3D Body Scanning Is Here, and It Could Change How You See Yourself

3D Body Scanning Is Here, and It Could Change How You See Yourself

Have you ever wanted to see a perfectly replicated
model of your insides, in stunningly realistic 3D? Yeah…me neither. Regardless, 3D body scanning is here, and
it’s got some surprising applications. But do people actually want to use it? There’s been a sudden growth spurt in the
market of 3D body-scanning technologies. They use a set of cameras to capture a 360-degree
view of your body and then produce a visual model. There’s an obvious possibility here to create
a replica of your body for a computer game, but this capability is also being leveraged
by companies for several other more real-world uses
On the digital retail front, 3D scans of a customer’s body could be used to help them
virtually ‘try on’ items of clothing. Amazon reportedly just a bought New York-based
start-up called Body Labs, maybe to allow customers to find better-fitting clothes when
browsing Amazon’s fashion section Things are a little further along in the fitness
sector. For a hefty price, you can buy a 3D body scanner
from Naked Labs that will report your metrics, like body fat and lean muscle mass, and gives
you a perfect 360 view of yourself as a little avatar on your phone. The funny thing here is that this body scanner
doesn’t ever look at the inside of your body. It’s only taking pictures of the outside,
and measuring your weight. To produce your report, it compares your data
to a large database of pre-existing body-composition scans. Based on this comparison, Naked Labs’ algorithm
projects what your body composition probably is. Naked Labs is marketing this product as something
that can help you see your fitness progress in minute detail…but can we go even deeper? Yes. With 3D x-rays. MARS Bio-imaging can take highly-detailed
3D scans of the inside your body. CT scans are a kind of imaging that make use
of x-rays, and the fact that MARS is providing a 3D cross-sectional view isn’t new, all
CT scans do that. But this new kind of scanner uses more specialized
detectors to differentiate the x-rays’ frequency as they pass through parts of your body, resulting
in an image that gives a much clearer distinction between materials, like muscle and blood and
skin–and in incredible detail, all the way down to the microstructure of the bone. Hopefully, this advancement can improve the
diagnosis and treatment of myriad diseases and bodily issues. But despite the many applications of 3D body
scanning, the questions remains…will people actually use it? The new 3D CT scans seem to make a lot of
people pretty squeamish. Our brains are hard-wired to dislike seeing
the insides of people because that could be an indication of disease or injury, and our
brain sees as a threat. But this doesn’t necessarily pose a problem
for medical practitioners, who kinda need to be resistant to that kind of squeamishness…it’s
in the job description. What about personal use of 3D body scanning
for fitness, though? A recent study revealed that people felt ‘dejected
and dissatisfied with their body’ after participating in a body scan study, potentially
because the image they were shown didn’t match up with the idea they had of themselves
inside their head, something called self-discrepancy theory. Naked Labs’ app even greys out the avatar
it creates for you supposedly so that you can look at it as ‘objectively’ as possible
and to try to get you to let go of any ‘emotional attachment’ you may have to the model of
your body. So even they recognize that our relationships
to our bodies can sometimes be fraught, and that this may be an issue in implementation. So we’ll see if this becomes a new consumer
tech staple, or if it falls flat. Gathering data about body metrics is definitely
trendy, but also a necessity for extreme athletes like Ben Lecomte as he swims across the Pacific. Ben and his team aboard the Seeker Vessel
are using a heart monitor to track Ben’s cardiovascular health. Check out this episode to see how it works. Let us know what you think in comments below,
and subscribe to Seeker for more health news. Thanks for watching.

100 Replies to “3D Body Scanning Is Here, and It Could Change How You See Yourself”

  1. that 3d scan is nothing like what you'll get when you scan yourself.. you'll most likely look like jabba the hut than what they shown here

  2. If it didn't cost anything and didn't involve a huge dose of radiation I would love to see, or at least have a record of, the interior of my body. As for the exterior, I have this other amazing technology… a mirror.

  3. Squeamish towards one's own insides? Bollocks. If only we can monitor and repair our own bodies as easily and safely as well designed cars.

  4. I'm a CT technologist and this is complete BS. All CTs since the mid 80s have been "3D", axial, saggital, coronal. More recently, they can take that data and digitally reconstruct a highly detailed volume render of internal structures. There is no new 3d xray. The way they described the "new technology" is how CT scans have always worked. This is more an advancement in computer graphics and memory bandwidth.

