin problems and acne and all that stuff and I I had no idea so I
thought you know I need calcium so I was chosen of calcium which is dairy from
Macao Wow and your medical doctor so you really appreciate I I look back when I
was 12 years old and I was having digestive upset
literally diarrhea every day for a full year and I went to a doctor and they
didn’t seem to offer me any kind of solution and I read in a textbook that I
basically had a issue with dairy I thought well if that can cause this
reaction then I basically need to figure out how I can handle this problem and I
like you I just pretty much gave up the dairy product and overnight my digestive
tract you know calmed down the issue resolved
and I no longer had the problem and it was like oh my gosh how many other
people don’t know this up to 70% of the population in some areas so about 65 to
70% of the population is lactose intolerant that’s the sugar in milk that
is very difficult to digest for the human body and so that causes gas
bloating diarrhea constipation but it goes further than the lactose – it’s the
proteins in dairy that cause a lot of problems in in people so and of course
our big right father is a smoke screen because you have these
lactate milks you know and right and lactase you know enzymes and say Oh
that’ll solve your dairy product problem no in fact if you go to nonfat milk and
then you use these lactate type milks it oftentimes they’re more concentrated in
the very milk proteins that cause you even more harm they’re sure right so
especially in my case I was allergic to the protect proteins so I mean it
doesn’t matter if I take your lactate that takes care of the lactose part but
there’s it’s it’s processed food right they they manipulate one thing they take
away the saturated fat and they call it healthy because it doesn’t have
saturated fat but then it has all these proteins that are causing allergies so I
mean it’s just the best way to do it is to stop consuming dairy products of all
type you’re not even if it’s fermented yogurt right yes and probiotic rich but
you can get coconut yogurt that’s no dairy question nobody says don’t need
yogurt we’re just saying don’t eat at the dairy yogurt that comes from cows
butter cheese milk or any products that uses cow’s milk or sheep’s milk coming
we’re humans we’re not cows or sheep it makes no sense to drink or use any foods
that are made out of another mammals milk chef AJ just made the comment that
one of the her colleagues Neil Barnard mentioned that dairy product with the
milk protein casein has almost a opiate like morphine it turns into a derivative
and it’s highly addictive for it is very highly addictive and that’s why in in
clinic when I ask patients for their inflammatory bowel disease Crohn’s
colitis or all sort of colitis or IBS irritable bowel syndrome or any types of
GI problems when I asked them to stop consuming dairy products the first thing
they tell me I can’t give up cheese that’s the first thing that comes out of
their mouth and it’s true because it is it’s like heroin and it’s like you know
it’s addictive truly like like your own army right it’s yes it is through drugs
and and it’s important that you bring that up and you do have training in
gastroenterology correct yes I do yeah so that being said imagine those
people who are struggling I know there’s transitional foods that are plant-based
like diet cheese and you know melt tastes good and everything so it might
be okay for people to transition and I know some of the more if you will
purists of the plant-based doctors will say well you know let’s just go as you
know complete oil-free and and and vegan and so forth and I agree yet it’s
difficult for someone who is addicted literally so that transition food might
be the very thing they need absolutely and there’s nothing wrong with that I
always recommend to my patients what you’re eating is poison and these
transition foods are not super healthy but they’re way better than the poisons
that you’re putting in your body so use the transition foods and at some point
you can be a hundred percent whole food plant-based but you know I’m not even a
hundred percent I eat some vegan junk food sometimes I use all eat vegan
cookies i but of course it’s not on a daily basis I’ll eat some oily foods
maybe once a month I would go to a restaurant and I’ll eat it but it’s just
like when I go to an Indian restaurant I like I’ve eaten all this oil and ghee
right I’m sleepy for hours like I reminds me I did it tasted good but I
wish people come up with Indian recipes without the oil you know I know your
cuisine of food is it food wonderful food but they use a lot of oil
too right of course and you know my mom has veganized a lot of the food for me
so she doesn’t use meat and she uses like portobello mushrooms as as a
substitute and she will cook it without oil you really don’t need the oil and in
fact in my opinion it’s it’s it becomes so heavy and and unbearable but now that
like it’s like you know when you get used to not eating a lot of salt and
sugar after a while after you when you put it in your food it’s intolerable
it’s the same way with oil you get used to it yeah and I think people don’t
appreciate everyone knows now with all the markers out there putting all the
blame on salt and sugar and granted you know we need to restrict her limit or
avoid I mean it’s a process a little bit of salt here and there the body needs
some salt relatively speaking but you when you look at what oil does and I’ve
looked under the microscope of literally tens of thousands people over the last
40 years you see what’s called reuleaux or blood sledging thickening of the
blood with hours of consuming any fatty meal so
people don’t understand oh I feel so sleepy after eating a vegetarian meal or
even an animal you know based meal what is it though is it the fat is it
