Can Candida Create Havoc In Your Digestive System If You Have Had It For A While?

Can Candida Create Havoc In Your Digestive System If You Have Had It For A While?

Greetings. Greetings. It’s Eric Bakker again from New Zealand, the
naturopath. Right. We’ve got a question here from somebody over
in Japan. I do get people from Japan and Taiwan and
Asia, all those countries. “Can Candida create havoc in your digestive
system if you’ve had it for a while?” It can create major havoc if you’ve had it
for a while. Serious havoc. You can get a lot of food allergies and food
sensitivities. You can get major gas and bloating. Lots of fatigue and digestive discomfort. You can get serious constipation and diarrhea. The thing also that Candida will do is it’s
going to create a problem with the beneficial bacteria. It’s going to set off inflammatory responses. It’s going to help to alter the pH of the
gut and that is going to allow other bacteria to come in and form micro colonies. They will form these micro colonies and then
they’ll create even further havoc. They’ll create by products. They’ll set up reactions with your immune
function. These reactions will go further and make you
feel quite sick and toxic. Candida can make you serious sick in your
digestive system. For many years, doctors said it was a load
of crap that Candida couldn’t live in gut. It didn’t create problems. But if you go now to Pub Med or MBAR or EMBASE
or CNAM, look at any of these databases, you’re going to find a ton of research validating
the work I’ve been doing. A lot of doctors and scientists now know that
Candida can create serious problems in the gut. It used to be if it gets in the bloodstream
and makes you sick, but it’s a normal part of the bowel flora. We know it is for about 20 percent of people. But in some cases, it really overgrows and
takes over and make them very, very sick. Assessment with stool testing and then appropriate
treatment is what I recommend with Candida. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Eric, which of your videos do you recommend for my family to watch to help them understand my severe candida? Can you please refer me to a severe case video they could watch? I have severe adrenal gland problems, thyriod, skin, oral, vaginal, red burning rash, dry eyes/skin, muscle pain and joint pain, sounds like aliens live in my stomach,, oral thrush, moodiness, crying from frustration, feels like death knocking on my door for the past year. I tried a cleanse, I began vomiting within 24 hours. I could not digest the vegetables. I'm a fermenting, acidic mess. No one understands and I'm blessed to have found you!
    I saw several different Doctors, no one can help me. It's antifungals and antibiotics, which I've taken all my life, not knowing I had this all along!
    Bless you and what you are doing

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