Are Enemas Good For Constipation?

Are Enemas Good For Constipation?

Greetings. Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back and checking out my
video channel. We’re going to talk about enemas and constipation. As you can imagine, you know, I’ve been seeing
patients for a long, long time, and I’ve had many people talk to me about enemas and colonics
and this kind of business. So let’s explore this topic a little bit in
depth today. I’m not really a fan of any of this kind of
work, and I’ll explain to you why in a minute. I do believe in colonic irrigation when it’s
done by a proper colon therapist using the right equipment and the right procedures. I think there are definitely a time and place
for this procedure, and for many people this can be an effective solution for a chronic
health problem. But home enemas, I’m not a big fan of. Any more that I’m not really a big fan of
people making up lots of home Kefir and lots of home Kombucha and lots of like home wine,
home alcohol, home whatever you call it, home haircuts. Home mortgages, just home stuff. It’s just not really for me. But home enemas, I find, I’m quite actually
amazed at seeing some of the results with people who’ve had enemas, who regularly perform
enemas on a regular basis at home, and then having a look at a stool test with these patients. It’s quite shocking actually to see how low
their level of bifidobacteria are. So many people have this fallacious belief
that if they keep doing enemas every day and some patients who I see do enemas once or
twice per day, every day of the year. I mean, how insane is that? That’s just ridiculous. If you are contemplating an enema, make sure
that you really understand how to perform one properly. Go and see your natural therapist who can
explain the procedure and then try it at home for sure. It may be something you may want to try here
and there, but you certainly don’t want to get into the pattern of every single day doing
an enema or twice a week doing an enema on an ongoing basis. It just doesn’t make sense. I’ve yet to find a surgeon or a physician
telling me that they opened up a patient, and they found 10 or 20 pounds of fecal matter
clogging up their bowels. You read all these stupid things, you know,
these colon cleansing products, you know. The human digestive tract contains 10 pounds
of fecal matter, all clogging it all up. You’ll die in your own toxins and stuff like
this. Well, I’ve never seen any scientific evidence
of this ever occurring with people. Never. And I’ve certainly seen plenty of scans and
x-rays of people. Even people that are compacted, but it doesn’t
show 20 pounds of fecal matter inside these people. So just be careful about all these stupid
claims that you read and all these photos of, you know, 19 or 20 foot long strands of
bowel motions coming out of people and you know, like something out of Godzilla almost,
you know. So there’s a lot of crap on the internet,
you know, a lot of crap regarding colonics and enemas. When done efficiently and properly, an enema
does have its place here or there. I’m not disputing that, but it’s the regular
daily use, I’m certainly against. I don’t think they really form a good role
when it comes to constipation. There are many issues surrounding constipation
that need to be dealt with, not by way of enema, anymore than if you’ve got a money
problem, you don’t keep going to the loan sharks or get credit cards, you know. It’s a dumb way. You get rid of these no-hopers. You’ve got to make money on your own steam,
by using your own intelligence and it’s the same with constipation. You’ve got to get that bowel working with
your own intelligence under its own steam. It doesn’t need enemas. Enemas don’t really cure constipation. What cures constipation, where I’m sitting,
and from the patients I’ve seen, what cures constipation is a change in lifestyle. A change in outlook. A change of diet. Something’s got to change. You can’t keep expecting to have the same
problem and ameliorate it with a few pills, or an extra little cup of water, or something
like that. It ain’t going to happen. The only way you’re going to really cure chronic
constipation is to make, did you hear the word chronic, is to make a chronic change
to your lifestyle, a huge change. And every time I see a case of serious constipation,
a person who’s had this for 20 or 30 or 40 years of constipation, there’s usually been
a crappy habit underpinning this constipation. There are certain things the person’s doing
that undermine their health, that don’t allow them to have a proper bowel motion. Now it can be an emotional pattern. It can be a physical pattern. It can be a lifestyle pattern. But there’ll be some pattern there that’s
very, very poor in terms of, you know, it’s not conducive towards building good health
for that person. And it ends up in a chronic constipation problem. And then the person may think, well, I’ll
try a series of enemas that’ll fix it up, but meanwhile they’re having six cups of coffee,
you know. They’re skipping breakfast. They’re having donuts for lunch, and then
they’re going to have enemas at night. For God’s sakes. It doesn’t work. Okay, so don’t think you can cure enemas,
cure constipation with enemas if you’re trying to prop up a poor habit. And in many cases this is what I see. The poor habit may also be serious emotional
stress, dysfunctional relationship with a partner, dysfunctional job, something dysfunctional,
and then the bowel becomes dysfunctional. And you’re not going to fix it up by pumping
a bit of water into the rectum. It’s not going to happen, right? So if you are going to get serious about enemas,
and you do want to use them, make sure you look at some videos and try other things out. All the other suggestions that I made regarding
constipation. Are you walking a good 30 to 40 minutes a
day? Are you drinking sufficient water? Have you stopped coffee, tea, and alcohol
because if you haven’t stopped those then, I mean you’d be crazy to use an enema. Are you doing things in your power, you know
that really help the bowel? Are you eating the right kind of foods that
I’ve spoken about in some of the videos? These are the points I’d really like you to
bear in mind. These are very important points and when you
do everything right, you shouldn’t need to use enemas. Okay. How many credit cards have you got in your
wallet right now? If I went to your house, knocked on your door
and I said, how many credit cards have you got? Are they maxed out? You get my point. Most people don’t need crutches or things
to hold onto like this, and if they do have a credit card, they’re not going to use it
a lot and they pay it off in time. It’s the same with an enema. You’re not going to use them all the time,
so don’t become reliant on laxatives or enemas. It’s seriously bad if you have to think that
you need an enema every single day to go to the toilet. Every single case I’ve seen like that where
we performed a stool test on, have got very poor levels of beneficial bacteria, very poor
levels. When you think about why, you’re flushing
a lot of stuff out. Think about that. So I hope that gives you an idea on my thoughts
on enemas. I’m not a big fan of them. Think about the colonics. Thank you.

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  1. what do you not like about homemade kefir? i understand with saurkraut growing mold can be harmful but ive never heard anything about kefir.

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