Circulatory System Rap (Pump it Up!)

Circulatory System Rap (Pump it Up!)

i’m a little red blood cell heading for
the hot the inferior vena cava’s where my journey starts start bio two levels focus i gave it to
number both in the lens when you are right and it was higher in your paypal
now and then the right dream chairman of a word while your blood comes here
doesn’t matter where some superior vena janet reno homes and other it’s the
outstanding luxury dog beds in pass-through about when the entry into
traffic the bells conscious things here that’s united know what his writings
religion dealer or tried fit if you want to get the feel of a plus in your heart
florida hello do not job uh… eleven your condition the sons of the nation is not on this
end now to the next to the right angela
after suffering and still well we’re not his ginger suffered
physical address and headed for the lungs is a poor man everything out on
the first get a lot of my current location is the pulmonary artery
pittsburgh just run away put the system raspberry kiss to small arteries to a
longtime political quiz so u to lose out on the an oxygen goes into me i feel so
great amongst indiana had a problem for the payment everyday normally doesn’t
head back to the heart as it’s not the at lendingtree m as a heart transplant
and other health but costs in your heart dot unless do not john uh… eleven your computer decides condition is not on this end left featuring insisted on wednesday
development israel ventricular old bike has been developed into the left
ventricle which when it comes right says we’re going to yourself put me on
japanese to go to the a sort of the biggest are terminated from their
danielle delivery into any capillary native liverpool’s necessities
brainstorm vasantha wherever i don’t give up oxygen and i’ll pick up some
studio two a m going to attain and by myself and that the annotated again at
the back to the heart to repeat historic that our journey through the system
circulatory baba plus in your heart help unless do not job uh… unless your condition decides that the nation is not on this
end main points candy overrated right side of the heart the oxygenated
left side has blood flow oxygen repeat that to you know what they’ll say it
again right-side blood d oxygenated pesticide blood oxygenated chambers on
the top atrium shame is on the bottom ventricles
biggest artery is the okay or not dana brings led to the heart that the
dictator and if you want more questions to review of click the link doesn’t go
to resell them back to you

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  1. I’ve been playing this everywhere in  toronto, and everyone looks at me like I’m crazy but I’m like naw, need to know my heart shit ya know?

  2. My classmates and I still know your Glycolysis rap my heart … " Come on sugar, come on sugar, for the breakdown", many us passed because of the simple and straightforward way it is presented.

  3. Dang, I always loved Biology raps. Well, when they’re actually good. This one was actually quite well-done, kudos!

  4. love this thank gof for this am going for medical assiting and love it but sometimes I  lose focus  and have trouble remembering

  5. This video saved my life. I have to write an essay about being a red blood cell that travels through the circulatory system and I didn't really listen in class so I would be kinda fucked…


  7. I bet the people saying that this made them cringe….

    Failed their tests.

    This is amazing and I already got most of it down with only watching it a few times. Thanks for making this.

  8. Thanks for doing this. It's a great resource for my health students to learn something that can be a bit complicated. I use it every year!

  9. Kali Ma! Kali Ma!
    (I See your heart throb)
    Kali Ma! Kali Ma!
    (Pulling hearts out is my job)
    Kali Ma! Kali Ma!
    (I'm doin' my mission)
    ("cause this ritual is an ancient tradition)

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