9 Best Yoga Poses for Healthy Liver । Yoga with Amit

9 Best Yoga Poses for Healthy Liver । Yoga with Amit

Namaste everyone welcome to yoga with amit
I’m Amit Namdev and today me going to do yoga for healthy liver so let’s begin
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and stay tuned friendly one by one if I just sit onto
your repeat the bring your hand making fists hist goes I decided the neighbor
inhale with exhale folding forward bringing your forehead to the ground and
resting holy hoping to be 32nd – one minute you in the air oh my god
bring your leg stand like that and bring one leg at a time on top of each other
if it’s not possible to be exact on top of each other it’s okay if you do this
way it is completely fine because as you practice you going to improve and bring
your right hand above and left hand under and untaught finger together make
sure that your hand is not pushing your head
relax ahead close your eyes and relax for about 30 seconds to 1 minute 18 volt you get a conveyor and changing so this time right leg goes under left
leg goes on top left hand above right hand under and come up finger together
and relax you can really they lie down on your as active in and
Reagan and sunny should mention that – ders by the heart have the hands right
under the shoulders inhale push to the head lifting your head up shoulders up
chest up not to do a back rest in your relaxation arm you know goes by the side you sit down step it up underneath and onto
your heads then inhale bring your hand are to make
as majestic and happy exhale down try bring your chin to the
chest rounding up your back inhale excellent three more during inhale Hey anything in him and as you ten degrees for it down holding your
ankles and inhale lifting your head up legs up
Elvina try Center activity so that you can give nice massage all the internal
organs air and breathe you I generally come down when one like anytime sit onto your feet
now for some of those is difficult to have the feet not on the ground state a
block and place under the feet so if you can do it this way then your head
repeat with me otherwise bringing a block under your heel of New York means
slightly more with time together pushing with your hands this way lifting the
chest as high as possible the higher your chest the more you man
straight and the better the post can close your eyes stay there heavy second you can’t even your hands and ting and come
down come out of the pose when you write me hold with your left hand right now both on the back inhale lift your chest up and we thank
the twisting towards the right trying twisting with each breed you exhale you generally back to the center changing
the light repeating the same on website inhale and exhale twist to the lamp you Thank You center stretch legs out and
drop yourself all the way down stretching back completely on your knees
before he needs and bring your chest towards the ground completely child pose
resting propelled 102 to 5 minutes you she likes to relax by Green bring your
feet upon hands about having it change to the chest resi
you’re relaxing head completely let me move for about 5-10 minutes you so that is a yoga which will keep your
liver healthy so keep practicing it and keep me updated thank you very much for
joining me if you’re a diamond and I hope to see you in the next you

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