Cold & Flu Care : How to Fight a Flu Naturally

Cold & Flu Care : How to Fight a Flu Naturally

It’s flu season again. A lot of people today,
like to use natural remedies to fight many different diseases, including that of the
flu. Hi, I’m Dr. Savage. I’m an osteopathic family practice physician, in Tampa. I’m here
to talk to you about natural remedies to use when you have the flu. Before I do that, I
must say that it’s important to see your doctor, when you have the symptoms of the flu. First
of all, if you have it within the first two days, there’s an antiviral medicine that can
greatly decrease the time course. Whereas, natural medicines are ok, vitamin C, zinc,
echinacea. They may help with the symptoms, but they don’t actually decrease the time
course. Other things to do, that could help, is using honey in your tea. A nice warm cup
will hydrate the nasal cavity. The honey has been shown to be as effective, if not more
effective, than treating congestion. If you have a sore throat, salt water gargles would
be fine. Regarding nausea and diarrhea, unfortunately, you’re going to have to stick that one out.
That’s part of why it’s a potentially dangerous disease. You have to maintain as much calorie
and water intake, as you can tolerate, so first, it’s important to take sips of clear
liquids, and increase your oral intake, as you can tolerate it. Also, if your diarrhea
persists more than a couple of days, that is yet another reason to see your doctor,
and that’s natural remedies to treat the flu. I’m Dr. Savage. I wish you the best of health.

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  1. Try Traditional Medicinals Brand of Organic Echinacea Plus – Its a tea that really helps. Especially if you have asmtha attacks when you catch a cold. This brand really helps -they say they package the tea fresh. So its really good, and it works, Hope everyone an easy weather change. ~ Sallam (Peace)

  2. this guy sucks at giving information, he tries to hard to look proffesional…lol…he had the best intentions though….

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