constipation/treatment & relief with home remedies

hello. so in this video I will talk about
the widespread problem of constipation. so if you find yourself struggling in
the morning to pass out the stool and if you feel that you are not able to pass
out the stool comfortably and completely, and you keep feeling heavy and uneasy
later on, then you are constipated. so in these cases when the stool is dry and
hard and the intestine muscles find it difficult to push down the stool in the
intestines and to the rectum and then out, then this is the situation of
constipation, and this one problem of constipation can lead to many other
problems because the body produces lots of toxins in the people who are
constipated. now these toxins cause many problems. the people who are constipated
are in bad moods, irritated. they feel bloated heavy and lack of energy
lethargy and they might feel headache, they might have acidity and they might
have bad breath ,mouth ulcers, pimples on the face and they might find their sleep
patterns in the night disturbed and in the worst cases the constipation may
lead to the problem of piles. also those who are constipated they may find it
difficult to lose weight even with exercise and dieting because when you
are constipated your metabolism goes down, your metabolic rate is reduced and
so it’s difficult to lose weight. now why does this constipation happen? many
reasons. let’s see very important few reasons. one is that we are not used to
chewing our food properly. we just chew the food few times and then
gulp it down and that’s it. and so what happens when you get down big pieces of
food, then digestion doesn’t happen properly and as a result you have
constipation. so make a habit of chewing the food properly and thoroughly mixing
it with saliva in the mouth then taking it in. this is going to help you with
digestion and constipation. then the other problem is that people do not
consume in a amount of water and fluids and so they remain dehydrated and the
result is the stool is dry and hard and not able to pass properly in the
intestines and there is constipation. so even the people who take care to include
a lot of fiber in their food items but the fiber is going to help you only if
you consume lot of liquids and fluids, and water. and otherwise the fiber may
even increase constipation instead of reducing it. so make a habit of consuming
enough of water and fluids. then the other problem is lot of stress in the
lifestyle. and also these days people consume a lot of painkillers which tend
to increase the constipation. now the constipation problems even the
ayurvedic herbal medicines are not of much use because these medicines if you
consume for a long period of time will weaken your intestines which is not good
in the long run and so you should consume the Ayurvedic medicines for
constipation just temporarily for a short period and not for a long period
of time. the best thing is to do proper exercise and try some home remedies
which are very very effective and very simple. let’s see. the one is castor oil
which is an excellent laxative. so have one or two teaspoon of castor oil
directly and you will see the effect in the morning. it will relieve you of the
problem. or just one teaspoon of castor oil mixed with warm milk can consume that
milk in the night time. also you could try mixing this half teaspoon of castor
oil along with four prunes and ten pieces of Monukka. the Monukka is a typical
Indian resin which is bigger in size and which has seeds. so remember don’t chew
the seeds of Monukka. they increase constipation. so remove the seeds of
Monukka and then use with the prunes and castor oil. make a mixture of these three
things and make a paste make a mash and eat that mash and you will see the
result. the Monukka itself is wonderful, excellent laxative, so you could remove
the seeds and boil it with milk ten to fifteen pieces of Monukka and then drink
the milk and eat that Monukka. another whole preparation is gulkand
is a typical Indian preparation, the mixture of rose petals
and sugar and little amount of cardamom powder in that. so this gulkand, you
could take one teaspoon or two teaspoon along with the warm milk in the night
and this is very cooling in nature for the intestines and very helpful in
relieving constipation. then there is wheat bran, the wheat bran also known in
India is Choker. the wheat bran if you take 1 TSP mix it along with the food
items like the vegetables or salad and eat it during the meals, or you could mix
1 tsp of this wheat bran with warm milk and leave it for some time and then it
increases in size, increases in volume then you would drink that milk along
with this, and you will see it is very helpful. then the aloe vira juice, four tea
spoon of aloe vera juice and 1/2 TSP of ginger juice and add little water to
them and consume this early morning empty stomach. the other remedy is using
Ghee, the ghee is typical Indian preparation, the clarified butter, this cow ghee can be
used with vegetables, you could cook the vegetables in ghee and eat these
vegetables and very good remedy for constipation. you could even add this
Cow ghee to the steamed rice and eat that rice. other way is to make a famous well
known preparation of Khichri which is a mixture of rice and Mung dal, the mung dal is
the green gram which is very nutritious and very helpful in constipation, so make
the khichari and add some cow ghee to that and consume it. you could even cook
the moong dal or the green gram itself and eat during your meals. even the
sprouted green grams are helpful. then the Apple, if you eat early morning is
very helpful. the guava is an excellent laxative, but remember don’t chew the
seeds of guava, the seeds of guava, if you chew them will increase constipation. so
the central soft part of guava which has seeds swallow it up, so swallow the seeds
of guava and just chew the guava which is all around and this is how you consume
guava. then there is sugarcane juice. oh, it is a wonderful
laxative and if you have constantly, regularly one glass and you will never
have constipation again in your life. then there is the Loki (bottle guard) juice which is
very effective. even the orange juice and carrot juice are effective. even eating
pineapple is good, eating the dates, the black resins the chia seeds. yes they are
very effective, and even the fennel which is known in India as sounf, eating that
fennel after the meals is also very effective. and in the constipation times
don’t eat the banana, it increases constipation. then there is
one famous powder called triphala powder, which is used in India and this powder, 1
tsp mixed with the warm water and drink in the night time, and that will help
relieve your problems. so these are some very effective remedies, very simple
remedies which I have told you. try them out and you will find that you get
relieved of the problem of constipation

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