Cancer Metastasis in the Liver – All Symptoms

Do you know what symptoms can produce the
metastasis that grow in our liver? Do liver metastasis hurt? Can metastasis in the liver kill us? The answers to these questions, and many more,
in this video Do not miss it! It’ll surprise you! How do the cells of a cancer located in another
part of the body reach the liver? Cancer can appear in almost every organ of
the body In each of them has its peculiarities But many cancers have a common aspect: they
are capable of producing metastasis in the liver How do these metastasis appear? The first step is that cancer cells want to
travel. And that they want to do it in the blood Swimming in the blood cancer cells can, in
theory, reach any part of the body without much difficulty Why then do these cancer cells prefer to stay
in the liver? The first motif is quantitative: the liver
is one of the organs in the body that receives most blood 25% of the blood that the heart pumps in a
minute will go to the liver, which at all times is filled with half a liter of blood The second reason is qualitative: with so
much blood inside the liver, much of it coming from the intestines and full of freshly absorbed
nutrients, in the liver cancer cells can live very well But staying to live in the liver is not without
consequences The functions of this organ will gradually
suffer Let’s see how! What are the consequences of metastasis in
the liver on the organ functions? If the liver is filled with metastasis, that
is, of cancerous cells that come from another place of the body and which have no resemblance
to normal liver cells, these hepatocytes -which is the name liver cells are called- will be
pushed by the metastatic masses in continuous growth If they are pushed, it is only a matter of
time before the hepatocytes stop working, and even they will break and die When the normal liver cells die, the functions
of this organ will diminish, until disappearing These functions are: Cleaning toxic substances and dead cells that
go through the blood Production of bile to digest fats Create 90% of the proteins in our blood Control, together with the pancreas, blood
glucose levels Store various types of vitamins and minerals Therefore we will have the blood intoxicated We will suffer fat malabsorption, so fats
will be lost with the feces, floating these in the toilet We can bleed very easily and make hematomas
with a minimum hit We can not control hypoglycemia And we won’t absorb the vitamins A, D, E,
K and B12 But among these symptoms there is a very dreaded
one in all people with cancer: pain Let’s see if metastases in the liver can cause
pain! Why can metastasis in the liver produce pain? Metastasis in the liver can produce pain by
two mechanisms: one direct, and one indirect The direct mechanism is that liver metastasis
grow so much that they infiltrate the membrane that covers the liver almost completely, which
is the hepatic capsule This capsule has many nerve endings that receive
pain information and send it to the brain When the metastasis irritates this capsule,
we’ll feel pain in the upper right area of ​​the belly The indirect mechanism requires that a metastasis
in the liver ruptures some blood vessel inside the organ, causing an internal hemorrhage The blood will accumulate very quickly, and
the capsule of the liver will be stretched, which will send pain information to the brain Having seen that metastasis in the liver can
produce pain, are there any other peculiar symptoms of this situation? Let’s see! Do liver metastasis produce hiccups? Metastasis in the liver can be a cause of
hiccups For this hiccups to appear, the metastasis
of cancer cells that is growing in the liver must touch the diaphragm The diaphragm is the muscle that is responsible
for keeping the rhythm of our breathing, thanks to its rhythmic contractions But when something is irritating and stimulating
it, our regular rhythm is lost This loss of rhythm results in hiccups As the cause is constant, as the metastasis
grows in size gradually, the hiccups will be constant: we will suffer it night and day And it will be very difficult to deal with Grandmother’s remedies like drinking backwards,
like covering our nose or like receiving a good scare will not provide lasting relief Can metastasis in the liver cause death? We have discussed that the liver that is being
metastasized loses its normal functioning This means that, among others, its role as
a cleaner of toxic substances in the blood is gradually being lost This blood full of toxins will continue to
travel the whole body And it will go through the brain, where these
toxins will start to make the neurons start to malfunction We will enter a state of progressive confusion,
called hepatic encephalopathy, which is often the cause of the death of people who have
the liver completely canceled by abundant metastasis that have grown in it We have already seen the symptoms that can
lead to the appearance of metastasis in the liver because cells from cancers from other
locations invade this organ Let’s summarize them so that they are very
clear to us Summarizing Metastasis in the liver can cause the following
symptoms We will have our blood intoxicated, so that
the brain will work worse and worse until it causes death if the liver fills with metastasis We will absorb bad fats, which will be lost
with feces We can bleed very easily and suffer hematomas
with a minimum blow We can not control hypoglycemia We will lack vitamins A, D, E, K and B12 We will begin to suffer pain in the upper
right part of the belly And may appear a hiccup very difficult to

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