Constipation Crisis!

Constipation Crisis!

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  1. Sitting on the toilet instead of squatting on your feet pinches off the colon making it harder for poop to come out. Nobody ever mentions this in America but it is a major reason we have trouble pooping along with the other reasons he mentioned.

  2. After waking up dont pee first drink 1 litre of water then walk in the in the direction of 8 clockwise in 10×10sq feet area you will poop within 5 minutes .remember I told you that u should not pee first .that means you have to pee and poop at same time . Repeat this routine for 21 days u will be regular . /Addition tips drink hot water (not boiling )after your dinner when u feel thrist . If u have chronic situation take half teaspoon of trifhala powder and mix it with hot water in morning.thats it simple

  3. I was hoping that in this video he (the doctor) would address the situation of having blood in your stool and if you also can only poop every 7-10 days even with strong prescription laxatives. Curious if this is normal. But also lack of appetite and nausea symptoms. Anyone?

  4. The problem I have with this vid post and this segment on The Doctors is, what about people who have Gastroparesis, suffer from EDS or any other number of medical conditions that can cause constipation? All the fibre in the world ain't gonna help some of these people. In fact it could make their condition that much worse ⚛️

  5. You know i think its ridiculous to have any Doctor like the one hosting this show to act childish about giving information on Bowel movements. For anyone with Chronic constipation its no laughing matter. It makes you feel lethargic, sick alot & can be life threatening. Straining when constipated can cause Heart arrhythmias and Other dangers. It SUCKS!!!!

  6. What’s so funny about this topic? Audience is really annoying with its laughter. This is a serious problem and extremely hurtful.

  7. Most United States Of America citizens are unhealthy-eat too much fatty/salty/sugary/carb heavy comfort/junk foods-very little fruits and vegetables-drive everywhere instead of walking or cycling or running-SO you are all ill and diseased from within-and constipation is a major diagnostic symptom of much worse to come,if left unremedied-with a healthier plant based diet and vigorous daily exercise…

  8. im literally suffering of constipation right now and I don’t know what to do. 😭 recently my lower abdominal area has been hurting a lot but I just can’t poop. The last time I’ve gone to the bathroom was 2 days ago on a stool softener but that’s it. I haven’t gone naturally in like a whole week! I’ve been feeling really nauseous too and this is stressing me out

  9. if anybody see's this comment read arnold ehret's book "Mucusless diet healing system". constipation is pretty much from eating mucus forming foods all our lives and it form's this hard mucoid plaque that engraves itself in your colon and intestines. this comment might catch a lot of flack, but i don't care… this may be your saving grace. Also you might want to do an enima the one with the long tube and pouch.

  10. ive been constipated for 3 weeks already i keep eating vegetables n drinking mirilax but nothings helping im 17 n terrified im gonna have to get a stoma if this doesnt stop T^T so frustrated and bloated! this isnt even the longest period of time for me ive gone 2 months w/o pooping before and all i get prescribed is more doses of mirilax i just want this to be over

  11. I dnt get poop for 8 dayss!!!!! …it iss goong too much avnorml….plssss helppp anybody if one has faced the same…

  12. I’m hear sitting tryna take a sh*t and feel like I’m gonna die and the people laughing the crowd is just making it worse🤦🏽‍♂️😒

  13. No matter what i eat i cannot poop. I changed my diet 2 and a half years ago and am now vegetarian eating plenty of greens and more colorful vegetables, along with fruits every day and I am still constipated!! i drink 5 plus 16.9oz bottles of water every day and am still constipated. I take probiotics and eat foods high in probiotics like sauerkraut and am still constipated. Stool softeners make me constipated now. I had a colonoscopy about 2 and a half months ago and everything was fine. I've always had chronic constipation and my doctor said it was IBS-constipation and put me on Rx meds that just gave me diarrhea. 🙁 He did however recommend Miralax which does work but you can only take that for 7 days. I'm so frustrated….

  14. What do you do with the water or chia seeds after you strain it, do you drink the seeds and discard the water they soaked in or
    Do you discard the the seeds and drink the water the seeds soaked in?

  15. I used to have such a good immune system and digestive system . when he said ur healthy poops require no wiping i stg every shit i took until sometime last year, (unless it was watery from something i ate) i wouldn’t have to keep wiping bc my hole was clean when I’d go to wipe…but not i have nausea, constipation, and almost every shit is watery. my grandma has GERD and diverticulitis so it could’ve just caught up with me genetically. so thankful i started looking up these videos to help me.

  16. Do you know how serious constipation problem can do to your health? Do you know it can even cause ATAXIA…? yes, you heard me… ATAXIA. Even specialists can't explain that. My wife was diagnosed as having Spino cerebral ataxia in 2006. Most doctors will say this… " It's a rare genetic disease and There's no cure yet for it..!!! ". Fast forward 2019 she's on wheelchair and got worse. She also had difficulty pooping… like once in 6 – 7 days. I did my study on the matter, non stop. I told myself… there's no such thing as incurable disease… and is God that cruel to curse us, our ancestors to get sick from passed on generations. NO!!! But thanks to YouTube… From my observation, I believe she actually suffered from malnutrition. Why? Because of years of indigestion and pooping problem, the walls on the colons and intestines had been blocked with all sorts of bacterias, stones, toxic and all those poisons that also want shares of the nutrients I gave her. The capillaries were blocked. This blocked the Vitamin B12 to enter into her bone marrow, hence the spinal cord, that also connected to the cerebellum. Solution.? COFFEE ENEMA. It's like changing the engine oil. You must throw away the old one first then pour in the new one… see how smooth the car goes. After about 3 months early this year, when the blockages were cleared and putting in new nutrients especially methycobalamin, she said she felt really different… She remembers things, more energetic… and more. The best ever is… she can walk, tho using cane. In other words.. no more wheelchair!!! Bros and sistas… trust me… constipation is no joke. Clear all those wires in your body first… and Coffee enema is the best solution so far. Trust me.. It'll change you.. your life.

