4 Showering Mistakes That Can Actually Hurt You

4 Showering Mistakes That Can Actually Hurt You

Recently on our channel, we saw the harms
of hot showers to the body. While hot showers have a soothing effect,
activate blood circulation, and alleviate tension, they can also be very harmful to
your skin, hair, nails, and even to the digestive system. Hot showers can cause oiliness, hair loss,
urticaria, and make your skin look dry, rough, and dull. Did you know that? According to the experts, dryness, sagging,
and even wrinkles can all be consequences of taking a shower with “boiling” water. But, do you know why it happens? According to studies, showers with hot water
make the skin lose water and lipids. As a consequence, the skin gets dehydrated
and loses its protective barrier. This dehydration leaves the skin dull, flaccid,
and brittle. Besides that, some wrinkles can appear if
you spend more than 15 minutes under a shower with hot water. If you have this habit, stop right now! Besides ending hot showers, see some tips
on how to take a perfect, quick, and efficient shower: Avoid hot water and long showers
Taking a long shower with hot water is bad for your skin, especially if you use soap
and a sponge, which causes even more damage to the protective layer of your skin. This surface of fat, which serves to protect
the skin, must not be removed. When you take it out, you can suffer from
itchiness and irritations. Ten minutes is the ideal duration of a shower. Avoid using loofahs and sponges
Many times, they help us exfoliate our skin and keep it new. But, did you know that loofahs can host bacteria,
just like kitchen sponges? If you like using them, use only on your feet,
knees, and elbows. And remember that exfoliation is recommended
once a week, in most cases. Wash your face before or after the shower
It may be practical and faster, but washing your face during your shower isn’t a very
healthy habit. Do you know why? The skin on your face is way more sensitive
than the skin of other areas of your body. If hot water causes so much damage to your
body skin, then, can you imagine what does it to your face? The only time of year when you can wash your
face during your showers is in summer, when you use cold water, alright? Use soap only where really needed
Use soap only on the needed areas, such as armpits, genitalia, and buttocks. The ideal is to use products with a pH that
is close to the pH of skin. Neutral soaps are the most recommended. Another good tip is to use moisturizing soaps,
to minimize the dryness. Post-shower lotions can also be good allies,
as well as shower oils that can be applied before or during your shower. So, hot showers can cause serious problems
to your skin. Now tell us, have you ever had any skin problems
because of hot showers?

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  1. I start with hot water for 3 minutes, then use natural soap, then hot water for another 3 minutes, then end with cold water. I use soap once or twice per week on the whole body, but daily only on the area you mentioned.

  2. Hiiii your all videos are very nice, nicely explain.. i have a question how u make your thumbnail where you find images for your thumbnail related your video topic??

  3. Since I've known this, I don't take hot showers anymore, but with water at room temperature. I live on an island where it's humid, so this helps. I am nearing my 60s and I don't have any wrinkles.

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