10 Plants That Could Kill You

10 Plants That Could Kill You

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  1. I ate manchineel when I was 7 years old,didnt eat the whole fruit and I get blisters on my skin from the milk most of the time that am in the bush its all around on this island

  2. I'm gonna guess a plant before I watch.
    Dendrocnide Moroides.
    My second guess is the manchineel tree, which I don't think is DEADLY, but is dangerous.

  3. I find it funny how the name of the"Dr." who made the connection between white snake root and milk sickness is known and probably taught, but she didn't discover anything, the Indians knew and she listened to them. Why are we giving her credit for something the indigenous peoples of America have known all along?
    Oh yeah, because Nothing is what we've been taught, sorry, dumb question.

  4. So the white woman gets the credit for figuring out that white snakeroot was killing people after learning about it from a Native American woman but the white woman gets credit for it? Sounds so very American.

  5. Shame Broccoli and Brussels are not poisonous, my childhood would have been much less traumatising

  6. I eat blackberry nightshade berries every summer. Nightshade vegetables belong to the family of plants with the Latin name Solanaceae. Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are all common nightshade vegetables. Many are rich sources of nutrients and serve as staple foods for various cultures.
    I actually felt worse eating swiss chard raw. I thought I swallowed a glass of battery acid.

  7. Instead of showing us some images long enough, you rush by them in a flash…. along with your blabbering, saying not much.

  8. The macheneel tree is endangered which means it will be easier to destroy it completely and thats what we should do,forget nature anything that can kill us and we can destroy we must destroy it.

  9. Dumbcane: "makes it difficult to breathe or speak hence the name" not really a "hence the name" kinda sentence. Dumb because can't speak? Bit of a stretch

  10. Love the videos, anything on Rhododendrons and Japanese Knotweed and The witch’s tree , or elder tree

  11. Huh. I could blind someone by burning manchineel wood? Good to know. I’ll save that for anyone dumb enough to cross me.

  12. Why no mention of the Laburnum tree , a common ornamental ? Having as a young child experienced it's toxicity it should definitely be listed .

  13. Aconite or wolf vain monk hood is used to kill wolfs in old days by putting it with meat still grows beside my summer house since 1700s

  14. night shade is easy to find its got three leaf's like a triangle with a few blue berry in middle all over woods in new brunswick canada

  15. It would be GREAT to see 👀 these poisonous plants for MORE than 2 to 3 seconds so we would know what they actually look like!!!

  16. As stunningly handsome as your narrators are, it would have been more beneficial to show pics of the various plants for more than 4-6 seconds; or even do a split screen so people could actually learn to identify them. It's important to recognize who/what the segment is about, and it's really not the narrator.
    One another note, I am surprised that the castor bean did not make the list. Ricin poisoning is not a nice way to go either.

  17. Dear dude, I never understand why Americans yt-ber talks so fast ,with this irritating gesticulation. Better say to us where we can get seeds for this plants, every single one of this plants is used for cosmetic stuff…

  18. Huh, my first guess (other then the most obvious like foxglove) was narcissus, but not quite deadly enough I guess. Or maybe because its the root bulb that kills you, and you have to be kind of dedicated to dying to grub one up and eat it.

  19. They hardly showed the plants I would rather see the plants that they were talking about then text on the screen describing the plant…

  20. Man: Starts coughing and choking while making intelligible sounds after eating a plant

    Other dude: Lmao that dude ate a plant and sounds like a fuckin moron I’m gonna call it dumb cane haha

  21. Does aconite cause flesh eating disease (which I don't have) no, I thought so you know I have lots of rosary peas ummm well i didn't eat any

  22. All these ‘murder plants’ I could get poisoned by, and my bf freaks out when I eat cherries from the tree at the park in case they’re poisonous. FYI nope, they’re defo edible cherries.

  23. Look up wild parsnip burns. O man are you in for a treat. Its ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING (in the UP we get FIELDS of this invasive plant)

  24. what an idiot to call medicine poison… a mom white species representing the white race
    To you its poison to us it is just simple medicine that can help mankind

  25. “Why would you keep this plant in your house”,dude, are you a dumbass? We’ve had one for over 30 years, promise nobody died from it

  26. while it probably won't kill you, giant hogweed grows to be about 2 to 5 meters (6 feet, 7 inches to 16 feet, 5 inches) tall which is terrifyingly big for a plant whose sap is phototoxic and can lead to severe burns if sunlight comes into contact with skin affected by the sap.

    also, giant hogweed spreads faster than a 5-dollar crack whore and is just about as destructive to its surroundings.

    this plant has given me actual nightmares since i first learned of its existence when i was a child.

  27. Vincent van Gough, really? I love how the wrong pronunciation by english speaking people actually inspired you to write it like the wrongly pronounced name, instead of 'van Gogh'

  28. Are those rosary peas by chance found in CT I think those are the red berries that are all over the place

  29. Ok umm
    deadly nightshade uhh
    yeah it looks nothing like wild blueberries and if you find them anywere your most likly somewere watery and acidy or a bog
    nightshade grows in shaded areas and is very uncommon

  30. what about Castor Bean (Ricinus communis) https://curiosity.com/topics/the-deadly-palm-of-christ-is-considered-the-most-poisonous-plant-on-earth-curiosity/

  31. I really think you should keep the photos of the plants on screen longer. It's seems pointless to hear all this info and hardly have a clue what to look out for.

  32. My neighbors kept dumbcanes 7 years ago, ever since i never visited again.

    Dumbcane is very popular in Indonesia.

  33. I remember at my grandma's condo she had a row of Rosary Peas me and my brother use to pick the off and throw them on the ground to see if the would bounce I'm just we were never tempted to eat them. Then again as I was a baby I ate a honey bee ( I was crawling around and the stripping on the bottom of the front door was gone thankfully I was fine)

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