5 Steps to Prevent Heart Disease | Dr.Joel Fuhrman

5 Steps to Prevent Heart Disease | Dr.Joel Fuhrman

in this presentation I’m gonna give you
five easy steps that you can dramatically lower your risk of heart
attacks and strokes until imagine if people follow these five steps we’d be
seeing cancer rates drop we’d see heart attack rates almost cease to exist so
here’s the star number one I want everybody to eat a large salad least
once a day as a main dish can you do that you need a salad at least once a
day because raw vegetables have been shown to have dramatic protections
against all types of cancer and green vegetables in particularly in raw have
dramatic powerful effects to prevent the development of atherosclerosis they
inhibit development of plaque and the better you chew them and your salad more
benefits you get alright number two the second principle is I want you least an
ounce abroad not succeed today somewhere between 1 & 3 ounces of nuts and seeds a
day nuts and seeds show dramatic protection against sudden cardiac death
for example in the physicians Health Study people ate nuts and seeds three
times a week or more out of 60% reduced rate of sudden cardiac death
dramatic enhancements in Mike Spann shown in multiple studies and here’s one
other fact you should consider is that people eating flax seeds and chia seeds
and sesame seeds containing lignans have shown to reduce death rate from breast
cancer in women who have breast cancer by over 71% over a ten-year study so
this is something people should do every day eat some nuts and seeds every day
and what I do and teach is that people blend them in a blender with some other
food the tomato sauce with an orange with some lemon with some vinegar and
make delicious salad dressings out of nuts and seeds so you eat in that salad
anyway might as well put some mutton seed base dressing on top instead of oil
the third step is I want everybody to eat some beans every
a half a cup of beans a cup of beans in other words beans are V carbohydrate
food with the highest amount of slowly digestible starches meaning that their
carbohydrate calories or absorb very slowly over three to four hours not over
a half an hour like high glycemic carbohydrates also beans contain a large
amount of resistant starch which means those carbohydrates are resistant to
enzymatic degradation which means they’re converted into short chain fatty
acids so far down in the digestive tract that their calories are lost pass
through us it’s the toilet bowl so beans are low in calories
they’re low in glycemic effects they’re high in nutrients especially a compound
called I t5 inositol pentakus phosphate which has powerful effects to protect
against heart disease and cancer you know it’s must be so protective if
26 letters long there must be great right the fourth principle is that I
want people eat a nice serving of cooked greens like lightly steamed or wok
greens every day like Brussels sprouts or artichokes or streaming’s or broccoli
with mushrooms or onions in the dish so why you need mushrooms and onions we’re
talking about cooked mushrooms because cooked mushrooms contain some features
they’re called aromatase inhibitors and angiogenesis inhibitors factors that
prevent heart disease and powerful effects to protect cancer so use those
onions for the organo sulfide compound use those mushrooms of those salient
protective features against cancer and use those cook greens as well as the
Ross salad to add a lot of low caloric low glycemic high protein vegetables in
the night and the fifth step you should take prevent heart disease and cancer
too of course is to eat at least 3 fresh fruits a day and especially try to
consume some berries some cherries or pomegranates various cherries and
pomegranates are so rich in anthracite and polyphenols that they have those
high levels of those nutrients means their glucose is absorbed more slowly
they’re very low glycemic they promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut
that actually slow the racemic effect of other foods eaten when the berries or
the pomegranate and they also are so rich in nutrients
that they have powerful effects to protect the brain against aging to
protect the blood vessels and to protect against cancer
this becomes a no-brainer why not not have a heart attack not have a stroke
not be stuck in a nursing home you know hooked up some equipment or unable to
care for yourself the rest of your life and why be have you are why get in a
condition so your health gets so bad that your relative and your children
have to take care of you in your later years you want to fully live life there
be here you live so modernist original science has made incredible advances in
recent years and I hope that you take advantage this information get off the
couch get to the grocery store take the effort learn this information learn how
great it can taste and get started right now a great exercise for getting in
shape mobile speed jumping up and down on a table like this they’re jumping off it touching the

6 Replies to “5 Steps to Prevent Heart Disease | Dr.Joel Fuhrman”

  1. My cholesterol went up eating more nuts and seeds (mainly peanut butter). I cannot speak for walnuts or pecans. I have high production of cholesterol. Beans have been able to really lower my cholesterol from 180 total to 144 total. So also been eating 100 percent whole grains pasta. My crp is 0.3 now. I do a greens smoothie daily as well.

  2. I followed his diet and in less than three and a half weeks this is what my numbers changed to.
    Keep in mind I live in Canada so my labs are written a little bit differently but you get the idea and if you want you can convert them to the standard numbers.
    Cholesterol 7.33
    Triglycerides 0.58
    HDL cholesterol 2.03
    LDL cholesterol 5.04
    NON-HDL CHOL 5.30

    3 weeks 3 days later
    2018 November 21st
    Cholesterol 4.37
    triglycerides 0.63
    HDL cholesterol 1.47
    LDL cholesterol 2.61
    Nono-HDL Chol 2.90

  3. Dr Furhman God bless you. Thku for this great information. I've struggled loosing weight n my bp is high and can't control it with mefication. I don't like the medication because it makes me tired. Thku for all the free information and recipies. May this New Year bring you a great harvest of blessings. 💓 I'm going to follow the 5 principles with the help of God.

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