Baby Massage To Help Wind & Constipation | Mothercare

The most common ailments that newborn and
young babies suffer from are wind and constipation. This short tummy routine will help to aid
digestion and help to soothe symptoms. Before you undress your baby, or beginning
the massage, make eye contact with your little one and gently stroke them from head to toe
several times. Apply some oil to your hands, it’s important
to use a natural oil without any chemicals as your baby will be putting their hands in
their mouth. Place both hands on your baby’s tummy and
make a sweeping motion alternating the palms of your hands. This soothing stroke will help
warm up the area. Next, using the fingertips of one hand, make
a circular movement around the belly button in a clockwise direction. Using your index and middle finger make small
circles, all around the belly button, still moving in a clockwise direction. This is a deep stroke, and literally massages
the intestines. The next move is a gentle cycling motion,
hold onto each calf and then bring each knee up to the tummy in a pedalling movement. Finally, hold onto each calf, gently bring
the knees up towards the belly and hold for a few seconds. Repeat this a few times. To signal to your baby that it is the end
of the massage, gently stroke them from head to toe.

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