thickening your blood is it reducing circulation to your brain to all of your
organs and certainly that’s not good for your skin – you mentioned acne earlier
an eczema right I mean these are serious problems we we have a product that is
rich in cruciferous vegetable base and it it helps increase section remaining
glugging so instead of women having to take birth control pills to control
their acne which accidently the discovered increases this binding
globulin that calms down the androgens and the excess metabolites of hormone it
clears up their skin and so we’ve discovered we can instead of using the
antibiotics and birth control pills use these natural plant-based supplements
that have tumeric they have dim Donal methane indole-3-carbinol you’ve heard
of all of these things right tremendous results for these kids a lot of kids who
have acne they’re eating dairy which is full of estrogen which is causing yes
the mTOR pathway to be revved up and that causes the oils and in the glands
to be active and cause acne so I think you know that’s super important for
people to understand they’ve got to stop consuming their products yeah I was
doing a stream last week and one of the young girls on the stream named
Stephanie with dr. Kathleen garand Roos flying in this week she was going oh he
got too complex he was talking something about an enzyme mTOR and I’m glad you
mentioned because if they hear it enough they’ll understand that mammalian
targeted on rapper myosin there’s a history to this the Canary Islands this
rare enzyme and we discovered a lot about it and what we now know is animal
products are very high in the amino acid leucine right and we know that forces
this enzyme to increase worse it causes abnormal growth particularly in the skin
and acne and other what other girls cancer tumors may be and but we know
that fruits and vegetables are very low in leucine which is beneficial because
the mTOR enzyme calms down calms down the skin so not only do they get the
benefit of less estrogen and hormone metabolites because we know of hormonal
acne it does exist it’s so real phenomena I wrote about in my book with
dr. Sonya bana so but the reality is this this enzyme is really just barely
being talked about in the science but it’s critical to understand right and
it’s the cause of Aging – which is yes you don’t want to age your skin age you
want your body to age you want to stay young and youthful so bring this mTOR M
small M capital T ou are right yes and it should be a term used in everyone’s
language because it is you know if you if people understand it they’ll
understand why we keep saying eat plant-based right so this is more reason
to realize that dairy product meat fish chicken eggs all of the above are very
high in the amino acid leucine which forces this harmful enzyme to increase
two levels that it causes dangerous forms of growth and and III I met
Cassandra banks and she’s this gal that was struggling I met one of her
marketing advisers and she did a video showing her back in her face and
everything with no makeup she had acne everywhere and it was just you know
looked horrific and she goes I don’t know I want to show my audience but I
really don’t know how I can go about this and her marketing advisor said just
put it out there and something about 32 million people viewed it and it turns
out that you know he or she was using animal based foods and things and when
she met dr. Sonya my co-author she got her to move over to plant-based she got
her to use certain supplements and cosmetics that were safe and as history
shows now her skin has improved dramatically I did a show with her a few
months ago and she goes oh here Nik Delgado oh my gosh you know because she
knew that I had worked a lot on this whole thing about skin yeah and you know
this whole idea of acne be gone for good which is a title in my book so I feel
for because when our children are affected to the point of depression and
even pushed towards thoughts of suicide because they just don’t want to
encounter people and they have to put a lot of makeup on every time they go out
I mean it’s it’s traumatic isn’t it for sure yeah and I had depression
myself and you know it was it was pretty bad and when I turned you know I stopped
eating the animal products and I started eating the whole food plant beside it
went away I went in to thrive more rather than the survival mode I was in
yeah so for you what can you give me some examples of clients or patients
that you’ve helped and what’s been their story you don’t have to use their name
or you may or may not but the point is that everyone listens to stories and
they understand stories and it helps them to see that beyond the technical
part that we both get so fascinated about oh my gosh we’ve got we know the
mechanism we understand the cause of these chronic diseases and skin problems
and we get excited because you know we’re in the medical profession and we
help people and we have to understand what we’re teaching and monitored with
laboratory tests and follow-up and so that it’s not placebo right because we
see was pretty strong but to see your patients improve in so many different
ways isn’t that incredibly heartfelt it is I see a lot of very common diseases
like estrogen reflux disease affects so many people on everyone’s like well just
go get an h2 blocker or a PPI medicine over the counter like pepcid or prevacid
and and make it go away no one gets to the underlying cause of it and why it’s
happening which a lot of times is obesity and diets driven yeah a lot of
people with irritable bowel syndrome and dysbiosis gut microbiome imbalances
which is again due to the animal products and the tight junctions being
broken called leaky gut and the overgrowth of bacteria due to all kinds
of problems that can occur by eating a meat and dairy rich diet and I still our
chronic constipation I mean the quality of life of my
