hey everyone and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Sarah
I have a toddler son named Suleiman I’m expecting baby number two in February
and I’m looking forward to sharing this 32 week update pregnancy update or bumpdate with you all I share these every Tuesday on my channel,
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further adieu let’s get into this video In this week’s video, I’m going to be taking
you through the baby’s development symptoms that I’ve been going through this week and then I’m gonna end it with baby names that I love and might be using because I don’t know why I wouldn’t use some of these names. They’re pretty great and that’s why I chose them in the first place let’s start by talking about the baby’s development.
At this point they’re about 17 inches long and a little over four pounds. They are about the size of a honeydew melon or a baby lion cub which is adorable their bones are hardening as they have been in the past but now they’re not as fragile as they were
obviously in previous weeks the next thing that’s happening is the baby’s
brain function has vastly changed this week they now have the capability to control their breathing, their body temperature and digestive system This is what differentiates a preterm baby from a late preterm baby late preterm babies are generally born between weeks 32 to 36 weeks plus 6 days which was the case for my son, Suleiman.
He was born at 36 weeks the lungs have almost finished developing which is again why late preterm babies have it a little bit
easier than preterm babies now symptom-wise, at 32 weeks pregnant,
I noticed that my belly dropped and this has been a little nerve-racking for me, because I never had that experience with my son Suleiman he was always low. It has me a
little worried, because I know that I have a high risk of preterm labor and
that’s my biggest symptom other than as you can still tell – my nose.
I’m still congested it is so annoying it is not…I’m not sick. It is just that my sinus is so inflamed with this pregnancy and I mentioned this really early on in my
pregnancy updates but it’s gotten to a point where I just sound stuffy and gross and you will also see that my lip is super inflamed I look like I got fillers to the next level
and I would never do that and I also look I’m just really dry it’s so annoying and my eyebrows are thinning
which is the most annoying symptom for me because it’s so obvious.
It’s the most visually… just the visual symptoms I think in general are really getting to me now at this point but it is what it is, pregnancy Now let’s get into the names that I love and might be using I won’t be using these ones, because I’m having a boy so I’ll start with the girl names because those are baby names that I love that won’t be using – at least not in this pregnancy first name that I like for a girl is Inayah.
Inayah means care or concern I think it’s such a pretty name The second girl name that I love is Layana
and you might see a pattern here I do like means that ending in a vowel
and it means radiant the third baby girl name that I like is Ahlam,
which means dreams and the fourth girl name that I like is Layal
– which is I guess a play on the name Layla but Layal means nights, so it’s a multiple.
I love the name I think it’s beautiful I think it’s a popular name in general now Layla and Lail and all those ones but Layal is just a different take on that. another name that I really like is Soha,
which means star and this name means something to me,
because it was my aunt’s name God rest her soul and she was on my dad’s side God rest his soul.
He also passed away she was really dear and special to my dad and to me and I I loved her name I think her name is beautiful the sixth name – and by the way I have 10 names in
total for girls and 10 for boys That’s why.. I put together quite a list for you but the sixth name that I like is Hillah.
Hillah is, I guess technically it is a girl’s name it means *beginning of the lunar month, my bad! the sevens name that I like is Rayna.
Rayna means pure and I just think it’s it’s another beautiful name my eighth name is Arya,
which means pure and noble and some people are gonna probably laugh
and smile at that one and be like “okay you like that name?” and if you know why
let me know in the comments I want to hear what you think the ninth name I like for girls is Kiana.
Kianna means essence and this name it just sounds gorgeous as well I think if I had twin girls, which I thought about as well, because we do have twins in our families but I like the name Rayna and Kiana
I think those two girl names if you had girl twins would be so cute and then the tenth name is Thea,
which is for some reason when spelt in English Zia it doesn’t really make sense,
because it’s spelt with a “ض” and not a “ز” but the Thea means light
and I think it’s a gorgeous name. It sounds really pretty and
an English way of saying it would be Thea the names are not too difficult to say in English,
because obviously that is something I think about being Canadian, I want the name to be easy for other people to say as well but also still have some kind of meaning in my culture and religion and all that boy names so these names are names that I could very well likely call this little baby and we’ll start with the first which is Jibreel or Gabriel
