Baby Yoga for Colic, Constipation, Wind and Gas

Baby Yoga for Colic, Constipation, Wind and Gas

Hi my name’s Lucy, I’m a qualified Baby Yoga Instructor and we want to show you some moves that are good if your baby is suffering with colic, is really constipated, or has lots of trapped gas. So, before we start we’re going to make sure that baby is happy and well and we’re only going to take the movements as far as baby wants us to So we are going to have a little bounce into these legs and just say ‘relax, relax baby!’ And we’re gonna bring the knees up towards the chest and circle around, so knees up towards the chest, and a circle around One more time Knees up towards the chest and a nice big circle around. So our next move is going to be more of a pumping action with the legs, so one leg after the other, ‘relax baby, relax’! So pumping one leg after the other and again this massages the tummy and helps the air move around the bowel. So for our third move, lets try some bicycling So more of a circular movement through the hips and again this massages the tummy, and also it creates space within the intestines to help release any trapped gas. And we can try a little bit of marching. One leg after the other. So a bit like the bicycling, but a bit more ‘marchy’! Again, this stimulates the digestive organs helps with the release of any trapped gas. and for our last move, we can try and bring babies toes up towards the nose! and back down again. We can try it again Toes to the nose! So again, really really good for stimulating all the digestive organs, and we can bring those last two moves together with a song just to help engage baby and make it a bit more fun. So we can go back to the marching and we can sing Oh the grand old duke of York, he had 10 thousand men, he marched them up to the top of the hill and he marched them down again. and when they were up they were up and when they were down they were down and when they were only half way up they were neither up nor down! and a little wiggle of the legs just to help with that passage of air through the bowels. and a massive well done! ‘well done baby, well done!’

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  1. My little one had severe constipation issues and "Babies Magic Tea" worked wonders for us. He goes for bowel movement without any struggle!!!

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