patients with GI problems is very poor you imagine every day having belly pain
having gas bloating having to go into the restroom and try to like like you
almost have a brain aneurysm trying to push that stool out I mean it’s not no
fun and so I have hundreds and hundreds of people who come see me and if in the
standard American diet for years very low in fiber right and they’re suffering
right and it’s my job to help them get to the underlying root cause of it and
help them transition and so one day they can have a
tamal health like you and i have because we eat a healthy every day yeah what one
of our educators Kyle underwent are meeting me and going through the plan
and he struggled with Crohn’s disease he got to the point where he could barely
train one day a week and here he’s a mixed martial art du Jitsu specialist so
for him not to be able to train his clients as you know affecting his
livelihood and his feeling of self-worth right and now he’s back to training six
seven days a week he’s on top of it he looks fantastic I mean nobody looked
good he had the genetics but he dabbled with Kido died dabbled with high protein
diets and didn’t no one gave him really clear direction and then he you know
came into the training we looked at his blood under the microscope you could see
the changes in white blood cells eosinophils when these cells show up I
mean they’re showing up because the person has compatibility problems with
the particular foods are eating or there’s issues so tell me a little more
about Crohn’s disease do you like esophagitis a very common disorder that
affects a lot of young males with a lot of yo sinner fills that attack the
esophagus and the stuff esophagus becomes very stiff so they have a hard
time swallowing food it’s called dysphasia and Ustinov elekid
Sauvage itis is recently very commonly seen and I attribute it to the whey
protein powders because a lot of these young men are taking whey protein
powders which is a protein that comes from the dairy products which is causing
a lot of allergies so when I do their allergies they’re allergic to way and
you know so if you’re listening if you’re if you’re using whey protein
powders and today I’m asking you to go home grab the protein powder and throw
it in the trash can or give it to somebody you hate because it’s causing a
lot of disease in my expansion you brought up a good point I interviewed an
individual who’s famous for dealing with GMOs Jeffrey and he came out with a book
genetic roulette and he talked about one of his key messages is go not only
non-gmo but go organic so I was so concerned about this very issue because
I deal with a lot of athletes and I’m a competitive athlete and so the protein
issue kept coming up over and over again I said oh my gosh I’ve got to design
something so I design an all organic fruit and vegetable
powder that has the natural nutrients and it’s not any dairy based whatsoever
and my one of my chief scientists called me up says well you’ve got to up two
grams of protein because everyone else has 20 or whatever 40 grams of protein
person I said no I said we’re gonna have the protein that’s present in the
natural foods as they are and the people will benefit because when they take each
scoop we’re using low Hangu or stevia but no added sugar and it’s all organic
and we went through the certification to make sure so when people use this it’s
kind of a mild flavor of vanilla so it’s kind of really tasty and good and mixes
with smoothies and anything else so those people are just like oh my gosh I
can’t give up my protein swap it over like we talked about transition foods
and you’ll see you’re not gonna lose an ounce of muscle and I’d not even lose a
step in year in your run john mcdougall I interviewed a moment ago was talking
about Carl Lewis and at the twilight of his career when he should have been
retiring he was winning gold medals and breaking records on plant-based diets so
I’m a big advocate of it but I am also big into supplementation because I look
under the microscope I see issues with changes in white cells I see red blood
cells b12 absorption issues folic acid I see Omega issues and so you know for me
I also have too from a clinician standpoint think I’ve got advise the MDS
I’m working with we have a situation here
this client needs this particular addition maybe they’re in transition in
their diet and you know it’s perfect I mean you know we go to restaurants some
people eat on the go it’s and even the food supply has changed so I think that
it has its place and we’re probably the only one with a lower protein
concentration in what I call the slim blend protein because people need to
know there’s that transition if they’re going to do it and particularly those
people want to go on low calories sometimes they’ll use these you know
whole food drinks as the meal as a meal replacement I said okay it’s got
everything you need but make sure you eat another couple whole meals besides
don’t just skip you know the other meals and
then you know I think they’re on the wait but I think you’re absolutely right
I always used to say the term say no way to way I you know it’s it’s interesting
that they’re almost every health food store I walk in every vitamin store
every bodybuilding store there’s just big containers of protein powder and I’m
like fancy labels making it look like it’s some magic treat something that’s
going to do anybody any good and fitness competitors with six-packs advertising
it and what people don’t know is those people are not happy if they’re
consuming and as some of the Fitness people who had advertises whey protein
powders in women take them themselves that’s so very true
I’ve met more than you can imagine I get to go backstage with Arnold at the
Arnold Classic each year and interview the celebrities that win the awards and
