Carnivore Diet: The Complete Guide

Carnivore Diet: The Complete Guide

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  1. Hi Nelson, Amazing job with this video! Well produced, well thought out, unbiased etc… A pleasure to watch 🙂 Definitely an interesting topic – thanks for your take on it!

  2. Amazing content! I really like how you explain everything step by step.

    What most people do not understand in terms of dieting is the frequency of eating. Fasting and intermittent fasting is as important if not even more important than what we eat. Recent studies from doctor Sinclair show that we can extend our lifespan and look younger and REVERSE AGING, by activating some enzymes in our genome, just by being hungry. (plus doing HIIT exercises, getting resveratrol and exposing our body to the cold ). We have to be anabolic and than catabolic to be healthy. Simple as that. 5 days of fasting activates stem cells, and stem cells are important as they can be whatever cell your body needs ( even nerves).

    regarding the diet:
    What do you think about sardines? Sardines are super duper loaded with nutrients, they have 0 heavy metal, cheap and tasty, as well as loaded with omega 3 🙂

    I like to get one egg yolk, mix it with homemade olive oil and voilà here you go with an amazing super healthy mayonnaise ( you can add chili pepper it tastes amazing) ( omega3++)

    Another good trick to increase nutrient absorption is to eat fermented sauerkraut. What do you think about that? Sometimes I just drink the sauerkraut water, it is loaded with nutrients, probiotics, minerals and tastes AMAZING.

  3. Just what to say i have been Watching your videos for some time now and I Find it so inspiring and amazingly done you have something so contagious about you from your positivity to your energy so keep doing what you’re doing you have so many people supporting you and I’m one of them ✨💛

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