AbeBooks Profiles: Roald Dahl

AbeBooks Profiles: Roald Dahl

hi I’m Beth from AbeBooks and today I’m
going to talk to you about Roald Dahl everyone’s heard of Roald Dahl but there’s
a lot more to him than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl was born in 1916 of Norwegian
descent but grew up in England and Wales he had a fascinating childhood
which is completely different from childhood you see today and he wrote about those in the first
part of his autobiography called Boy: Tales of Childhood, the book talks a
lot about his time in boarding schools and away from his parents and all of
shenanigans he and his friends got up to and there’s a particularly
gruesome scene in which he has his adenoids removed without anesthetic and
that he will always stick with me. His life was no less fascinating when he
grew up into adulthood as well Going Solo is the continuation of his
autobiography and talks about his time in World War Two as a Royal Air Force
pilot among all kinds of other adventures, he was an interesting man. But there’s more the non-fiction to the
adult writing Roald Dahl provided there are several collections of short
stories that I can’t recommend highly enough many of them have a lot of gruesome
inserted macabre imagery in them. One of my favorite is called The Lamb to
the Slaughter which is quite famous and it’s about a woman who killed her
husband with a frozen leg of lamb and then cooks the lamb and feeds it to
the police to show up to investigate the murder a lot of his stories also have cruel
twists of irony in them and you can be assured that the greedy
mean nasty spiteful people in them always get what’s coming to them the
same can be said of his children’s books as well children’s books today often have nice
and pleasant stories with an obvious moral and the minute the and the child
says thank you mommy I learned a lesson and that’s all well and good the kids can handle more than that Roald
Dahl wrote about fun but he also wrote about people getting
exactly what they deserve whether it’s abusive ants being squashed flat in the
garden by a giant peach or nasty beastly people called the Twits
getting a case that the dreaded shrinks and disappearing or even a bully have an enormous
crocodile being shot into the hot Sun Roald Dahl knew exactly what kids were about
he made them laugh he grossed them out and he didn’t pull
any punches and children love his writing because of it if you get a chance to pick up a Roald
Dahl I would highly recommend looking for the day the editions illustrated by
Quentin Blake whose simple line drawings really came
to life and brought the stories foward as well I would recommend my very
favorite Roald Dahl book the BFG about a Big Friendly Giant who
lives among mean a horrible child chewing Giants and
makes a difference I would recommend Roald Dahl for any
child or anyone with a sense of child at heart and anyone who likes fun, thanks

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  1. Ummm he didn't grow up in england he grew up in wales, in the UK, england and uk are not the same thing england is in the uk its like saying mr. bert grew up in texas in florida its not right

  2. Hi @andrewandmorph 
    Thanks for the comment. Not to worry, we're aware that England and Wales are two distinct countries. In the video, Beth says Dahl grew up in England AND Wales, referring to his birth and childhood in Wales, and his subsequent time in boarding school in England. I hope that helps!

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