  17. "Mild" is putting it lightly for prunes. I sometimes put prunes in oatmeal when I get plugged up, and I get diarrhea within an hour or two. 😂

  18. It's been over week since the last time I've had bowel movement. I have been eating once a day so I wouldn't be in so much pain. Yes im always constipated.. now… It hurts so much, on my sides… I wish I wasn't like this..
    I've been experiencing this since I was in elementary…

  19. I'm sorry but if I eat a lot of fiber, that makes me constipated as all hell. Coffee in the morning and I'm good. Overshare but before I started drinking coffee and eating less in a day, I only went once every two weeks it was terrible 😣😵.

  20. I had a bad upset stomach because i had milk (other lactose intolerant i know you get me) and yeah we all know how that goes down.

    So my mum gave me a tablet to help me with it. It made me constipated;-; Because she gave me the strobger one.
    tHaNkS mUm

  21. I have a SEVERE constipation issue. Honestly no joke. I literally have a stool once every few months. And when I do have it, I'm having to take a drastic measure to force it out. I drink water, I eat fiber and just about any and EVERYTHING else that will produce a BM. Still NOTHING! I have had colonoscopies, endoscopies and ultrasounds. They come back NORMAL. I have been given Rx meds and nothing works. I am so frustrated with the doctors not finding a reason as to why I can't have a BM without some type of force. My skin is beautiful, I dont have bad breath and I'm not in pain. So what could be the issue. No lie, I have not had a BM March 2019 and it's June 2019. Within these months I've had tests done and they are normal. Gastroenterologist says there is no blockage or any other issues. I beg to differ. I do have a thyroid issue and I know this causes constipation but not for months at a time. I have been this way for years. People think I'm joking when I tell them I don't have BM's. I drink lemon water all day everyday. Sometimes I'll feel like I need to go and I'll sit there for maybe an hour….NOTHING!

  22. People who have never experienced it will never understand how painful and mind bending this can be! It can cause serious stress and anxiety.

  23. A few weeks ago I made a comment that could be wrong. About Ensure you see I don't drink Ensure as a meal substitute but as a cool drink an I'm a big man so where a normal man drinks one for a meal I drink 10 or 12 cartons or bottles. I know that the human body can only absorb so much, it won't overload on food or drinks. But when it comes to alcohol I don't bother drinking. But I love the flavor of Ensure. So I'm sorry if you miss understood.

  24. I'm 13 and haven't pooped in a week I've tried so many things but nothing helps I'm scared

  25. This is how absolutely true very seldom but you know when you have that very long solid poop probably like 10 in long and solid looking like a long Brown penis not trying to be funny here but after you have one of those you feel like you're absolutely 100% cleaned out and you have so much energy

  26. A group of clowns talking about a very serious health issue, I got my first bleeding Hemorrhoids at the age of 16, I was walking in town and suddenly my trousers felt wet I felt the area and my hand was soaked in blood, I have always been constipated and now at the age of 80 I still have problems with it I have had bowel cancer with surgery to remove 50% of my large intestine, 2 hemorrhoid surgery's and constant use of usually non chemical laxatives of one form or another. I do not consider it to be a funny subject and resent these idiots making money from peoples distress.

  27. You know most ppl who suffer with constipation actually eat a decent amount of fiber and still struggle. That's because they don't have enough potassium in their diets.
    "Digestive problems have many causes, one of which may be potassium deficiency. Potassium helps relay signals from the brain to muscles located in thedigestive system. Summary Potassium deficiency may cause problems like bloating and constipation because it can slow the movement of food through the digestive system." Google it and incorporate foods with potassium in your diet. I have and I cannot express my joy! I am regular, no more hemmroids, no anal fissures no pain or straining. I've also added milled flaxseeds in soups bc it dissolves without a weird taste. It's a great way to add fiber

  28. This cured my Constipation problem eating anything chew all foods to almost liquid with your saliva you'll. defecate everyday

  29. They laugh but this topic is serious. I have issues with my colon and i have been sent to the E.R. because of it. At one point they had to give me a drug that was 10x more powerful than morphine because I was in so much pain.

  30. folks can joke all like. but when you have ass problems you gonna be thanking this guy. I went to the poop clinic. no shame.

  31. Damn you’re pooping is a terrible experience for me every single time I’d really just rather not poop at all fuck a good poop or bad poop

  32. Never had this problem but once when I consumed an entire solid dark chocolate Easter bunny. My mother figured out the problem when she found the wrapper stuck between the mattress a day box spring of my bed. The cure was prune juice and senna tea.

  33. People suffering from Hemorrhoids should consider using KINGS HERBAL
    from the Philippines. It is very effective and will shrink your piles in as early as one week. I tried it and it worked.

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