Constipation – 4 Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Immediate Relief from Constipation & Piles

a common ailment resulting from sedentary lifestyles and eating the wrong foods that wrong times is constipation we’re passing stool becomes difficult and even painful sometimes other than the obvious abdominal discomfort constipation also causes gas and headaches you might also have bad breath and
sometimes a bad taste in your mouth as well to get your sluggish bowels to function properly start today with having about two to three liters of water on an empty stomach alternatively if having plain water is a
problem then you can try the following take a glass of warm water add a bit of lemon juice to it and add about half a teaspoon of salt mix this well and you can have this every morning on an empty stomach the powder of fennel seeds popularly known as saunf is proven to be very effective for constipation so take about half a teaspoon of fennel powder added to a glass of water at room temperature mix it well and have this about two to
three times a Day olive oil which is known for its many health benefits is also proven to be effective for constipation so take one tablespoon of olive oil every morning and if you find it difficult to drink plain olive oil you can add about half a teaspoon of
lime juice to it and have it every morning soak about 15 to 20 raisins in water in the morning eat them the next morning along with the water they are soaked in and make sure you use drinking water to soak the raisins psyllium husk popularly known as isabgol is proven to be extremely effective for constipation so you can take about 10 to 15 grams and bedtime with water milk or even yoghurt and if you would like to take it during the day you can have about two to three doses along the day these are few remedies you can try other than going to the pharmacy to pick up laxatives however to ensure smooth functioning of bowels make it a lifestyle habits to add rich fiber foods to your diet like fresh
fruits and raw vegetables and walk at every opportunity you get if you enjoyed this video remember to hit the like button and leave a comment to let me know what you feel and make sure to check out our other videos and remember stay healthy and live a long happy life

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