All About Probiotics and Prebiotics, with James Sloane and Markus Rothkranz

All About Probiotics and Prebiotics, with James Sloane and Markus Rothkranz

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  1. Markus
    what about Raymond Francis says one antibiotic wipes out gut microbiome forever and you never get back. all you can do is compensate he sells probiotic supplement and many others say you have to take a probiotics supplements
    Swanson sells two probiotics supplements one 16 strains with 50 billion each strain and other 26 strains each strain 1 billion. considering 85% immune system is 100 trillion good bacteria in gut. is it guarantee that fermented foods like non pasteurized organic sauerkraut and other fermented foods will really rebuild 100 trillion good bacteria??

    most sites including jonbarron have told me short list saying sauerkraut only has these strains…it's missing many critical strains. you have to take a probiotics supplement everyday to recolonize 100 trillion good bacteria immune system and to keep it.

    what do you think YouTube microbiologist Kiran kirshnan saying fermented foods are not probiotics they're only nutrients and he tested sauerkraut, kimchi,ect they do not colonize gut
    he sells something called megasporebiotic

  2. hi markus! love these collaboration videos! i am about to do a fast with regular enemas….do i need to replenish during this time with things like sodium and probiotics?

  3. I have heard eating a clove of raw garlic on empty stomach is goo for killing bad gut bacteria, is there any truth to that?

  4. You said it was very difficult to get James to an interview – and then you do most of the talking !! duh – shut up and let him talk !!

  5. In Nature gaining healthy weight is what it's all about!! But since humans are mostly addicts then the amazing ability to gain healthy weight(absorb nutrients) is not desired, but for every other animal it is highly desired since they can have time to chill and not forage for food all the time. Then of course there is unhealthy weight gain which is another thing. Now if U are a human that wants to eat for maximum health-efficiency and live as long as possible in excellent health then eating as little as possible is a very good thing and thats why east healthy weight gain is the thing to do. Basically, Maximum Micro-nutrients, Vits, Mins, all Phytochemicals, etc etc and then Minimum macro-nutrients, Carbs, Protein, Fat, that is the way of Max Health and Longevity.

  6. Wish you hadn't cut James off at 12:45 when he was talking about possible cause from liver damage. Would have liked to hear his thoughts, and what was the word …"'could be a ???? from liver damage."

  7. Anyone know where or how to contact James? I want to talk to him threw Skype and willing to pay him hundreds of dollars for half an hour to an hour of asking questions.

  8. How would you recommend is the best way to increase Stomach acids/HCL?.. thankyou! I have a low appetite and hence things easily get messed up once I eat.

  9. Just do lectin free diet for less bloating, Im raw vegan and now become raw vegan lectin free diet….cant get better than this….

  10. As a healthcare professional working outside of mainstream medictne I feel so grateful for this outstanding show. The info is accurate AND helpful. Thank you for providing a vital service!

  11. Could you bring James Sloane in to talk about best forms of magnesium. Also how to promote joint health and how to control/beat of type 2 diabetes. 3 different topics, thanks much.

  12. Thank you Markus! I watch your vids over and over again. (Review the information every 6 months or so) helps me understand and remember things I may have forgotten the importance of. I LOVE when you have James Slone on 😉

  13. "eat more prebiotic fiber, in form of things that r neither sour(makes other stuff ferment), sweet (ferments and feeds doodoo bacteria), or cooked (its shit)" would be most accurate!
    the common saying "eat ur fruits and vegetables" should be changed to "eat ur greens and vegetables"…fruit (initially at least) makes things worse for most

  14. For prebiotic I do consume flaxseed, chiaseed and green Apple everyday.
    Evening I eat salat with celery. The problem is I still get pimples on my face. So irritating.
    What Can I do more? What is the top 5 probiotics? Now Im 46 kilo which im not happy about, i dont want to loose more weight. Thanks

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