is the English way of saying it An angel of Allah. I love this name I think it’s a
beautiful name, but I may not use this name only because when it’s said in Egyptian it’s “gibreel” and my husband and I, we always like have
little feuds about this we’re like it’s pronounced like this and he’s like, “no it’s
pronounced like that” I feel like it would just be like a constant “no say his name this way” “no say his name that way” that’s the only reason I won’t use that
name, but I like it either way I think it’s a really nice name the second name that I like is Jacob,
this one is a name that’s in the family now so I can’t use it anymore but I do like that name and I do tend to use prophet names.
As you can tell with my son, Suleiman but I also like names that are, I
guess, a little less common so the third name I like is Rayyan,
now I know this could be used for girls and boys – it’s a unisex name and
it’s a level of heaven The fourth name I like is Laith Laith means lion or brave this is a
name suggested by my brother-in-law when we were going to choose a name for Suleiman
and I was pregnant with him the fifth name is Halil, which means happy it means happy or prominent
and it just sounds just calm and serene which maybe would set you up to have a calm baby
but who knows? the sixth one is Zayn,
which means handsome it’s just a nice name and it’s similar to my sister’s name which is Zainah and is a good girl’s name
for anyone who wants a girl’s name The seventh baby boy name that I like is save Zaid
it means growth or progress and the reason I like this name in particular is because it’s kind of similar to my dad’s name God rest his soul his name was Raid,
which is a good boy’s name as well I have not considered naming that name just because that name I want it to have its special place which is as my father’s and he had this very
special place in my heart and I also feel like if I named
one of my children after my dad I would unconsciously favor them
and I don’t want to do that either I like the names Zaid, it’s kind of like
a happy-medium it’s close to his name where I still feel like I have a part of him
but it’s also its own unique and different thing my cat is trying to jump on the camera right now
– cat mom probs the eighth name that I like is Salim which means safe and we would probably call him Sammy for short I like the name Sammy.
I think it’s adorable and it’s a really cute name the ninth one I like is Ayan
and it means gift from God and it’s similar to Rayyan, which makes
sense as to why I would like Ayan and the 10th name that I wrote down is Muhammad
which is obviously – peace be upon him is the Prophet and every Muslim
generally considers this name at least once but I tend to choose names are not as popular and that’s the only reason I may or may not use that name, but I do consider it alright so this is my bump from the front
and you can now see shadow I feel like it shows that he’s dropped my bump from the side
– see he’s down here now he’s usually been up here in other updates this is definitely more clear that he’s dropped down here let me know if you think that he dropped that’s my 32 week bump if there’s any names that you like
or would like to suggest leave them in the comments below
I’d love to read through them I’m still open. I didn’t choose or settle on a name my husband and I tend to settle on a name
once we see the face of our baby if you have any suggestions
leave it in the comments below I’ll definitely look at them and if you like
these types of videos please be sure that you click the like
and support my channel subscribe for more content I do upload about twice a week and if there is anything that you would like to see on my channel please leave it in the comments below and I’ll be sure to make a video for you you all have left quite a few suggestions
and I am working on those videos they are coming up, I think what I might do is
I might pre-record some content and then if for whatever reason I go into labor I can upload something in the meantime
until I’m back again So with that I’ll see you all later.


  1. 1. Excuse my face, I’m really swollen these days 🙈 I noticed while editing this, but didn’t want to leave you all without a video.
    2. Leave name suggestions you like in the comments. I would love to hear what you suggest!☺️

    1. عذرًا لوجهي ، لقد تورمت حقًا هذه الأيام – لقد لاحظت أثناء تحرير هذا ، لكنني لا أريد أن أتركك جميعًا بدون فيديو.
    2. اترك اقتراحات الاسم التي تريدها في التعليقات. أحب أن أسمع ما تقترحه!

  2. ريان 💖💋
    زيد 💙💋
    سامييي سامي
    محمد اجمل الأسماء اللهم صلي على سيدنا محمد

  3. Swollen or not, you are positively glowing and beautiful mashaAllah. Embrace the mommy/pregnancy glow 🙂

    And I definitely agree with seeing the baby's face first. I did it with both of my boys and with my youngest, we had to change his name two days later because the one we initially picked didn't seem to suit him!

  4. I hardly notice your face swelling. Even so, you look great. I wouldn't even worry about it. Plus, what you have to say is so much more important than how you look, habibti.

    The baby looks like he is growing quite well! Nice bumpdate. =)

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