I asked him directly and a lot of them say no I don’t use dairy prob Arnold
himself doesn’t use dairy products yeah he doesn’t use industries are paying
them paychecks so what they advertise is money driven and you know I kind of it’s
sad but the truth is that they have to make
a living so sometimes they they’re young they’re impressionable they’ll fall for
these types of things once you get to my age you don’t care you know you what you
want to do is basically help people the genuine way it’s not about money it’s
about how do I help people and it’s and then you just you focus less on money
and because you’re in you know I for example for someone like me I have
abundance in my life I don’t need money so I don’t I’m not going to be a slave
to a company but yeah I mean that is you have to be careful who you follow on
Instagram you have to be careful looking at them and judging their health based
on what they look like because a lot of them are sick they have high cholesterol
they’re gonna have premature death because of all the health problems you
just don’t see it I I see a lot of fit people in my clinic or on metformin
because they have insulin resistance already because of the way they eat so
you know it’s it’s terrible you’re absolutely right I
I think that when people see the advertisers and the marketers and the
social influencers fortunately there’s a growing movement of people talking about
plant-based whole food eating exercise which is part of the trifecta right and
balancing the hormones this is absolutely essential for good health
isn’t it I agree I mean I feel like the three are absolutely essential meaning
if you’re eating poorly you cannot out exercise the bad calories at the gym and
I’m an example of somebody who was very overweight when I was eating the
standard American diet and I was I was exercising every day I was I was working
out constantly and when I became plant-based I cut down my exercise to 25
minutes a day as opposed to an hour or longer and I just ate healthier and my
body transformed to more of a fit body so nutrition has a lot to do more to do
with fitness than actual exercise and then of course exercise is important
because of your musculature and keeping your your musculature intact as you age
to protect your bones tendons and everything of course fitness is
important for circulation cardiovascular disease prevention Alzheimer’s disease
prevention so head to toe it’s important to exercise and of course we’re living
longer and we’re living I mean at 40 about a hundred years ago or 200 years
ago you and I would not be having this discussion because both of us would be
dead but we are living longer and so I run faster so see for yourself there you
go okay one of the Tigers would have got you why one of the Tigers would have got
you be forgotten yeah I would have definitely been appetizing food at the
main course but the first childbirth was one of the biggest killer infections
were killing so men and women used to die at age 40 and so pretty much you
know now that we’re living longer because of advent of antibiotics and
medicines that are keeping us alive longer do you need a snack or is it
I saw a curve where they showed that we started figuring out clean water and
having cholera you know washing our hands doing different things in a
sanitary and from a a world perspective in Rome you know they figured out you
know aqueducts and all these things and so there’s this curve where it looks
like the antibiotics actually stepped in and made the big difference but it was
like a couple years before there was this massive move because they were just
people like you said people are dying all over from infectious diseases so
sometimes social movements and recognizing you know the origin when
they first looked under my crostini microbes oh my gosh water has stuff in
it if it’s just left to sit so so you know I sometimes I think we attribute
too much to the probability that antibiotics made such a difference they
do you know under life-threatening situations but you know when can we kind
of transition to wherever possible that natural approach because as you know the
gut right is they talk about as the second brain isn’t it and the fiber how
do you go about encouraging people to get and do you buy into this that
primitive people ate somewhere between 60 and 120 grams of fiber a day yeah and
the average American if they’re lucky between their tomatoes little slices
yeah 5 to 15 absolutely I mean they ate mostly plant-based and you know so
there’s this Paleo genic movement now but where people are eating a lot of
meats and not realizing that they actually in the Paleo genic era they ate
more plants than meat so anyhow for sure you know for whatever reason we’re
living longer now so what what was happening is we are our hormones are
basically sick declining and so after age 35 were experiencing a precipitous
drop in our hormones and our quality of life is suffering and so I think there
should be more information out there for people especially women when they go
through menopause where they suffer can’t sleep with insomnia they have hot
flushes people with hypothyroidism that are fatigued with chronic fatigue and
they can’t even move and the awareness is low and they’re so you know and we
know the the chemicalized estrogens and progesterone
would cause cancer but while you’re identicals are a whole different story
and I’m such a proponent of you Bionicle hormone therapy for women to be
able to have a better quality of life for me the progesterone was life-saving
because I was very surgeon dominant and I had such bad migraine headaches and
that has helped me tremendously yeah I’m working on a book on estrogen dominance
and it’s important to recognize too that let’s say a woman has hysterectomy maybe
she had fibroid tumors or something and the doctors convinced her oh we better
