5 Common Signs Of Constipation

Greetings. It’s Eric Bakker from New Zealand, the naturopath
from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back and looking at the
video. We’re going to talk about constipation today. It’s a very, very common topic, something
that I deal with a lot in my practice, every day with patients. You’d be surprised how many people I’ve seen
that are constipated, thousands of people over the years that can’t really pass bowel
motions properly. So what do we do for people that are constipated? What kind of advice can we offer them? And how do we know they’re constipated? What are some of the signs and symptoms of
constipation? Let’s have a look. I’ve got a list here, I made a few notes here
before I started this video. Probably the key thing that we look for is
how many stools the person’s passing. So healthy people like me will pass one but
generally two bowel motions a day. If you’re eating a lot of good food, which
I like you to eat out there, you know, foods like broccoli and cauliflower and spinach
and leeks, lots of leafy green foods, blueberries, good quality fruits, nice fish, white filets,
organic free range chicken, good quality eggs, almonds, nuts and seeds, things like this. If you’re eating all those kinds of foods
and you’re drinking several glasses of water a day and you’re chewing food properly, you
should be having two bowel motions a day. I believe two bowel motions is very healthy
and very normal for most people. So you should be passing at least 12 or 18
inches of stool every day. Large bowel motions and plenty of them regularly. That means you’ve got enough fiber in your
diet. Lots and lots of fiber. If you look at people in Africa, they can
consume up to 100 grams of fiber a day. I talked to a doctor who practiced in South
Africa and in various African nations, and he said that, many people, they don’t even
need to wipe themselves after a bowel motion because they pass lots of motion out, and
because the fiber content is so high, the stools aren’t that messy. But he said, when he started to practice in
England, he said he noticed that people’s bowel motions totally changed because they
were eating more processed food. You know, humans are the only creatures that
need toilet paper. Animals don’t need toilet paper. Think about it. You don’t see animals with a can of coke in
their hand or with a burger or fries, or cigarettes, or mobile phones, or things like that. I’m getting a bit crazy now. So less than three to four motions per week
is considered constipation. So you ideally want to be passing a motion
every day. When you’re skipping days, you’re constipated. Hard lumpy stools is number two. So passing out small nuggets, like little
pieces of bowel motion, or pieces of motion that are compared small pieces put together. Motions should be long cigar shaped pieces
that easily slide out and you feel like you’ve really had a good evacuation. That’s a healthy bowel. Most healthy people pass a good bowel motion
in the morning not long after they get up. I believe also healthy people should pass
out a motion sometime in the afternoon, usually after lunch. The third one is straining to have movements. So sitting there and pushing and forcing a
movement out. Leaning forward or leaning backward, trying
to force a motion. You should not have to force a motion. Motions should come out very naturally and
very easily with minimal effort. Forcing motions can put a lot of pressure
on the colon. Let me see if I can find my picture here for
you guys. Here it is. My crappy old picture. So when you start forcing a stool out of the
bowel, you’re going to get a lot of problems in this region here, okay? You’re going to get diverticula or little
bowel pockets that poke out here. You could even get pain in this quadrant here. So people who regularly force motions out
may start getting sensations around here, they can feel stuff here, all right? So forcing bowel motions is a bad idea. You don’t want to do that. You’re putting pressure on the body. The fourth one, feeling as if you’ve incompletely
evacuated. So when you’ve gone out of the bathroom, you’ve
cleaned yourself, you’ve washed your hand, and you think, I’m not quite there yet, I
still feel I’ve got some stool in the rectum, it’s not quite all evacuated out, that’s also
constipation. Many people have that where they’ll sit down,
have a bowel motion, they’ll finish the business, and they’ll have washed their hands, and they’ll
think, “Something not quite right, I’m not really there yet.” They may go back later and have another small
evacuation, or a piece of stool might pop out with a second evacuation, that’s constipation. The fifth one is abdominal pain. Now, many people I’ve seen who’ve got a history
of constipation will complain about abdo pain. Why? Well, when you think about it, it’s logic. They’ve got stool that’s starting to build
up now, maybe in the transverse colon here they could have some plugs of stool here,
they could have a little bit down here. This is the key area where bowel cancer happens,
folks, is around here, this area here, up around here. So having good evacuations, chewing food properly,
selecting the right food, and having good levels of beneficial bacteria in your colon
where most of the bacteria in your body reside is crucial for avoiding constipation. All right? So think about those things that we spoke
about. So those are the five cardinal signs of constipation. You can certainly avoid constipation by watching
more videos on this channel. So I hope that encourages you towards better
bowel health. Better bowel health will mean better overall
health. Thanks for checking out the video. Please don’t forget to click on the link below
if you want to pick up my candida report. Thanks for checking me out.

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