Childhood Constipation and Cow’s Milk

Childhood Constipation and Cow’s Milk

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  1. It's time to stand up to our government and to the Dairy Industry- they have known for a long time that cow's milk products are bad for us and all they care about is the almighty dollar. My family enjoy almond milk and coconut milk as well as lots of dark leafy greens for our calcium sources as it is clearly produces less of an inflammatory response as well as a better absorption rate.

  2. Great info as usual! I find that the amount of medical evidence in favor of plant-based diet is simply incredible, many thanks!

  3. Every time I go on here, I say to myself "hmm I wonder what selective studies he will use to praise a vegan diet today".

  4. I can attest to this. When I was a child I had to stay home from school on a few occasions because of horrible constipation. The knots in my stomach, the constant trips to the toilet hoping something more than fluid came out.

    As an adult it happened to me once again. I wasn't drinking milk but I realized I was using too much whey protein, which may as well be the same thing. So I switched to hemp protein and the difference was night & day. Hemp is amazing. Very nutritious. Another thing I would assume is better for you than milk from animal mammary glands would milk from human mammary glands..Ok, off I go to research human milk.

  5. Awesome info!  Ass milk?  Oh my goodness, I've never heard of it,  I don't mean to be juvenile but I was laughing mine off lol!

  6. Bottom Line!!!! Too funny Dr. Greger.

    But the truth of this is wonderful. I had these issues as a infant/child. When my daughter presented with even worse symptoms, the doctor said it was normal that she only pooped every two weeks. How could it have been normal for her entire face to turn red and for her to scream in pain? She also had asthma and eczema. Her daughter also presents with these symptoms.

    Stopping all dairy a few years back cured the problem for me.

  7. Are all cheeses exactly the same kind of diary? I've cut all dairy from my diet except a few slices a week of swiss cheese. Is that enough to still cause issues for adults?

  8. Hi, what can I do to stop paediatrician in my country – they literally force mums to feed their children milk and dairy by the calciun and protein fairy tale. 

  9. Cow's milk (and dairy) are bad for humans on so many levels!  For a great explanation of this which is both entertaining and informative, I recommend the following DVD (definitely worth watching and sharing):

  10. Raw milk is very good for you, but pasteurized, homogenized, denatured milk, not so much. The misconception of all milk being bad needs to be set straight. Raw grass fed milk whether it be cows, sheep's, or goats is very good for you.

  11. I grew up in the 50's… On cow's milk. I also had the chronic constipation well into my adulthood while consuming "recommended" amounts of milk/dairy. I also had those painful rectal fissures. Within 2 weeks of eliminating cow's milk from my diet – It all went away! You can't imagine how joyful it is to be in your 50's and FINALLY have regular, easy bowel movements. Even my adult acne cleared up… Gosh, I wish I had known about the damage of dairy decades ago. :/

  12. 30,000 yrs ago virtually no adult could drink milk. With domestication people learned to make cheese, etc. and people with that skill spread. In a few locations people with a mutation that allowed them to drink milk as older people became common. From the speed with which the mutation spread drinking raw or processed milk must have had a huge survival value despite the fact that a lot of people contracted diseases by doing so. Much of the population is still lactose intolerant and some people can't even drink human milk as babies so if a kid/person is having issues by all means run some tests. However the best rule is still moderation in all things. A varied diet works best for most. 

  13. My granddaughter, who attends a public school in Corvallis, OR, said that the children must drink all of their milk before they can go to the playground.   Soy milk and rice milk are provided, but the children have to bring a note from their parents in order for them to get the soy or rice milk.

  14. Thank you SO much for doing videos on children. I really appreciate any studies on children and diet :). Thank you thank you! Love your videos!

  15. Infants are not allowed to drink cow milk in the first place. If you can't produce breast milk, or get ahold of some from another HUMAN, you're supposed to use FORMULA. Giving a baby cow milk could probably get your baby taken away by child protective services.

    For research discussed to have been regarding, BABIES WHO BELONG ON BREAST MILK, AND ARE TOO YOUNG OFFICIALLY FOR COW MILK is insane! They should have scolded the parents for giving the babies cow milk in the first place, and pointed out they're not supposed to do it! How it even came into being about research of that kind instead of just telling that crap-for-parents to cut it out is beyond me!
    And, parents giving babies cow milk instead of mother's milk are probably giving them other things they're not supposed to have! Who is to say the parents didn't drop more things from the diet that weren't supposed to be there, with there being multiple possible causes of the constipation that got dropped? As if they'd tell the doctors/scientists about the even more questionable things like soda, beer, or whatever else after it probably did get pointed out they shouldn't have cow milk!

  16. Did you hear how the elimination of all dairy products was found to cure constipation in up to 100% of kids tested?

    Watch the below or click the link to watch on

  17. Wonder why I never had constipation in my life… Should I try some milk?
    BTW, ask any bodybuilder – whey protein is the worst that can happen to your ass :))

  18. cow milk is the world most nutritious food. complete protein + calcium. its weird that people who promote a vegan diet for health reasons look like AIDS patients. for ALL THE VEGANS OUT THERE, WHY VEGANS LOOK SICK?

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