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I’m going to show you six effective home remedies for constipation if you have
constipation any of the six step will help you will ease the constipation at
home you have to keep in mind though if your constipation is severe or chronic I
think you should consult a doctor there are some things that we don’t want to
take for granted in our health let’s say you are haven’t pooped for
like two months I would not suggest doing this I suggest you go to the
doctor to get yourself checked out because it may be the result of some
complication you might be a no the line health issue so my sixth remedy for
constipation with a chronic or severe is drink castor oil okay or such as Casto
hoy or olive oil have might laxative properties which can help to his
constipation drink cream moderate portion of castor oil or olive oil or
mixing then we watch our juice right I can make her believe your constipation
it goes a long way to relieve constipation so Casto hole in a hole
avoid them they have mild laxative properties so they can make you go
that’s that’s one one person secondly you might have to change your diet okay
I’m not saying I change in its entirety you want to avoid the oily food okay
you want to have as much as possible avoid only for its green leafy vegetable
greens it’s more of that is going to help a long way you take I can take
probiotic foods and supplements okay the intestinal flour are the
balance between the good and handful intestinal bacteria can get imbalance
due to factors such as illness or adverse effect of a medication right so
this may result in depletion of probiotics the good and beneficial
bacteria can be depleted okay so consume me probiotic rich foods
implement is a fast way of treating our chronic constipation if you look in the
description box below I’ll put some recommended product for you these are
product I use my clients use and they are Dave
they’re fantastic you yourself can see review from other users when you look
into you come about talk about that later so another option you have is
depending on the level of constipation you have you can take over the class
allow over-the-counter laxatives um though I don’t recommend taking
Ashwin’s you can take the hub on one to see how
your system reacts okay so do you serve about the counter medication for trip to
Costa patients should be as a last resort
keep in mind that if you have tried everything else and not in walk going
are going to eat all over-the-counter laxatives can help you okay so this
that’s what you have to keep in mind okay
then how’s it going if you want you let’s go to point three you take fiber
supplement fiber supplements it’s very good okay the deficiency of fiber is a
major cause of constipation oh well we don’t have fiber in our system it causes
complication constipation okay the wall of the wall rectum is silho is stopped
there’s no passage it’s just soft there’s no easy passage in there so the
deficiency of fiber is a major cause of constipation
hence taking fiber supplements is a quick way to make up for this deficiency
supplements such as methyl cellulose and five account can help in Ethan’s to
person they’ve been very good though they’re how they recommended for the no
dis to further they are very very good they’re very good then itself number my
fourth point is make sure you drink lots of water you know sometimes we get
carried away especially when you’re watching TV or you’re getting you get
caught or maybe on the fool you are eating you sometimes forget to drink
water water is very important he eats the digestion of
okay so one of the reason people get constipated is due to dehydration okay
slowly drinking lots of water and the fast solution to our tools you have to
keep that in mind okay so after drink make sure when you finish your food
drink at least this bottle of water at least drink it it’s it goes a long way
so this is 500 ml if you get used to days like after every meal you take 500
ml of water it goes a long way to digest your food okay
so I haven’t said said that let’s go back to the issue of laxatives okay lot
of there are many luckily L’Occitane available back in drugstore okay we have
stimulant laxatives a of osmotic laxatives whichever one they all have to
force boil movement either by contracting the walls of the digestive
tract or by allowing the passage of leads to the colon example of this
laxative is me relax to do collapse and crystals these are very good like dog
Daisy if you want to take them you have to be it on door you have to be in a
place where you’ll be able to go you can’t take them like maybe when you are
to walk home your visit with something that you’ll be able to go to the
washroom right away you should take you when you’re hot on so that’s very very
important a lot of a lot of thing that people do
take is to softener its dough you can stick all the luck city boy still helps
okay it’s too soft I like docusate calcium or do concede sodium I have to
draw water to this to for easy plastic so these are still over-the-counter
medicine that you can you can easily get by asking your pharmacist just ask them
for whatever they are they will direct you to them and if you look in the
description box below there are some recommended would haha about laxatives
them very very good I like how about stuff they there’s
power in them in nature I always recommend this to my clients so that’s
why food this always product in the description box below so that you know
you can check it out don’t just buy it for binding if you buy I get
mission but I did not put it there because of commission I put it there
after careful research of what will help ease your constipation so just go feel
free to go to the recommended further below lastly which I’m going to talk
about though is sworn in to exercise and massage ok physical activities have to
promote boil movements it’s very important simply walking or jumping and
help to soften hearts – ok another one like heat is massage people take this
for granted days I recommend a lot for most of my clients so shall we put the
experience of frequent constipation ok massage it’s very good
why ask me why rubbing down on the lower part of the abdomen can help to
stimulate boil movement especially in little kids ok this should be done with
the care we can’t order not the cost arm to the intestine right if everything
else feels right for yourself or for little kids before you should consult
with your doctor I always recommend an enema
ok enema it’s very good but all of these make sure you consult with your doctor
don’t just take it up consult with your doctor enema is a liquid medication that
is inject into the handles to stimulate to pain depending on the type year the
doctor described prescribe to you the instructions very straightforward is on
the box ok it’s everything is straightforward so
if you have for a quick recap if you have constipation you ought to make sure
you eat a probiotic food and supplement you have to take enough fiber and to
continue to prevent constipation and sure you include fire by your diet have
enough fiber you die for to ease passage of poop ok in the colon so you have to
keep them and you have to put each fiber supplement you have to take probiotic
foods and supplement you have to drink a lot of water at least when you finish
eating take 500ml yeah I’m gonna make you feel full no problem
will you at least take 500ml of water after I’d should I don’t hit when you’re
watching TV here’s the trick while you’re watching TV you hit you get
carried away what’s on the screen right you get high degree voice on the screen
and you know what you might just forget what our altogether and another thing is
the way you’re watching TV you tend to eat more okay you tend to eat more so
those are things you have to keep in mind you make sure you do exercise for
little-kid massage gentle massage of the abdomen anything you want to do you
should consult with your doctor don’t say ho organi da I said it you know well
I suggested this that is that thing that I used is nothing there I tried myself
so I’m just passing out this to you if you hit a lot of oily food you have to
keep in mind constipation might keep reoccurring okay
so you have to run away from holy food as much as possible you have to include
leafy green vegetable a new diet so make sure this is included so I hope any of
these help you out look in the description box below for for
recommended for that will help you you know is constipation and if you have any
question about constipation or we have any issue just feel free to drop a
comment in the comment box below our hostile your inquiry and if you love
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