do hysterectomy I mean it’s such a common operation but what they don’t
tell them is okay now you’ve lost your ability to produce sufficient estrogen
progesterone we’re gonna replace that but that’s also the site where
testosterone is produced so some of the women are developing depression because
and they’ve loss of libido and things because they’re not getting a natural
source of testosterone women need to star on as well don’t they of course of
course and you know when you you don’t have ovaries you’re to your adrenal
glands produce a little bit but it’s definitely not what it used to be when
you were 25 right so if you look at testosterone levels of a 25 30 year-old
it’s way different than testosterone levels of a 50 or 60 year old so yes I
believe in bioidentical hormone optimization it is I think it’s totally
natural to do that because you’re trying to basically it’s like driving a car
with an empty tank I mean you just can’t it doesn’t move so if your tank is empty
as a human being if your estrogen progesterone testosterone tanks out it’s
really hard to function every day absolutely doctor Angie you know it’s
interesting I had a client come in referred by Ray Wilson who is probably
legendary bought and sold more fitness clubs than any man in history now at the
age of 91 I think he’s turning 92 here he’s he started up a know a new family
fitness chain in Mexico and so I met with his his partner Jeff and he came in
and spent two days with me and we went through his laboratory work I had the
doc you know get some tests on his testosterone levels are extremely low I
won’t get into numbers and you know he had other things going on and and he was
losing weight by fasting which was helping he was just skipping meals every
other day and he admitted it’s kind of hard to do that and I said well let’s
let’s figure out a better plan for you and in two days we mapped out a whole
plan he had some corrections in his hormone balances we
put him on certain supplements that would modify his hormones he just text
me from whatsapp because he’s down in Mexico he says oh my gosh is it possible
I could be feeling this good already in in like five days he says I can’t wait
to see you on Monday and looking forward to you know follow-ups and what we’re
gonna do you must get clients that come in and once you you measured their
hormone levels right by your blood saliva or urine or what’s your preferred
way of hormone levels and I optimize them with the minimal effective dose
there’s there are protocols where they think bombard people with too much
hormones and that could be a problem so I just use the minimal effective dose
and people feel well I mean people feel so much better and it’s very rewarding
and and of course there’s a whole new field about peptides as you know and
we’ve been working in this area certainly working with stem cells as
I’ve been and you know the different ways as we age I mean it would have been
fine to say we can do it all with diet and exercise and the power of the mind
but but we are aging we have to be honest about that every generation
before us obviously experienced similar or worse situations or this generation
is probably going to be the first that lives shorter than the prior generation
the first time in history in terms of at least civilized situations but you know
we can change all that and people have a choice they can be like Jeff who came to
see me or some of the ladies that come to see you and myself and it’s like wow
you mean you can make this easier for me to lose weight this is gonna be fun and
I’m not gonna starve and I’m gonna be able to you know enjoy how I look and
progress because people want that overnight success and a lot of these
programs out there in three weeks lose all this weight while they’re losing
water weight I mean is that really fat weight of course its water weight
glycogen in the muscles it’s not truly fat loss and even if it is it’ll come
back because some of these diets are non sustain they’re not sustainable right
you’re so well stated so I’m excited that we got to meet and I think it’s
fabulous please tell me how do they find you on
Instagram sure my Instagram handle I’m very active on Instagram
it’s an g dot sadeghi ang IE dot si de GHI my
website is dr. Angie Wow awesome
and now your new book is out you have your website your Instagram and then
we’ll put this up on YouTube and you know all those people following also it
goes to iTunes and then our social media as well so I’m sure we’ll exchange back
and forth you got to show me a few things about Instagram I’m starting to
do the little videos for Instagram and things and trying to figure it out with
my kids help you know everything I just hand it over to the kids is a different
generation you better help me out with this how do I do this how do I hashtag
it what teach me about YouTube because that’s my weakness hey you know that’s
why we’re together you know you hang out and support each other to really get the
word out and help as many people as possible
be strong be well thanks for tuning in and please share and engage if you have
any questions of dr. Angie check out our website and Instagram and drop us notes
in YouTube and all for forward her the tough questions because you know I
answer the questions too but I’m sure there’s some really great things the
fact that you’re so well qualified you look so beautiful and your story is so
heartfelt oh my gosh I can only imagine I know you know those people struggling
with skin issues and problems that there is hope and not only hope it can happen
certainly no promises within weeks and days but the body wants to heal once you
give it the right situation right it wants to turn around if you give your
body the right situation hormones fitness and plants it will fix itself
let’s add a little love in there too right yes that’s important that’s
important okay everyone thank you bye bye

