Ask Dr. Hill: Frankincense

Ask Dr. Hill: Frankincense

Frankincense has long been recognized for its value, especially as an essential oil. Its powerful aroma is distinctly known and is prized for its many health benefits. Distilled from the boswellia tree, it has been used for thousands of years. While the resin from the tree possesses many different properties, it is most highly regarded for the oil it contains, often referred to as the king of oils, it’s highly revered for everything from digestion to beauty. It’s truly one of nature’s most valued gifts. Rich in alpha pining, Frankincense is soothing and extremely beneficial for skin health more significantly than any one single compound. However, Frankincense is rich in model terpenes which have a wide array of benefits making this oil effective for a variety of uses. I believe this is one of the primary reasons Frankincense offers appropriate cell protection and support. Its broad spectrum activity can support cells and system function throughout the entire body. Frankincense is for everyone, our bodies are in a constant state of challenge and resolve physiologically. Everyday circumstances can be unique as well as repetitive and our body experiences changing health needs almost daily. Because Frankincense is multifunctional it is an oil that is foundational and what you most likely need on a daily basis. One of the keys to successful usage of any essential oil is consistency. Often times, smaller amounts routinely is much more effective. Taking advantage of the value of this oil can be as easy as diffusing or breathing in the aroma. It is potent yet mild and can be used internally and topically. I recommend that you use the method you are most comfortable with. Most use Frankincense for its positive effects on emotional and cognitive function. It even helps to support appropriate neural chemical responses and the endocrine system as a whole. One of my favorite reasons for using Frankincense however, is its protective support to cells and helping the body to manage healthy inflammatory responses. It makes sense why Frankincense is so diverse and beneficial to nearly everyone, okay everyone. It’s even effective for soothing agitated muscles and tissues. I believe there are limitless ways that doTERRA’s certified pure therapeutic grade Frankincense can enrich your health and wellness. Here are just a few simple ways to start using one of my favorite oils today. Diffuse Frankincense to create feelings of peace, satisfaction, in an overall sense of mental wellness. Aromatic use of Frankincense can promote healthy lung function. Take a few drops internally to grow the health of your liver, digestive, and urogenital functions. Take internally to support the whole of your musculoskeletal system which includes your joints, muscles, ligaments, structural tissues, including bones. Frankincense will provide the extra protection you need to withstand the day-to-day stresses of life and the normal aging process. A few drops, twice a day can support healthy cell function. In a capsule or directly under the tongue is a great option for younger children. I love using Frankincense on the bottom of the feet. I believe this oil can benefit the entire family. In addition applying the oil to the bottom of the feet can stimulate relaxation and balance the mood. Use Frankincense as a part of your daily beauty routine and it can help to reduce the appearance of blemishes and rejuvenate the skin. Frankincense when used in this way provides direct support to the underlying tissues of the skin making the skin more radiant and resilient to detrimental health effects. There are literally dozens of species of boswellia trees but there are generally only four which produce true frankincense resin which the oil comes from. doTERRA uses three of these species Carteria, frereana, and sacra. To distill a unique certified pure therapeutic grade Frankincense which is exclusive in its benefits, quality, and purity. Frankincense truly is the king of oils, so when you are in doubt as to which oil to use, make doTERRA Frankincense your first choice and most trusted choice.

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  1. I love this oil. I never heard about what it could be used for I just started to use it and discovered amazing results.

  2. Using doTERRA's Frankincense was one of the best things I initially did to support my body's nervous system when dealing with neurological issues. PTL it's for each of us still today!

  3. Loving my Frankincense for my anxiety issues. After trying the Lifelong Vitality Supplements (which 1 of many natural ingredients is Frankincense), well before the 30 day guarantee was up (6 days in fact), i felt such a change in me. I believe in this and all of doTERRA's products, I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Not quite 3 months later, I had a surprise of losing 20 pounds, so far. All the toxins and garbage getting removed from my body, all by changing my regime slightly with a huge impact for the best! Thank you, doTERRA's Founder men & Emily! We are ever so thankful we found you! ❤

  4. I have just started using DDR Prime. Oh wow, after just two days I can feel such an amazing difference to my health, I think everyone should be taking this supplement on a daily basis. There are so many studies on this single oil, it can help so many issues.

  5. Thanks 4sharing I just got mine today, I'm exited to use it 4the first time but it said external use only?!
    I saw in video she drink it with water, and she put it directly on her skin is that safe?

  6. Yes, I agree.In fact I am using it now.I have just started and I felt already the effect of it .Happy to share this oil to my friends. Love this oil.It made me relax.Lots of benefits to this incredible oil from Doterra.Thank You so much.

  7. From this video I learned so much about the uses of Frankincence! I do have it and will start using it more.

  8. This the best video I have come across on You Tube about Frankincense!
    The questions people who are new to essential oils ask are: How do I use it? Can I take it internally or is it only to be used topically?
    This should be said at the beginning of the video as a hook to keep the person watching!
    Far too many videos on essential oils are long winded and short on content!

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