  5. O no no no, my dear, they project grey 3D scan because color information (texture or vertex color) take precious information's = take memory from phone. Using simple grey material left phone (or software) only with basic light/shadow calculations.
    I will be more than happy to have that technology, because maybe i could find specialised work for my photogrammetry skills

  6. This is amazing! I would love to see what my body looks like from the inside. They could also be used in school to make anatomy more ok interactive.

  7. I strongly disagree. As someone who is passionate about health and fitness, seeing a 3D model of the inside of my body would motivate me even more and provide me with more information to optimise my lifestyle. I would be able to get a better idea of my progress and see how much of a difference something like a cheat meal would really make. Just because some people don't want to face the truth or others become obsessed with body optimisation, it doesn't mean the technology is the problem. The real problem is an underlying issue with their self-image, which is caused by other psychological or environmental factors.

  8. If you really want to change how you view yourself (and everyone around you), I'd recommend contacting some medicine institute to watch a human autopsy… trust me, you'll never be the same again!

  9. Daily dose of radiation? Sure, let's also remove the doors from microwaves and disable the circuit that cuts power when the door is open.

  10. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. I take that back, allowing your insurance company to track your driving data minute by minute is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. But this is a close second.

  11. 3d xray every 6months to year + IBM Watson to review data and you have a game changer for early disease detection and remedial action. I for one would love to do this for athletic training, and overall health screening.

  12. Love to learn what might be possible in the future of eyesight if you guys have any info about that. I was born with cataracts in both eyes, had them removed when I was 16 years old, now my eyes seem to be going buggy on me. Is there any hope of turning this around or am I stuck with worsening vision? I have heard of extracting, I believe it was dormant stem cells from the brown part of the eye, and sort of waking them up and reinserting them back into the eye. seems far fetched, but I think the scientist were trying on mice within the last 10 years of so. If you have info on this stuff it would be awesome to know.

  13. Thanks seeker for covering this, i hope you see comment :). This is a huge breakthrough if the scans are accurate with nice resolution, i hope it can be deployed to local GP. I don't know where to begin, but a few uses would be see the health of your heart and if you are at risk of heart attack without invasive surgery; not to mention map the heart for stents. detect if you have broken or micro fractures in bones, measure bone density for older or astronauts and maybe even get a look a the marrow in you bones. For people with phantom pains, you can look for pinched nerves, or damaged ones, or even see tumors that are forming and monitor them over time. It could also the the health of your organs, if there is something disproportionate, or damaged. you may even be able to map peoples brains and check for damage after stroke or heavy drug use, or treatments for animal study.

  14. This woman is so gorgeous to me… I am glad she is with Seeker / D News, so I can see her at least once a week 😀

  15. I would, like the medical one. It would help detect some factors of my mom and I’s illness like bone and joint damage even better

  16. This is the kind of thing I'd own if I was super wealthy. I'd get a full-body clinical check monthly- as well as a dietician, personal trainer, and cook, too.

  17. Yes! And I think a perfect application for this would be for people like me who have suffered a fair amount of injuries to the point where me and my doctor are almost clueless to the point where we don't know if whether or not we should continue physical therapy or just simply resolve straight to surgery. So meanwhile all you are completely clueless for a really good application this apparently new technology, I already think I know a perfect application. 🙁😏

  18. I want this 3D x-rays to have doctors to look at my foots, knees, and wrists, to see what the problems are with them.

  19. I would but only for medical reasons. Born with vacterl association I have a lot of medical issues so if it could help there, that'd be great.

  20. Yes I would because I would like to see a more accurate measurement and representation of my body, I don't know why people would be scared of it they should know that it's a scan of a body not an actual body, and your image is less important than your improvement your feelings are less important than your health.

  21. I saw this in a dream in 1994. This technology will come with a war in a dry place…a war with casualties. As a consequence of this war there will be a virus that kills many people. The time a war is drawing near. Very near.

  22. Yes, I do want to see a stunningly realistic image of my insides! I always thought it would be super cool to see what I looked like on the inside lmao

  23. Why…why You use the special type of background… In your videos.?
    .. Also you provide very useful information… Thanks for that…

  24. don't show your avatar in the video, show more content graphics and less you, and no problem if you keep talking in the background please thanks

  25. This tech being used or not, will prove to us: "Do companies and their investors want to cure Human aliments or just treat them, to keep the money coming in?

  26. Yes, I would love to see if my arteries are getting clogged by atherosclerosis (and other dangerous conditions that require attention).

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