8 Replies to “Curing Depression, Achieving Weight Loss by Whole Food Plant-Based Diet with Angie Sadeghi MD.”

  1. Interesting about the lactose intolerance, and the special lactate dairy milks to solve someone's dairy problems … humans have the digestive enzyme to properly metabolize mother's milk, but as I understand it, eventually lose that enzyme once they mature beyond infancy and milk drinking. This is a natural thing. What other species other than humans make the decision to keep on drinking mother's milk after infancy? And the bizarre and illogical thing is that we as humans drink the mother's milk of another species no less! We did not develop as a species to drink milk for a lifetime, much less from a species unrelated to us. The fact that 70% of us are lactose intolerant ought to tell our superior logical minds that we did not develop to keep on drinking any milk from humans, much less from cows. The dairy industry has done a fine job of hoodwinking us into believing we need the infant lactation fluid from a cow to get all the protein and calcium we need, and that sad thing is that most of us believe it!

    That's great Angie that your mom has developed vegan alternatives for you! It is a positive thing when others, particularly family members, are supportive of healthy ways of eating.

    Thank you Angie and Nick for this information.

  2. If you want Indian food without oil, check out Harshdeep Swami on YouTube. He lost weight and got rid of health problems by going whole food plant based. He has some delicious recipes and inspiring life lessons.

  3. I have been whole food-plant based and it's very difficult and subjective to say if it helped my depression, but I think it has. I think I have fewer days where I have rough mornings, and I can push through the negativity faster with some mental tricks, too. Maybe the diet has enabled that. I watch some motivational speakers like Les Brown. He's not everybody's cup of tea but I like his method of building up people and pushing them respectfully.

    I'm on Effexor 150 mg, not ER / XR but I need to get the XR and will go to a doctor when my refill is almost out. Effexor is a powerful drug with powerful side effects and shouldn't be taken lightly but for me it was necessary. I believe it helped with my migraines, too, and calmed me. When I first took it, it turned night into day. I could think straight once again. That was big.

  4. Not trying to rip you both apart as a saber-toothed cat would could.

    You educated me slightly headaches and Estrogen over dominance, caused by previous lifestyle.

    So as good as your article was I posted it on my Facebook account.

    But I didn't mention following

    Air pollution continues to kill — a 2018 report from the World Health Organization estimates that 7 million people die from it every year — and otherwise wreak havoc with our health in ways that are still being discovered.

    So yeh we need climate control so we can all meet up one say healthy aged whatever living the dream.

    But we cannot do it as above shows, unless Oxyfen we breathe improves, globally.

    To the point you don't switch of a mobile phone.

    Or switch of lights, both of which have energy affecting your outer levels.

    I say this on back of we may have a boron signal.

    So who is the clever cloggs in the room now I have spoken?

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