Constipation, is good olive oil?

Is olive oil good for constipation? Yes, it is! Olive oil is very good for overcoming constipation. The first mechanism is that olive oil covers
the walls of the intestine These bowel walls when covered in fat are
very slippery, so that food slides through them and moves faster So it will arrive faster to the final portion
of the intestine This will help avoiding constipation The second mechanism, which is also very interesting,
is a physiological mechanism The duodenum, which is the first part of the
small intestine, produces a hormone called cholecystokinin whose function is making the gallbladder move Gallbladder is full of bile acids and bile
salts When this cholecystokinin goes into the gallbladder, it is emptied of bile – bile acids and bile
salts – these substances in the intestine have the
effect of shaking, irritating and moving the bowel a lot, which
is very good, to overcome constipation Which is the better way to take olive oil? Each person has his favourite way It is very good to take olive oil in a spoon,
first thing in the morning or at any time It is also very good and I recommend it – because
I do it myself – to take the breakfast toast with olive oil And it is also very good to use olive oil
in our salads So in tablespoon, on breakfast toast or in
salads, the olive oil is very good to overcome constipation!

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