7 Health Benefits of Green Tea & How to Drink it | Doctor Mike

7 Health Benefits of Green Tea & How to Drink it | Doctor Mike

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  1. M feelin maself so lucky that m watching this video while having green tea😎😃
    WhatEver if m watching this video just because m having green tea…🤫Eeiisshh🤫🤣🙊

  2. Oh hell Google i was just googling about the oral health and green tea and this video comes in my feed later at the end of my work day.

  3. الشاي الأخضر من الروتين اليومي بحياتي وأنا حريص على شربه دائما وشكرا لدكتور مايك

  4. I absolutely loved this video. It was informative, but I found myself laughing so hard I had to rewind! Learned alot and laughed!!!

  5. Somehow YouTube's' algorithm knows my search history of the last year or so, and recommended me this video. Presenting my Biomedical Engineering Master Thesis in well…let's just say EGCG/green tea and skip all the jargon. I confirm all he said, with two small corrections. First, let us not call catechins nutrients. Second, the real deal is indeed preferable to most green tea extracts, but not for the reasons most people think. But yes, overall, really great video that sums up (some) the most commonly studied. Interesting topic green tea, while not miraculous, it is the best and healthiest beverage and should indeed replace water in schools cafeterias, etc.

  6. every morning I get to work i drink a macha green tea and mix it with a lemon and mint tea, it does help me stay more awake and more focus. U r so HOT and SEXY! ur beautiful eyes match ur green scrubs –

  7. How can I disagree with Dr. Mike…but may I know if its also cause bloating..coz after I drink Green tea, I feel bloated…

  8. What if I make it iced green tea! I brew green tea and make it cold! I make gallons and drink it everyday? That and water everyday!

  9. GREEN TEA IS THE BEST DRINK OUT THERE…… CHECK OUT MY GREEN TEA POST….Thttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojgrkD-urH8/ GOD BLESS

  10. I think it does help burn fat but only very minimal i think it mostly speeds up the metabolism but not enough to actually burn fat that's way yeah on green tea supplement its like 2000 milligrams green tea extract lol

  11. Gunman dropping empty handgun:
    “How are you still alive!”
    Me, on my 132nd mug of green tea:
    “I have ascended beyond the mortal constraints of life and death.”

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  13. Could you make the same for puher… It's perfect when you Hangover or have a too riche meal. As Always sorry for the english

  14. I made my green tea n when I opened utube,I saw Ur video. what a coincidence.btw nice content. Love from India….

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